Friday, December 9, 2016

A Couple More Things by Felice Stevens

Since it's the end of the year it's always nice to reflect back on accomplishments. I've achieved some, but not all the goals I set for myself.

I wanted to be more organized. Ha...yeah. I'm a little better but not where I should be. I have my planner and use it sporadically. So hear me now, I vow to use my planner in 2017.


I wanted to buy back the rights to my books that were still with my publisher and I did so. The first book, A Walk Through Fire was released this past November and I'm working on the edits for After the Fire, the second book, due out in Winter 2017. Embrace the Fire will be coming in the Spring.

I taught myself to do teasers and while they are by no means perfect, I am happy to have at least tried. One day I will conquer Canva!

I wanted to do more of my books in audio. The Arrangement, which came in 6th place in the Rainbow Awards this past week for Gay Erotic Romance, will be released very, very soon and when you hear Charlie David's narration you will be so happy. Next up he'll be doing Rescued, which I know will be amazing.

I've also decided to have Second to None put out in audio and have found someone to do the Through Hell and Back series as well.

I've been holding back on a few stories for various reasons. I had plans and ideas but let  doubt creep in and take over. I have now decided to stop listening to the voices saying no and only follow the ones that say yes. 

Have a wonderful week and I hope you all get your shopping done for the holiday!! 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Noble Intentions - Andrew Grey

Noble Intentions releases in just 5 days and I decided to give you a sneak peek.  This is a modern money for a title story.  A newly minted earl needs money to fix up his ancestral home and he decides to try to marry it.  But what he gets in the bargain isn't quite what he expects and it could be just what he needs or a complete disaster, heck, maybe both.

Robert Ashton is in for the surprise of a lifetime. His mother, a bit of a rebel, raised him away from the rest of the family, and it’s not until he’s contacted by his lawyer about an inheritance that he learns who he truly is: the new Earl of Hantford. His legacy includes ownership of the historic Ashton Park Estate—which needs repairs Robert cannot afford. He’ll simply do what the nobility has done for centuries when in need of money. He’ll marry it.

Tech wizard Daniel Fabian is wealthy and successful. In fact, he has almost everything—except a title to make him worthy in the eyes of the old-money snobs he went to prep school with. His high school reunion is looming, and he’s determined to attend it as a member of the aristocracy.
That’s where Robert comes in.

Daniel has the money, Robert has the name, and both of them know they can help each other out. But their marriage of convenience has the potential to become a real love match—unless a threat to Daniel’s business ruins everything.

Check out an advance copy:


Robert slowly pulled away. As he drove through the gate, the weight on his chest lifted slightly, but not very much. “What do I do with it?” Robert asked.

“The rooms are still furnished. Almost all of it is still there,” she said with a sense of awe.

“All of what?”

“That manor has been in our family for ten generations. You are the eleventh, and the things they collected over the years were all added to the manor. I was afraid Harrison would have sold them, but that probably took more energy than he was willing to spend. So it’s all there.”

“Okay.” Robert turned onto the road back to his office. “So I could sell the furnishings, and break up the land and sell that as well. That would pay the taxes and leave an empty building that could be sold or added to National Trust if I could get them to take it.” He glanced at his mother, who looked about to cry.

“That’s your history, my history, and you’d do that without a second thought?” She wiped her eyes, and Robert tried to remember the last time he’d seen his mother cry. He had a hard time doing it. She never cried—stiff upper lip and all that. “You can’t just throw it away offhand.”

“Then what do I do? I can mortgage the place to the hilt and try to do the repairs that need to be made, but how in the hell do I pay the money back? The estate doesn’t have much income, and I can’t just open it to tourists and have them flock to the place like it was Downton Abbey. A few people might come, but not enough to make it worthwhile. I could just donate the whole thing to National Trust and make it their headache, but then everything would be gone.” And that was going to break his mother’s heart. He could see that.

Robert pulled to a stop at an intersection and waited for a truck loaded with hay to pass before making the turn and continuing on.

“There has to be a way to do something.” She was thinking already, he could tell.

“I’m going to have to see what else I’ve inherited and then try to figure out what can be done.” Thankfully the estate wasn’t too far away from where he and his mother lived. He could at least continue to live without having to make commutes halfway across the country. “I’m not going to make any decisions today or tomorrow.” Robert grew quiet as he drove the rest of the way back to his office.

“I’ve been thinking,” his mother said with a weird smile that Robert was having trouble reading. “You need money to fix up the estate, and you also have a title.”

“Okay. I have a title that doesn’t help me, other than make me sound like a toff.”

