Monday, August 29, 2016

My Work Space (During or After-ish) by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday! Promising to get my work space done so I could get the "after" picture to you this week was great motivation and I *almost* go there. I'm still figuring out lamps and an ottoman but other than that, I'm really happy with how it turned out. Comfortable, plenty of room for the pups to cuddle beside me, and handy surfaces for my many beverages.

So? What do you think? Any suggestions (other than the lamps and ottoman)? 

Have a great week.


Saturday, August 27, 2016

Renae Kaye's new release

So Don't Twunk With My Heart has been unleashed on the world.

If you've grabbed a copy - thank you, ever so much.  **big heart**  And if you enjoyed it, please consider leaving a review.  It appears that reviews are the way to go on ebook sellers sites.

If you haven't had a chance to grab a copy yet, then you can head to your nearest (favourite) seller and grab a copy.  It's available everywhere.  Amazon, Dreamspinner, ARe, Kobo...

If you're not sure about if you want to read it, how about a review or two?  I've picked out some of my favourite bits.

From Love Bytes:

"I tend to find reviewing books by this author difficult, because there’s always so many different things I could talk about. Renae Kaye creates complex characters, without making them obscenely angsty. Characters whom others see as weak, or lesser, but they prove that they are strong. None of them are perfect, and I love that these men didn’t need to overcome their fears to demonstrate that strength, they just learned to deal with their limitations."

This is a wonderful mention, because it's something I try to write with honesty.  As much as I love the HEA at the end of the book, and the bad guys caught and punished, I am aware of things not being that realistic.

In Safe in His Arms, Casey had been sexually abused as a child and was still receiving counselling and taking medication to deal with that.  He wanted to heal.  He wanted to be "normal."  But the truth is he is never going to be normal after that.  I didn't wish to write a book where his experience was "dealt with" and he was "cured" at the end.  Safe is a book about knowing that is never going to go away.  You learn to live with knowledge.  You have to accept you are going to carry this burden for the rest of your life.

Similarly, an experience such as drug addiction or alcoholism is never going to be "cured."  In Don't Twunk With My Heart, Tate has an eating problem.  It is not "cured" by the end of the book.  It will never be cured.  But Tate acknowledges he has a problem and that is the first step.  It is about realism - not just tying up loose ends and making the ending of the book pretty.

From Diverse Reader:

"Loving Jay was the first Renae Kaye book I read. When I finished it I knew she was a writer I was always going to love. So book after book I read her. Then Don’t Twunk with my Heart comes out… the SEQUEL to Loving Jay and I died! JUST DIED! I grabbed it and ran to a corner and wouldn’t talk to anyone until I finished it!

It was FABULOUS! It was the Renae Kaye I fell in love with and I almost cried with joy."

Loving Jay was released over two years ago, so yes, I can understand that some readers have been anxious to get their hands on more Liam and Jay.  I truly hope this book gives them their fix. 

When writing Don't Twunk I wondered if there was a way to take the zaniness of Jay and place it in another story.  I didn't want another character like Jay - because there only can be one Jay in this world.  In many aspects, Kee and Tate are both like Jay.  Tate, however, has teamed his femme and twinkish ways with intelligence and a drive to succeed in his chosen field.  And Kee has had obstacles in his way that has turned him introspective. 

I think that quiet Kee could become a favourite of mine to visit in other stories.  One sharp eyed reader has already spotted two other characters from other series in Don't Twunk... will you?

Check out Renae's website for more information on her other books:

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Something Fun by Riley Hart

My family is big into motocross. My husband rides dirt bikes and my girls started this past December. My oldest rides every weekend with my husband. My youngest isn't as into it. She only rides sometimes but we all love watching the races and going to Supercross. My husband works on his own bikes. He's taught my daughter to change the oil on hers. Dirt bikes are just a big part of our lives. Below is a picture of my husband and one of my daughter.

I've wanted to write a motocross racer for a while. I finally got the chance while writing Beckett Monroe's story. It's a novella and the fourth book in the Crossroads series, releasing this November.

I have to admit that my favorite scenes to write in the story involved racing or riding. As I said, I've known I wanted to write a racer but I didn't realize just how much I would love it. I found myself smiling as I wrote the dirt bike scenes. I had this little buzz of excitement under my skin, just putting the words on paper. I think it's special to write about something you're personally connected to. Dirt bikes are such a part of my life, that I felt like I got to put a little bit of my family, a little bit of how we spend our weekends and things we talk about--into a book.

I'm really excited for readers to get the chance to read it and I hope they like reading about motocross as much as I enjoyed writing about it. I definitely think I'm going to have to do this again!

More on Beckett Monroe's story coming soon!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ask Andrew - Dropped Subjects

Dear Andrew,

Was there ever something you thought to write about but didn't, because you thought the fans wouldn't receive it well or maybe it didn't feel like the right time?

Thx, Kendra

Dear Kendra

There have bene many subjects and ideas that I've had throughout the years that never made it into a story.  Sometimes I'll read something that will kick off an idea, but it doesn't go anywhere.  I had an idea very early on for a character who was recovering from a rape.  A friend told me that she had been kidnapped and raped when she was a teenager and she even gave me permission to fictionalize her story.  But I couldn't write the story in the end.  It was too personal for her and when it came right down to it, I wasn't comfortable telling that story and was afraid I couldn't do it justice.  I doubt I will ever write that story. 

