Sunday, December 10, 2017

This is a blog post!

Happy Sunday!

That picture is a note that my wife left me so that I wouldn't forget to write a post for this blog today.

Yep. That's what kind of week it's been.

I had a whole bullet journal full of things to do, and while I managed to do most of it, I added almost as much as I was able to check off. A deadline, a pre-holiday shopping list, doctor visits, a birthday, a concert... all good stuff, but sleep and organization went a little out the window. My sanity wasn't far behind.

And to cap off a crazy week, yesterday it snowed for the first time of the season - and the first time since we've moved into our new house.

When you're in a house for a while snow is one of those things you create a routine for. You know when to go out for a first pass with the shovels; you know how to deal with the situation the end of the driveway when the plows come through; you know which spots you need to put down ice melt or sand in; and you know where you need to put all the snow so you can maneuver your cars.

Well. When you're in a brand new (to you) house, especially one with an entirely different setup... Yeah. Not so much with knowing how to manage all that white stuff.

Worse? Since the move, we have only found one shovel. We think the other got left behind. That made the whole snow removal process sloooow.

Don't get me wrong. I love snow. LOVE IT. I don't mind managing it or driving in it, it's just what we do where I live. But getting my head around what to do with it and how almost drove me off the deep end yesterday.

But now it's Sunday! I'm going to my first NFL football game today - Giants vs. Cowboys - and I'm grateful that it has stopped snowing. But I don't know anything about football so it will be an interesting day. Maybe that will be next week's blog post. ;-)

Enjoy your Sunday!  Cheers!


Saturday, December 9, 2017

Things Come and They Go by S.C. Wynne

Morning all! I'm running a little late. I'd love to blame it on too much spiked eggnog, but I don't have any eggnog!

A writer friend of mine, Felice Stevens, shared a blog post with me by Kristine Kathryn Rusch about the state of publishing at the moment and how it's just going through the cycle that any business goes through. I kind of have to agree with her.

When e-publishing first exploded, there was a huge hay day, where lots of people made obscene amounts of money, and for some reason, they didn't realize it would one day slow down. Because new things generate a lot of excitement, and then they don't.

I see this happening in mpreg right now. It was an underserved market, and now everybody is writing it and hoping to make bank. (Shhhh even I wrote some) But it will be flooded soon with people trying their hand at it. But I digress....

I liked the article so much and thought it was so spot on, I'm going to link to it and you can read it for yourself. (It is long, just to warn you.) You can decide if the sky is falling, or if the world of publishing is just settling in as a mature business should.

Here Is The Link


Friday, December 8, 2017

Audiobooks on sale! by Felice Stevens

Did you all know that Audible is running a site-wide 50% sale on all their audiobooks? No? Great! It's 50% offl ist price but there are still some great deals. Here's a link to my audible titles. Just click and you can be listening to Nick Russo reading The Shape of You or Kale Williams narrating Brandon and Tash's story in Embrace the Fire, the final book in the Through Hell and Back series. Or how about Derrick McClain reading Gideon's yummy recipes to you in Learning to Love!
Here's the link!

Happy Listening!!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

December Madness by Riley Hart

December is always such crazy, exciting, beautiful, stressful month. LOL. That's a lot for one month to be! We celebrate Christmas, and we have three birthdays this month as well. My birthday is the day after Christmas. I hated it growing up (now it doesn't bother me). I always felt...well, ignored, when I was a kid. I didn't have birthday parties. Much of my "celebration" was combined with Christmas. By the time it was my birthday, they were over it.

I always hoped I wouldn't end up giving my child a December birthday and I did. haha. That's the way it goes though, right? We make sure that she always feels like she has her special day though.

Talk to me about December. Do you have traditions? Birthdays? A favorite December memory? I'd love to hear them.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Fire and Flint from Andrew Grey - Coming Friday

I think I have a little explaining to do.  The Carlisle Cops series is finished.  At six books I thought the series was getting too long, so Fire and Fog is the last story in that series.  However, I love exploring my own version of the town where I live, so I decided to switch gears a little.  Fire and Flint is the first story in the spinoff series - Carlisle Deputies.  I can promise that you'll see old friends as well as meet a number of new ones.

Fire and Flint releases Friday December 8th.  I really hope you enjoy it.

Jordan Erichsohn suspects something is rotten about his boss, Judge Crawford. Unfortunately he has nowhere to turn and doubts anyone will believe his claims—least of all the handsome deputy, Pierre Ravelle, who has been assigned to protect the judge receiving the threatening letters. The judge has a long reach, and if he finds out Jordan’s turned on him, he might impede Jordan adopting his son, Jeremiah.
When Jordan can no longer stay silent, he gathers his courage and tells Pierre what he knows. To his surprise and relief, Pierre believes him, and Jordan finds an ally… and maybe more. Pierre vows to do what it takes to protect Jordan and Jeremiah and see justice done. He’s willing to fight for the man he’s growing to love and the family he’s starting to think of as his own. But Crawford is a powerful and dangerous enemy, and he’s not above ripping apart everything Jordan and Pierre are trying to build in order to save himself….
Will their fledgling romance dissipate like fog in the sun before it has a chance to burn bright?