His mother leaned closer. “That title comes with a peerage and it has power. People respect the titles. Good or bad, they do, and the title has value.”

“Okay. So do I sell it?” Robert asked, knowing he was being ridiculous.

“Of course not. Well, maybe in a way. You do what the aristocracy has always done when they needed money. You marry it.”

Ask Andrew is your chance to ask questions of a gay romance author.  The questions can be about the writing process in general, writing sex scenes, gay men, sex, characters in romance, characters having sex... okay you probably get the picture.    I promise to answer your questions as frankly and with as much humor as I possibly can.

So if you have a question, please send it to  This is different from my usual email so your questions don't get lost.  I will answer one question a week.

Please remember this is meant to be all in fun.  (I was going to say good, clean fun, but who wants that.)    So send me your questions and let's see what mischief we can get into.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

worst gift ever by BA, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

Who hasn't gotten a white elephant, or at least given one. Well, it turns out Kiernan and Sean..

What was your worst gift ever?

Sean Michael says, Either I'm not that discerning, I've wiped it from my memory or I've been lucky, but I can't remember a crazy or stinker of a gift.

Kiernan Kelly says: I guess I've been really lucky - I don't remember a gift I hated or thought was ridiculous. My mom, on the other hand...I remember one year my dad bought her this awful, giant, neon orange glass fish. She kept it on her dresser until it finally "disappeared."

BA Tortuga says: I got a giant ceramic cock from a lady at church.

Julia Talbot says: my grandma Blair was a little batty. Every year she sent me something awful. When I was five she sent a size 18 dress from Macy's. When I was a size 18 at 18, she sent me an extra extra small robe from Fredericks of Hollywood. The worst one was a giant (and I mean at the time it was 8 sizes too large) velour robe that zipped all the way up the front. It was appliqued with hearts and butterflies, and it smelled like donkey ass.

Her packages would come, and I would cry and cry.

What's y'all's best?



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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Top Ten Things Romance Authors Are Tired of Hearing by Christa Tomlinson

This is a re-post from earlier this year on my personal blog. Since I'm new here, I'd thought I'd share it with you guys. Enjoy!

Most of the time, I love telling people I write romance. People think it's neat to talk to an actual writer and have all kinds of cool questions that I love answering. Other times, I dread it. Because I know the person I'm talking to will have some silly/rude/uninformed comment to make or question to ask. No matter the sub genre, if you write romance, I bet you've heard at least one of these comments or questions.

#1 "Will you write about me?"

Ewwww! No. I will not write about you. If I know you on any kind of personal level, I don't want to picture you getting down and dirty while I'm trying to write. And holy smokes, I hope you don't think of me like that. Which brings me to...

#2 "Do you do the stuff that you write about in your books?"
This is normally accompanied by a sly wink and cheesy elbow nudge. My response is usually:
I mean seriously. What the hell? Do crime writers commit the murders they write about? No! It's called imagination, people.

#3 "It must be nice to sit at home all day."
Exterior Christa Response: Yes, it's easy. It's nice not having to commute and I can take Netflix breaks whenever I want.
Inner Christa Response: No, you jackass! It's horrible! I have days where I can agonize for a good hour over one paragraph. I have to carefully check that I haven't given my character octopus limbs in a sex scene. (One hand on his lover's junk. Another holding his face. Another pulling down his pants. Another holding himself up. You get the idea) I can get so into the writing zone that by the time I come out of it, my back hurts, my ass is numb, my hands are cramped, I haven't eaten or peed in hours and my brain is fried. And we're not even going to talk about the agony of hitting publish and waiting to see if readers like it. So basically:

#4 "I don't read that kind of stuff."
Yes you do. And if you don't, you're missing out. Nothing wrong with a little spice in your literature. And if you still don't want to try it, that's great. Just don't knock what so many others love. Which brings me to question five.

#5 "When are you going to write a real book?"
And honestly, I'm just like:
What does this question even mean? Write something that is geared towards men? *sharpens feminist claws* Or maybe you meant a literary book? Sorry, not my style. I don't read it, so why the heck would I write it? I think what people mean by this is something that doesn't have sex (because America is a big ole prude) and can be made into a movie or something since those are the books that most people know. But listen, having a book optioned to become a movie and then actually being made is a one in a gazillion chance. I don't have time for that. I'll write what I enjoy and what I know a lot of other people enjoy as well. They get a few hours of reading fun and I get a little bit of money to buy myself something pretty. It's a win-win.