There have been other ideas that have come and gone.  That happens on a regular basis for me.  Its the ideas that stick around for more than a few minutes that really have a chance to become stories. 

Hugs and Love

Ask Andrew is your chance to ask questions of a gay romance author.  The questions can be about the writing process in general, writing sex scenes, gay men, sex, characters in romance, characters having sex... okay you probably get the picture.    I promise to answer your questions as frankly and with as much humor as I possibly can.

So if you have a question, please send it to  This is different from my usual email so your questions don't get lost.  I will answer one question a week.

Please remember this is meant to be all in fun.  (I was going to say good, clean fun, but who wants that.)    So send me your questions and let's see what mischief we can get into.

Visit Andrew on Facebook:  and you can join Andrew's fan group All The Way With Andrew Grey.

Follow him on Twitter:  @andrewgreybooks

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Summer Questions with BA, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

Today we have ten random questions to answer.

  1. favorite olympic moment?
  2. favorite thing about summer?
  3. favorite flower?
  4. favorite color?
  5. favorite nut?
  6. Sun or rain?
  7. hot or cold?
  8. wet or dry?
  9. long or short?
  10. soft or hard?


  1. Simone Manuel's reaction to her first medal. 
  2. Grilling out. 
  3. Carnations. 
  4. Pink! 
  5. Pecans (and it's pronounced puh-con, not PEE-can).
  6. Sunshine is my friend. 
  7. Both, neither, they all have their place. 
  8. Dry. 
  9. Short. 
  10. Soft.


  1. The ladies winning the gymnastics gold
  2. the late summer part where days start to get long
  3. roses
  4. purple
  5. almonds
  6. sun mostly, but I like rain
  7. I like it at 65-70 degrees
  8. depends on what you're asking about
  9. Loooong like a basset
  10. and I like a hard mattress, but soft is pretty good otherwise


  1. When the USA Men's Gymnastic Team debated competing topless. It should totally be s thing. 
  2. Lounging in the pool.
  3. Lilacs. We had a tree in our yard when I was growing up. I love the fragrance of fresh lilac.
  4. I love rich colors, especially in the red/blue spectrum
  5. Brazil nuts. 
  6. Rain. Storms, thunder and long as I'm inside!
  7. Um, neither? I prefer cool. 
  8. Wet. Dry hurts. That's why they invented lube. Snort.
  9. All sizes! Except maybe micro, because...yeah, not a whole lot of fun there. 😙
  10. There's a time for both, but the action mostly starts on the hard end!


  1. Andrew deGrasse coming in silver to Bolt's gold in the 200m
  2. When its over! Okay, I can come up with something positive. I love the mornings that are cool and breezy. Doesn't happen often, but when it does, I'm a happy camper.
  3. Tulips
  4. Purple
  5. Hazelnut with Brazil nut a close second.
  6. Rain.
  7. Cold.
  8. Dry.
  9. Long, baby.
  10. Soft except for one thing in particular ;)

Got random questions? Comment or email one of us :)

You can find us on Twitter at @batortuga, @juliatalbot, @KiernanKelly and @seanmichael09

BA’s website is
Kiernan's is


smut fixes everything

Monday, August 22, 2016

My Work Space (Before) by Cardeno C.

I'm not a desk person, never have been. When I was in school, I almost always studied in bed on a lap desk. When I had to go into an office, I was never fully comfortable at a traditional desk. Now I'm lucky to be able to work from home but I've never figured out a good space to do my day job or my writing job. Until now (I hope)!

There's a space in my bedroom that's pretty much unused, other than for dog toys, and I'm hoping it'll be the perfect place for me to work. I'm getting my furniture situation figured out now by online shopping (yay for coupons), antiquing, and repurposing. Hopefully I'll be done next week so I can share "after" pictures. For now, here is the "before".

If you have any "must have" work space suggestions for me, let me know. Have a terrific week. 


Friday, August 19, 2016

Coming Soon by Felice Stevens

In the next few months I'll be having all my titles formerly with Loose Id, re-released with new content and new covers. The first is Rescued, which has it's two year publishing book birthday today. After that will be the books from the Through Hell and Back series, starting with Ash and Drew's book, A Walk Through Fire.

Here is the new cover for Rescued, and the blurb:

Ryder Daniels is all too familiar with rejection. His parents cut off contact because he’s gay and his boyfriend left him, choosing drugs over love. Aside from his rescued pit bull, his only joy is hanging out with his younger brother. Then his mother does the unthinkable and forbids them to see each other, leaving Ryder devastated and alone. His friends urge him to date, but Ryder would rather throw himself into working at the dog rescue and figuring out a way to see his brother again.

When Jason Mallory’s girlfriend gives him an ultimatum to get married, he shocks everyone by breaking up with her instead. He believes he's too busy for a relationship now that the construction company he started with his brother is taking off. When he discovers a group of abandoned pit bulls and calls the local dog rescue group to pick them up, an uncomfortable encounter with Ryder causes Jason to question feelings he’s hidden deep inside for years.

Jason and Ryder build a friendship, until an unexpected kiss sparks the attraction they’ve been fighting. Jason gives Ryder unconditional love and helps him reconnect with his brother while Ryder shows Jason the passion he’s always missed in relationships. Together they must battle through their family differences and ugly prejudices. Only then can they prove that once you find the right person to love, there’s no turning back.