Purchase a copy at   Dreamspinner Press   or   Amazon

“Not particularly. Your main task is to let me continue to do my job and to ensure I remain safe. I have private security arranged for my home and commute.”
Pierre nodded, and the judge gave him the information for the firm so Pierre could coordinate with them. He needed to try to find the source of the letters—which was going to be a difficult task, given how very little there was to go on—and to make sure Judge Crawford had the extra security he seemed to think he needed. The building itself was already secured, with all visitors and employees passing through metal detectors and all their bags X-rayed so nothing dangerous got inside. But if someone was intent on causing harm, they didn’t necessarily need a weapon.
“Please work with Jordan. He can give you any information and support you might need.” Judge Crawford turned to the clock on his desk. “I have to be in court in ten minutes.” Any additional information was going to have to come from Jordan, as Judge Crawford’s expression hardened and he turned to his computer. Pierre knew he was dismissed. He left the judge’s chambers and closed the door behind him.
“He’s a peach, isn’t he?” Jordan said in the same tone that he might use to ask about the weather. The judge’s behavior was just a part of Jordan’s everyday work, it seemed.
“Intense” was about the nicest thing Pierre could come up with.
“Judge Crawford isn’t a morning person, and he always needs some time to get ready for court.” Jordan stood and filled a mug from the coffeepot in the corner. He then carried it into the judge’s chambers and returned with an empty mug. “Sometimes I swear he mainlines the stuff.” Jordan rinsed the mug and took his seat once again. “I need to make sure he has everything he requires for his day, and then I can go over anything you want.” He hurried into the office, and Pierre watched him go with pointed interest.
Pierre sat back down. He reminded himself that he was working and had to keep his mind on the task at hand, not let it wander to the delicious paralegal who seemed to check all the boxes for the type of man he preferred: lanky, with great eyes, and a backside that bobbed perfectly with each step and made him feel disappointed when Jordan closed the door behind him.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

New releases and upcoming books from BA, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

Hey y'all!

Since it's that time of year where people are gifting themselves for sanity's sake, we thought we would list our new releases or upcoming books.

We'll start with Sean Michael. Out now!


Dom Dustin Lefevre works hard and plays harder. He attends the Underground Club whenever he can and is always very much in demand by the unattached subs. After one such evening, he runs into King Tamber, the Dom who taught him everything he knows. King and Dustin parted ways after several years of King teaching Dustin how to be the best Dom he can be.

Now, King has come back into Dustin’s life with a new proposal. He wants to recreate Dustin’s club scenes with Dustin in the submissive role. Dustin doesn’t understand why King would want to do scenes with him again, but King is very persuasive and Dustin finds that he can’t resist. Now all Dustin has to do is figure out how to continue without having his heart broken.

Meanwhile, King has regretted parting ways with Dustin every day. Seeing Dustin working the subs at the club has given him an idea of how he can connect with Dustin again. He knows he screwed up with Dustin when they last parted and he can only hope that through his new plan, he can woo Dustin and ensure they both get the happy ending they deserve.

Buy links:

Evil Plot Bunny:



Best-selling author Sean Michael is a maple leaf–loving Canadian who spends hours hiding out in used book stores. With far more ideas than time, Sean keeps several documents open at all times. From romance to fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi, Sean is limited only by the need for sleep—and the periodic Beaver Tail.

Sean fantasizes about one day retiring on a secluded island populated entirely by horseshoe crabs after inventing a brain-to-computer dictation system. Until then, Sean will continue to write the old-fashioned way.


King unlocked the door to his place and ushered Dusty in, watching the strong body move. Fuck, he wanted this man. He’d thought he could get over Dusty, thought it would be better for Dusty if he pushed him away and let him fly on his own. Maybe it had been better for Dusty, but King had never stopped wanting, never gotten over him—too bad he hadn’t realized it until too late.

So now he was making the best play he could. He’d chip away at Dusty’s defenses, make the man fall in love with him.

“You want a drink?” he asked as Dusty set his bag down by the door.

“Sure. What are my options?” Dusty moved toward the window looking like a Roman warrior with his neatly trimmed beard, his dark hair caught back in a tail. Fierce, almost hawklike, and without an ounce of fat, the man made his mouth dry.

“Water, coffee, tea, soda, or milk.” He didn’t currently have any booze in the house. Besides, they were gonna talk and fuck—no booze needed.

“No whiskey? I’ll take water, thanks.”

“I haven’t been home long enough to restock properly. Besides, I want us both sober tonight.” He wanted Dusty’s honest, nonalcohol-influenced reactions.

“So how is this going to work? Practically, I mean. We talk and fuck tonight. Do I spend the night, then wake up, do a scene, and leave? Are we going to do it all tonight?”

Such a strategist. Dusty had been working out how to get out of this from the first. King would stress it if he didn’t know Dusty could have simply said no. There was a part of Dusty that wanted this as much as he did. Maybe even more. He hoped so anyway.

“We talk and fuck tonight. If you’re not on the job tomorrow, that’s when we do the scene.” And hell yes, Dusty was staying the night. He loved sleeping with that solid body next to his. It had never happened enough for his liking.

“I’m off ’til Monday, barring an emergency.”

He almost moaned. That was what he wanted. He craved the idea of breaking Dusty down into his neediest parts, then being there to do the hours of aftercare, the connection.

Now BA Tortuga has an upcoming title!

Blurb: Love is a fragile thing, and it can slip through your fingers if you don’t hold on tight….

When Zack Jung’s AA sponsor and friend commits suicide, he’s desperate to hold it together, and there’s only one place he can turn. He calls Josh and Kris, and they take him back to their ranch outside Santa Fe.

A cowboy to the bone, Cimarron Duran cherishes his orderly life and routine. He likes his neighbors, Kris and Josh, but he has less than no interest in the hipster personal trainer who comes to stay with them—or at least, he plans to fight his interest in favor of his solitary life and his art.