#6 "Do you get horny when writing?"
Well, I certainly hope so. If I don't, then the people who read my work sure won't. You know what I'm sayin'?
 But seriously. I don't type one handed or anything like that. But if I'm not feeling the emotions and reactions I'm trying to elicit with my words then how can I expect my readers to feel them? And if readers don't feel anything when reading my work, they won't buy anything from me again.

#7 "You're giving women false expectations for relationships."
No. We're not five. We know how to separate reality from fiction. We read romance novels to escape into what we know will always end well because we understand that real life doesn't always turn out that way. And we don't ask you if you think you're gonna run out and save the world or whatever whenever you pick up a Bourne Identity book. Also, stop being sexist! Men (and non-binary people) read romance too.

#8 "Aren't they all the same? Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy loses girl. Boy gets girl back."

My poor forehead can't take this question too many more times. Yes, there is a basic format to romance novels. But they're so much more than that. The story can be humorous, serious or angsty. (I HEART angsty) It can be sci-fi, western, contemporary, thriller, time travel. The story can play out in so many different ways. The dialogue is different. The personalities are different. Basically, no two romances are the same. And to be honest, nearly every other genre has a format as well.
CRIME: Crime happens. Detective called in. Detective works case. Makes a collar. It's the wrong collar. Detective or his loved one is in danger by the true criminal. Detective finally solves the case, usually after a great personal loss.
FANTASY:  Evil happens. A young nobody is told he must go on a quest. He goes on quest with his trusty friends. Slays the dragon/kills evil overlord. Takes over the throne. Reigns peacefully for a thousand years.

#9 I don't read romance. But I wrote something really quick and threw it up on Amazon. Why isn't it selling?"


 Seriously? Why? You don't understand the genre at all since you don't read it, but you think you'll magically know what it is that readers want? Don't insult us. Yes, romance is a great way to make money because romance readers are voracious and consume mightily. But we only consume what's good. And something you made up over the weekend without any knowledge of how romance novels work, probably isn't good.

#10 "Can you give me a free copy?"

No. No. Noooooo. I don't come to your job and ask for free whatever it is you produce. Besides, you said earlier that you don't read romance. So why would I give you something that will get thrown in the closet without even being looked at? My work is valuable, yo. 

Bonus: "So is it like Fifty Shades of Grey?"
I get tired of hearing this. But I can't even be mad at it. No other romance author has had as much mainstream commercial success as E.L. James. And at least people recognize it as my genre. So as benchmarks go, I'll take it.

So that's it! Ten Things Romance Authors Are Tired of Hearing. But honestly I may head desk a few times, but I don't ever get mad. People are curious and want to know what it's like. I understand that, and I'll hope you'll take this list as it's meant: a fun round up of goofy things people say.  

Thanks for reading!
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Saturday, December 3, 2016

How Can It Be December Already? By S.C. Wynne

Morning all!

I am in shock that it's already December! How is this possible? I could swear I just finished shopping for Christmas for 2015.

It seems like time is flying by lately. I'm not sure what has caused it to speed up, but it's definitely zipping by! I remember when I was a little kid I couldn't wait for time to hurry up, so I wouldn't have to have shots all the time. Remember how we had to have shots? I hated them so much. :)

It's funny because when you get to a certain age, the milestones aren't as much fun. Being invited to join AARP isn't nearly as much fun as turning twenty-one and having my first drink! lol

But since I can't stop time, I guess I need to accept how quickly things change and roll with it. I will be like bamboo and bend.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

December LGBTQ Center Spotlight: Hetrick-Martin Institute by Riley Hart

Each month I'm spotlighting a different LGBTQ Center, hoping to spread awareness and also, linking to their Amazon wish lists in hopes of helping them get some of the supplies they need--like clothing, art supplies, activities, movies etc.

For the month of December I'm spotlighting Hetrick-Martin Institute. Their website says they work for "Empowerment, education and advocacy for LGBT youth" They have two wish lists--their Robin Hood Foundation list can be found HERE. Their list for New Jersey chapter can be found HERE. If you're able to donate to them directly, the information is on their site, as well.

Thanks so much!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Dear Santa with BA, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

Dear Santa,

The girls at My Boys Touch have been very good this year.

We have a few requests.

Sean Michael would like more than one trip to New Mexico next year, Lots of Snow on Christmas, and a new iPad.

BA Tortuga would like a successful recount, lots of gloves and socks, and another foot warmer for the bedroom and the office

Julia would like a 6 figure book deal, a new couch, and a big bag of chocolate

Kiernan wants an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle! (personally, I think she wants time to sit and write. We should have a retreat, y'all.)

Next week we reveal our most hilarious white elephant gifts.

Also, here's a wee gift for you



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