But some things are as inevitable as the weather, and when Zack and Cimarron finally come together, they find they don’t want to let go. It won’t be easy, though, for two men with pasts like theirs to forge a happy future together.

Buy Link:

>“It’s cracked,” Cypress whispered, “right down the center.”

Sort of like him. Sort of like everyone.

“I want to fix it, patch it, but I’m frightened to.” Cypress took a deep breath, held it for a second, waiting for something to happen, but it didn’t. He let it out, knowing he was going to be laughed at.

The laughter never came, so he went on. “If I use slip, it might survive, but what if I get the consistency wrong?”

He could hear the sigh behind him.

“I know, I know, you’re right. I’ve nothing to lose. Nothing at all.”

The silence reigned, and he rolled his head on his neck. “I wish you were a little more forthcoming sometimes. I’m lonely.”

He held the pieces in his hands. Sometimes you couldn’t mend what was broken. Sometimes you simply had to start again.

“Who are you talking to, Cy?” Josh came into the studio, a spark of life and color. “I’ve been hunting you. I want to go play.”

“Play?” He placed the pieces in a shallow crate on his workbench.

“I’m bored. Come out with me. Let’s bubble and invent something wonderful.” Josh took his hand, kissed the corner of his mouth. “Please.”

“Sure.” Bubbles were always good. He had Josh to thank for the hot tub, anyway.

He walked outside, the sun like a spotlight, burning away the ghost of his Lonan. The two of them were like planets in orbit. Passing but never touching.

He stretched, feeling his bones loosen up.

“There you are. I’ve missed you.”

Cypress blinked at Josh. “Where have I been?”

“In your head.” And Josh got that, he knew.

“Ah. Sorry.” They muscled the cover off the hot tub, then fired up the bubbles. “What do you want to drink?”

“I brought strawberry banana smoothies.”

“Nice.” He did like a nice fruity smoothie, and Josh had learned all these recipes from his friend Zack, who was a personal trainer.

He pushed away the thought of the crate with the broken pieces. He’d explore that later. Maybe he’d fix it; maybe he wouldn’t.

Maybe it would return to the earth.

Julia Talbot has a new release in the Dreamspun Beyond line

A Dead and Breakfast Novel

A romance worth fighting for—tooth and claw.

Solitary vampire Fallon Underwood gets all the social interaction he needs being the silent partner at the Dead and Breakfast B and B high in the Colorado mountains. Change is hard for Fallon, so when his business partner, Tanner, suggests hiring a new manager for the inn, he’s adamant that they don’t need help, especially not in the form of bouncy werecat Carter Hughes.

Carter is a happy-go-lucky kitty, and he loves the hospitality industry, so the D and B ought to be a great place for him. He falls for Fallon as soon as he picks up one of Fallon’s novels, and begins to woo the vamp with gifts. When Fallon finally succumbs to Carter’s feline charms, the results are unexpected, to say the least. Their mating will have irreversible consequences—for their bodies and their hearts.

Buy Link:

Excerpt: Carter checked his hair in the rearview mirror, nodded, and hopped out of the Jeep.

Time to do this. Interview, ho!

The house was pretty cool, an older three-story with clapboard siding instead of a log place. A few cabins sprinkled the hillside behind the house, and the view? Epic.

There was this bridge you had to cross to get there, the river right there, singing to him. The aspens were whispering, the leaves clacking and clicking together.

He would bet there was a boat landing carved out on the bank back there. Carter itched to see it, but instead he trotted up the steps so he could knock on the door.

Positive, peaceful, competent, joyous. He repeated the words over and over. The mantra was better than “Will work for food.” Desperation was not an attractive trait, especially in a manager.

A stout lady with, uh, hissing hair opened the door. “Yes?”

“Good afternoon.” Smile, focus on the eyes.

His lips started to go numb, his nose itching like someone had cast it in concrete. Oh. No. No eyeball-to-eyeball with this one.

She chuckled, the sound like rocks clacking together. “Come in. I’ll get Tanner.”

“Thank you, ma’am!” No biting, he willed the snakes.

The back half of her hair hissed at him some more when she turned around, but Carter stayed just out of range. He’d never met… was she a gorgon? Was he mixing his mythology?

That was pretty cool, one way or the other. Showed willingness to work with all sorts of beings. He thought the boss was a werebear, but he wasn’t sure.

“Mr. Tanner? This is your two o’clock.”

“Ah, thank you, Glenda.” The Tanner guy was in a wee office nook off the main room. He rose, and Carter confirmed that was definitely bear. Tall and broad with shaggy brown hair and deep brown eyes.

“Sir.” He held out one hand and smiled.

“Carter Hughes?” Tanner shook hands, warm and firm but not squeezy. “I’m Tanner Weiling.”

“Mr. Weiling, pleased to meet you.” No bouncing.



Be the antibounce.

Tanner smiled, and the expression seemed to say Tanner knew he was trying not to bounce.

“Come sit down.” Tanner led the way to a neat little bay window where two chairs and a coffee table were all set up.

“Oh, this is lovely. You have an amazing view.”

“Thanks. It makes people feel calm.”

“I believe that.” Carter sat on the chair Tanner indicated. Well, perched.

Kiernan Kelly has an upcoming YA as Dakota Chase

Dakota Chase (Kiernan’s YA alter ego) has a new release coming in early 2018!

Release: Repeating History, Book 2: Hammer of the Witch by Dakota Chase

Blurb: History isn’t dead when you’re living it.

Aston and Grant made a serious mistake a while back when they set fire to their teacher’s office—a teacher who is secretly the legendary wizard Merlin. Now they must travel back in time to retrieve the artifacts they destroyed—and they’re about to find out how the Dark Ages earned its name.

They’re on a mission to acquire the Malleus Maleficarum, the book used by the Inquisition to arrest, torture, and execute witches. In medieval Germany, they’ll be surrounded by danger in a time when anyone could be accused and face horrible prison conditions and an awful death. Will they be able to avoid the watchful eyes of the Inquisitors, retrieve the book, and return to their own time?

Julia’s is

BA’s is

Kiernan's is


Sean --

Julia --

BA --

Kiernan --

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Happy Sunny and Warm Holidays!

Hi all!

My post today is about holiday madness. I love the holidays, I love the insanity, I love the rush, and the music, and the joy. 

So, top 5 things to ponder about the winter holidays season: 
  • So many things to celebrate! In my house we celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas, and we always have to be a little flexible because sometimes they overlap and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes the first night of Hanukkah is on Christmas Eve. Sometimes they are two weeks apart. 
  • The tree - real or fake? No really, real or fake? I are always done a real tree. And every year I think, I need to go fake this year. And then I go looking and I can’t find a fake one I like. And then I buy a real tree. But right now, I’m looking for a fake one again!
  • Driving - you knew I couldn’t get through this post without complaining about who is not he road and the way people drive this time of year. College kids home and driving like maniacs. Grandma or Grandpa suddenly not only driving on Sunday’s (and driving like maniacs!), mall traffic (I’m in New Jersey, this is a THING), and you can’t find anywhere to park . For anything. Ever.  
  • Family - I love waking up with my little family on Christmas morning. We don’t do anything extravagant, but I make breakfast and then we sit by the tree and open our presents. We listen to Christmas carols and we stay in our pajamas until we have to put clothes on for company. It’s a slow, easy-going morning.
  • Food - I mean, what is a holiday without talking about the food? We have all kinds of weird food traditions in my family, but my favorite is the cinnamon bun tree that we make every year.  I buy those Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, smack a couple of packages on the counter to open them (or let my kids smack ‘em, they love that) and then make a tree shape. After they are cooked, we use colored sprinkles to make the trunk and the star and the rest of the green tree. It’s so silly easy and it sound so ridiculous, but we’ve been doing it since I was a little girl, and I can’t imagine a Christmas without it!

I’ll be back next Sunday with more holiday-related craziness I’m sure. Until then, stay safe as you travel around out there. Cheers!


Saturday, December 2, 2017

Another Indie Publisher Closes It's Doors, But They Do It With Class by S.C. Wynne

Morning all,

I'm a little depressed this morning. The very first publisher who ever took a chance on me, Loose Id, has announced they're closing their doors. I'll never forget how excited I was when they accepted my book. It was my very first MM romance and when they took a chance on me I was over the moon happy. I loved my editor, Kathleen Calhoun, and everyone at Loose Id was always wonderful to me. So it's truly a sad day.

And it's also scary. Because Amazon is slowly pushing all other publishers out of business. They're so huge now, I don't think anyone can truly compete with them. They did their takeover so cunningly. They came up with a great little e-reader and they made downloading books on their site dummy proof. The One Click button is very seductive. They also provided tons of books for their kindle e-readers by revolutionizing the very business of self-publishing. They made it so easy to self-publish books that tons of people flooded in, and both readers and authors were living the dream.

At first.

Like any new, successful thing, it was great at first. I wasn't writing then, but I've heard the stories and I can see the despair of those struggling now that everything has changed drastically. People who used to make bank can't even get on the Amazon lists now. Let's face it, Amazon holds the fate of all who self-publish in the palm of their hand. They could drop our royalty rate tomorrow, and I'm sure once they've destroyed everyone else they will.

I personally think that the giant market share they hold is dangerous. I can think of no other vendor that actually gives them a run for their money. Apple is huge, but I don't buy there very often. My sales at Kobo and Barnes and Nobel don't compare to Amazon so, for me, my readers are mostly at Amazon. But I still stay wide because the idea of having all my books only at Amazon, and depending on them exclusively, would keep me up at night.

And I absolutely detest KU and what it's done to publishing. The pay rate of less than half a cent per page is so insulting. Not to mention the fact that authors have to pump out books at an alarming rate just to make what they might have made a few years ago, putting out way less stories. Burn out is a real thing people, and I personally live in fear of it happening to me and my pals.

Now Amazon is coming up with their Audible Romance package where people can listen to an unlimited number of books. This is going to be interesting to watch. Authors are piling into the program and Amazon hasn't even announced how much they'll pay authors. It's insane. But the first people in will probably make money. Just like with KU. But then once everyone is in, it will be impossible to be noticed. Just like with KU.

But unlike KU, those authors are stuck in the program for the life of their contract. They can't leave for seven years. LET THAT SINK IN. There is no opt out after ninety days like with KU. And no one even knows what they'll be paid yet. Whatever it is, it will benefit Amazon, not us. There is also the added problem of the cost of making audio books. You can't put out an audio book for as little as you can an e-book. Audio books cost thousands of dollars to produce. But Amazon can probably feast on author's backlists for many, many years, so they aren't worried.

It's all complicated and demoralizing. I don't know what will happen in the future with publishing. I only know I'll keep on the path I'm on and continue to produce quality work. I won't use KU for anything but re-releases until the day I'm literally forced into KU.

Sorry for the long rant. I'm angry because I feel Amazon is forcing out the indie publishers like Loose Id, one by one. At least Loose Id is winding down respectfully. They have a good, solid plan in place and none of their authors should be harmed like the debacle of Ellora's Cave. (Yes, I was unlucky enough to be stuck in that closure too.) I appreciate that about Loose Id. I'm happy to know my trust in them was well placed. It makes me appreciate them even more.

So I say a sad farewell to Loose Id. As hard as this is on us authors, I'm sure it's much harder on all of you who've worked so hard all those years. I wish you only the best in whatever you do next.


Friday, December 1, 2017

Stepping outside the comfort zone by Felice Stevens

Write what you love.
I love writing about, well, love. But so many people have asked me why I decided to write a menage romance. Why write MMM when so many people don't like reading it? 
And all I can say is I had to listen to my heart. 
As authors we write not only for our readers but we must also write for and from our hearts. When I start a book, I immerse myself in my character's lives and emotions and try and understand why they act as they do. What brought them to that point and why.

When Christina Lee asked me if I'd like to co-write an MMM romance I never hesitated. We discussed the three men and their stories and as we are both pantsers, the story evolved as we continued to write. And as we wrote Quinn, Gray and Emery came to life and I fell in love with them and they became real to me. And when they realized they loved each other and it wasn't only about sex, I have to admit I cried for them.
Their struggle to find a place for themselves, to recognize that they loved each other captured my heart and most of all their story had to be realistic. That there would have to be highs and lows and bumps and bruised hearts and feelings was inevitable and I wanted to shield them from their pain but knew I couldn't..
I hope you think about trying Last Call. If you've never read an MMM this might be the romance to try it for the first time. I'd love to know in the comments below why you're hesitant about reading one. If you read it and want to talk about it, feel free to email me and we can chat.
Here's the universal link on Amazon, and it's free on KU

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Following Your Heart by Riley Hart

Follow your's just an easy thing to say but not always an easy thing to do. I've been working toward making myself do that lately and part of that journey has been writing exactly what I want to write. That's the case with JARED'S EVOLUTION and JARED'S FULFILLMENT.

JARED'S FULFILLMENT went live today. It was even scarier than the release of the first book. I broke some "romance rules" but those rules needed to be broken. Jared and Kieran's journey isn't an easy one or a traditional one but it was right for them. It was what they both needed and I'm so honored I got to tell their story.


My relationship with Jared has lasted too long. He's mesmerizing, beautiful in his devotion, pure in his need. He reaches parts of me I thought no longer existed, places I'd never known were there. His submission is a gift. His cries of pleasure and pain call to the most primal parts of me. I want to inhale him, own him, mark him as mine. He's my boy and I need to be his Daddy, but my fear holds me back. I'll fail him like I've failed everyone else I've loved. Before that happens, I'll walk away.


I've never known security, love, or true pleasure before Kieran. With every touch, every command, every second of blissful, torturous pain, my heart grows and my soul is at peace. He protects me, spoils me, gives me what I need. Still, in some ways, he's closed off and won't let me in. But Kieran's given me strength. I've evolved, and won't accept less than I deserve...and I won't let Daddy accept less than he deserves, either.

It's a delicate balance: give and take, pleasure and pain. Together we can break each other down to our purest forms and build each other up again. Kieran always says I'm stronger than I think, but I know that together we're invincible...if only he'd believe me.

We have two choices: say goodbye or fight for what's always been out of both our reaches...fulfillment.

Jared's Fulfillment contains BDSM elements, domestic discipline, spanking, and daddy kink--without age play--between consenting adults. If any of those things offend you, reading this book might not be a good idea.

Jared's Evolution and Jared's Fulfillment must be read in order.

Available exclusively from Amazon. PurchaseHERE.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Ask Andrew - We All Have Our Limits

Dear Andrew,

I personally won't read BDSM or books referencing pedophilia as if it's ok. I also stay away from books that don't have a HEA or HFN if I read reviews pointing them out first. Is there anything you don't like to read or write? Something that's taboo for you? I know some writer's say they may read something but don't feel comfortable writing it.

Thx, Kendra

Dear Kendra

There are a number of things that I don't read or write.

I don't write BDSM because I have very little interest in it.  I don't read it either just because its something that isn't for me.  I know others write, read, and enjoy it, and that's great!  But its not for me.  I think that being able to say that something isn't for me is good, because not every story or book is for every reader.  

Like you I only read stories with a happy ending and I only write ones that end that way.  Life is hard enough and its filled with sad endings.  Yes I understand that not all stories can end happy because that's not how the world works.  But when I read, I want to escape a little and be able to relax and enjoy of love story that ends well.

There are genres that I read that I won't ever write: historical, steam punk, dystopian.  I like reading those kind of stories, but I think they take a very special kind of talent to write and I don't have it.  So I read them, love them, and appreciate them, but I don't write them.

Thank you for writing me
Hugs and Love

Ask Andrew will return next week and is your chance to ask questions of a gay romance author.  The questions can be about the writing process in general, writing sex scenes, gay men, sex, characters in romance, characters having sex... okay you probably get the picture.    I promise to answer your questions as frankly and with as much humor as I possibly can.

So if you have a question, please send it to  This is different from my usual email so your questions don't get lost.  I will answer one question a week.

Please remember this is meant to be all in fun.  (I was going to say good, clean fun, but who wants that.)    So send me your questions and let's see what mischief we can get into.

Visit Andrew on Facebook:  and you can join Andrew's fan group All The Way With Andrew Grey.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A holiday and (some not holiday) food facts from BA, Julia, Kiernan and Sean!

A Holiday Food Quiz from BA, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

We all love to cook and bake for the holidays, so we saw this on the Food Network and had to try!

BA Tortuga

What's your Achilles' heel ingredient, one that you hate to work with or encounter in someone else's holiday dish?

Wheat. Wheat wheat wheat, devil wheat.

What dish or ingredient will we never catch you eating?

Rare meat. I can't cope.

What was your most memorable holiday meal? What, where, who? Details, please.

Oh, every year is a new memory. Seriously. Every year is the new best.

What's your guilty pleasure holiday food?

Chex Mix!

Non-holiday Qs.

Is there one dish that you always order out and never make at home?

Spicy tuna sushi

What kitchen tool can't you live without?

Assuming you don't count basics like knives and pans? I'd have to say my air fryer or my Instant Pot. I use them both constantly.

If you weren't a writer, what career would you like to have tried?

Gluten free baker

What's your favorite "food city" to visit?

New Orleans, baybee

What's your favorite late-night snack?

Pickles and sharp cheddar cheese.

What's one must-have at your last supper?

Green chile burger and fries

Who's your favorite person to cook with?

My wife, no question. Cooking with her is one of my favorite things on earth. We laugh so much.

Rapid fire: Think fast!

Ketchup or mustard? Mustard, please.

Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Burger or hot dog? Burger (although I love a hot dog)

Cream cheese or butter? Butter

Soda or water? Water

Sprinkles or jimmies? What the fuck's a jimmie?

Kiernan Kelly

What's your Achilles' heel ingredient, one that you hate to work with or encounter in someone else's holiday dish?

Liver. Because…ew, it’s liver.

What dish or ingredient will we never catch you eating?

Again, liver, and for the same reason.

What was your most memorable holiday meal? What, where, who?

I have too many to choose just one. Every holiday meal I had while growing up is a memory I cherish, as is every one I share with my family now.

Details, please. What's your guilty pleasure holiday food?

Leftover turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce. Boring, I know, but true. I look forward to leftover sandwiches more than I do the holiday meal.

Non-holiday Qs. Is there one dish that you always order out and never make at home?

Chinese food. I’ve tried to make it at home and failed miserably.

What kitchen tool can't you live without?

My Kitchen Aid mixer. I love it. I would have its little mixer babies if I could.

If you weren't a writer, what career would you like to have tried?

At one point I seriously wanted to be a paleontologist, although I also wanted to be an actor. Either of those, or some weird combination thereof.

What's your favorite "food city" to visit?

New Orleans. I love Cajun food and chicory coffee!

What's your favorite late-night snack? .

Grapes and sharp cheddar cheese.

What's one must-have at your last supper?

Steak. Thick, juicy, and rare, please, with fresh, roasted asparagus on the side.

Who's your favorite person to cook with?

The hubs. We make a good team, except when it comes to loading the dishwasher. Then he gets a little manic. He has a thing about loading the dishwasher. I’ve learned to just roll with it.

Ketchup or mustard? Mustard

Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate

Coffee or tea? COFFEE!

Burger or hot dog? Burger

Cream cheese or butter? Butter

Soda or water? Water

Sprinkles or jimmies? Sprinkles, unless I’m in New Jersey. Then it’s jimmies. LOL

Sean Michael

Oooo, cooking questions. I'm an enthusiastic cook rather than talented one, but I tend not to burn things. Most of the time.

What's your Achilles' heel ingredient, one that you hate to work with or encounter in someone else's holiday dish?

Fish - not seafood - if it has a shell I probably love it, but fish like salmon and halibut etc. No thank you, though I will eat it if cooked by someone else.

What dish or ingredient will we never catch you eating?

eggplant = GROSS

What was your most memorable holiday meal? What, where, who? Details, please.)

So when I was 10/11 we lived in Germany for a year and for Christsmas we went up to Denmark to visit my mom's relatives. We had been eating Danish traditional christmas every since I could remember, so we knew pretty much what to expect.

Except they served the rice poudding with the almond in it (the one who got the almond got the prize) before the rest of the meal instead of after. And they didn't put the almond in until the second round. The idea I guess is that everyone fills up on the cheap rice dish and so not as much of the expensive goose, etc would be needed. But I hated rice poudding and the only reason I would eat it was for a chance at the almond. And my mom always gave us little mini bowls. This was two huge bowlfuls of it. Blah. We also danced around the Christmas tree that had real candles on it - that was cool.

What's your guilty pleasure holiday food?

Isn't it all holiday food guilty pleasure food? And honestly, I can't think of anything I like that much better than everything else...

Non-holiday Qs.

Is there one dish that you always order out and never make at home?

Alfredo pasta - never made an alfredo sauce at home. I'm very picky about alfredo though and very few places don't do it right.

What kitchen tool can't you live without?

I love my salad dressing thing - put the ingredients in and shake, then use the hand spout to poor it over your salad. I also love the pizza wheel for cutting pizzas.

If you weren't a writer, what career would you like to have tried?

Astronaut or marine biologist.

What's your favorite "food city" to visit?


What's your favorite late-night snack?

ritz crackers with cheeze whiz

What's one must-have at your last supper?


Who's your favorite person to cook with?

BA Tortuga

Rapid fire: Think fast!

Ketchup or mustard? Ketchup

Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla

Coffee or tea? Tea

Burger or hot dog? Burger

Cream cheese or butter? Butter (depending on what it is, because for some things, cream cheese)

Soda or water? Soda, though I should have water and if it was all I could ever have, I'd have to go water

Sprinkles or jimmies? Is there a difference?

Julia Talbot

What's your Achilles' heel ingredient, one that you hate to work with or encounter in someone else's holiday dish?

Liver. I agree with Kiernan What dish or ingredient will we never catch you eating?

Anything with duck liver pate or conventionally raised veal

What was your most memorable holiday meal? What, where, who? Details, please.

There are two. The first was when I was 21 and my cousin Julie finally told our Aunt to hush and stop trying to ruin Thanksgiving, and then my first Thanksgiving at the BA family household, where BA and I cooked for hours and never got a bite of turkey. I had never seen so many people at one thanksgiving, and that includes the aforementioned Talbot Thanksgiving, where there were 12 people. BA says, "Amateurs"

What's your guilty pleasure holiday food?

Chocolate covered cherries. I only eat them at Christmas

Non-holiday Qs.

Is there one dish that you always order out and never make at home?


What kitchen tool can't you live without?

a spatula

If you weren't a writer, what career would you like to have tried? archaeologist or sociologist

What's your favorite "food city" to visit?


What's your favorite late-night snack?

Chips and almonds

What's one must-have at your last supper?

Spaghetti and meat sauce

Who's your favorite person to cook with?

My wife, BA

Rapid fire: Think fast!

Ketchup or mustard? Mustard

Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Burger or hot dog? both!

Cream cheese or butter? Butter

Soda or water? Diet Sprite

Sprinkles or jimmies? Sprinkles!



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Kiernan's is


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Julia --

BA --

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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Happy Sunday!

Hello, everyone!

I'm Jodi Payne, and I'm new to the Cafe Risque family. I'm super excited to be sharing my Sundays with you guys.

As I write this, I'm coming off of the apocryphal Tryptophan high of Thanksgiving Day. My family celebrated Thanksgiving at my cousin's house this year and all I came home with was the last remaining slice of the apple pie I'd brought with me, and nothing else.

But what is Thanksgiving without leftovers? So Friday morning, while many of you were out shopping for bargains, I was in my pajamas cooking a wee turkey breast, stuffing, and mashed potatoes to go with the make-ahead gravy, cranberry-apple sauce, and butternut squash that my wife and I had made on Wednesday, specifically so we could sit and watch TV and eat turkey sandwiches over the weekend.

Now it's Sunday, I'm on carb-overload and I'm not sure I ever want to see turkey again! And that idea inspired a Sunday Top 5.

The Top 5 things I won't miss about Thanksgiving:

1. Turkey - I'm just not that big a fan. My Thanksgiving plate is completely upside down, with the proteins and the veggies low on the priority list, and the carbs taking top billing. Gravy is a pretty good percentage of my plate, too.

2. Driving - I mean, I have to drive places, but holiday driving sucks, right? Traffic, nutjob drivers with questionable sobriety, people in too much of a hurry, people not in enough of a hurry (the worst!) Yeah. Not going to miss the Thanksgiving travel.

3. That relative - we all have one, right? At least? Enough said.

4. Football - I know, I know. Everyone loves football. NOPE! I don't love football. I don't love the TV being hogged by the football watchers when there are other amazing things on like... uh...  the Tom Hanks-giving on HBO. Yes! An entire day of Tom Hanks movies. Heh. Okay. Well, it's better than football.

5. Watching my mouth - What happens when you get a group of people together that otherwise only see each other twice a year? Stuff gets said. Child-rearing, how to make gravy, onions or no onions in the stuffing, that celebrity that did something stupid, the relative that didn't make it that year (oh, guys... never be that relative, or if you are, just know you're going to be discussed), politics OMG. This is all dangerous territory for Jodi. And when you add wine? Oh, so much potential for me to get myself in trouble. Having opinions sucks, huh?

Haha. I love Thanksgiving. I really do. I hope yours was everything you wanted it to be.

Until next week. Cheers!


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Creative Process
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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Discount On Books! By S.C. Wynne

Hello, all,

I trust you're all recovered from your Thanksgiving holiday, if you celebrate that is. I spent the day with family and it was a lot of fun. Much wine was consumed, and there was plenty of laughter.

I've never been someone who stands in line on Black Friday. It's just not my thing. I'd much rather shop on line and maybe pay a little more. Besides, we all know there's really only one or two TV sets for $20, right? It's a come on, people! Don't fall for that line again this year.

But I know lots of people love to do that. They camp out over night and make new friends with the other people in line. They seem to really love it, and it's a tradition for them each year.

I think I like creature comforts too much to be that dedicated about saving money on a few things. Not that I don't like saving money, because of course I do. And that leads me to this sale that's going on as we speak.

Dreamspinner Press is having a sale right now. SHOP HERE I have four books with them and all four are 35% at the moment. So if you've been waiting to buy my books, now is a good time to go get them!

Also, the 35% is for all the books on their site, so, yeah, that's pretty great!

Well, hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, and I'll check in with you again next Saturday.


Thursday, November 23, 2017

Sale! Sale! Sale! by Cardeno C.

Tomorrow is Black Friday, which means sales! I want to offer readers something special on this shopping weekend so I've taken inspiration from the 12 days of Christmas and put 12 of my books on Kindle Countdowns at Amazon. I have something for everyone - novels and novellas, contemporaries and paranormals sexy and sweet!

The countdowns start at midnight on Black Friday and go through Cyber Monday with each book starting at only $.99.

1. He Completes Me
Amazon UK

2. Wake Me Up Inside
Amazon UK

3. Blue Mountain
Amazon UK

4. McFarland's Farm
Amazon UK

5. Something in the Way He Needs
Amazon UK

6. Johnnie
Amazon UK

7. In Another Life & Eight DaysAll of Me
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8. Jumping In
Amazon UK

9. Places in Time
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10. A Shot at Forgiveness
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11. Rough Edges
Amazon UK

12. All of Me
Amazon UK

[Please note that Amazon offers Kindle Countdowns only at Amazon U.S. and Amazon U.K.]

Have a great week and happy shopping!


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving from Andrew Grey

Hello Everyone

I want to extend my best and warmest wishes for an amazing Thanksgiving to each and every one of you.  My earliest Thanksgiving memories are at my grandparents house.  My grandfather died when I was six, but I have vague memories of him carving the turkey at Thanksgiving and me sitting at the far end of the table, watching him, waiting for my plate.  Its one of the very few memories I have of him.

I hope this Thanksgiving gives you a host of memories that you remember for a lifetime.


Ask Andrew will return next week and is your chance to ask questions of a gay romance author.  The questions can be about the writing process in general, writing sex scenes, gay men, sex, characters in romance, characters having sex... okay you probably get the picture.    I promise to answer your questions as frankly and with as much humor as I possibly can.

So if you have a question, please send it to  This is different from my usual email so your questions don't get lost.  I will answer one question a week.

Please remember this is meant to be all in fun.  (I was going to say good, clean fun, but who wants that.)    So send me your questions and let's see what mischief we can get into.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Happy Thanksgivng fro BA, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

Julia’s is

BA’s is

Kiernan's is


Sean --

Julia --

BA --

Kiernan --

Monday, November 20, 2017

New to Audio? Try One of Mine Free! by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday! I got an email from Audible telling me how to set up codes that readers can use these to get a free audio book with a 30 day free Audible trial membership. I set up codes to each of my books - you can find them here:

See the blue underlined "here"? That's where you can click for the link on each page:

If you've never had an Audible membership but have been thinking of trying - now's the time! Have a great rest of your week and for those in the U.S. happy Thanksgiving!


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Happy Early Thanksgiving! by S.C. Wynne

I won't post again until after Thanksgivng, so I wanted to wish you happy times with family and

I love all the recipes being shared this time of year! I will admit though, I'm a creature of habit. I like the recipes from my family that have been handed down, although I love the IDEA of trying new things and experimenting with recipes. But you can't put gravy on ideas! :D

My mom makes this lime, cream cheese and pineapple Jello thing on holidays. My mother-in-law made a variation on it with cranberries instead of lime. They're both good, although I think the lime is more refreshing with a heavy meal. But cranberries are a holiday staple. The thing is, even if I'm full and don't really want the Jello, I always have to take at least some and have it on my plate. It just seems wrong to ignore that traditional dish.

Do you have things like that on the table? Something you don't really like eating, but you take some anyway because it's TRADITION?

The photo I posted today has brussel sprouts in it. Is that a Thanksgiving THING? Why wasn't I told? lol I'm not sure about that one. What do you think? Brussel Sprouts on Thanksgiving? Yay or nay?

Enjoy your holiday and be good to each other. Let's not take for granted that those we love will always be around. Be patient and kind to one another and let's truly give thanks for those people that mean so much to us.


Friday, November 17, 2017

Let the Games Begin! by Felice Stevens

I can't believe next week is Thanksgiving. This holiday has always been my favorite. It has nothing to do with religion—it's all about food, fun and family. 
I always want to try something new on the holidays but get shouted down by my kids. They want the turkey, and I always make a brisket. I make my own cranberry sauce and add chopped up apples or pears and lots of cinnamon. We have to have bread stuffing—nothing fancy but it's my favorite part of the meal. Simply thinking about the fried onion, mushrooms and garlic mixed with the bread chunks has me salivating. 

When I was little my parents best friends were a childless couple and they always spent the holidays with us. My "Aunt" Ruth was an extremely skinny woman who no matter where she went, dressed as if she was was at the finest dinner party. Her hair was always done, nails polished and makeup just so. She also barely ate, except when she came for Thanksgiving dinner and I made a sweet potato pineapple souffle from the Joy of Cooking. Aunt Ruth would take TWO helpings.
I thought I'd give you the recipe, copyright of The Joy of Cooking and ask you what's your favorite Thanksgiving day food memory and if you can, share your recipe!

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.

Prepare 3 cups of boiled peeled sweet potatoes.
Mash the potatoes with the following ingredients:
3 tbs butter or margarine
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp grated lemon rind
2 beaten egg yolks

Fold in 1/2-3/4 cups of crushed pineapple. Let the mixture cool.
Whip the two egg whites until stiff and fold into the sweet potato mixture. Pour into a greased 7" baking dish and bake at 350 degree oven for 35 minutes.
Happy Holidays from my family to yours!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Weird Thanksgiving Recipes from Ba, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

Today we're sharing some Thanksgiving recipes that are little out there. Offbeat, weird, and wonderful.


Tamale Stuffed Turkey

Cook a chopped onion and a couple of cloves of minced garlic and 2 diced jalapenos in a stick of butter.

Add a can of creamed corn and a dozen (whatever kind you want) tamales husked and chopped up.

If it's too dry, add chicken broth until the mixture loosens.

Stuff your turkey and cook however make you happy until a thermometer reads 165 in the stuffing
(or stick the dressing in a pan and cook at 350 for an hour).


So my weird recipe for Thanksgiving comes from my dad. It's a relish plate, and people may say how is that weird?

Well, with this recipe, it's the process, not the ingredients.

Mom would ask dad to make the relish plate every year. This was her way to keep him busy after the parade but before football. It would take him an hour. When he got into his 70s, it took him two hours.

So here we go.

Take one really fancy plate. If you have a glass deviled egg plate, use this.
Open a can of jellied cranberry sauce and place it at the center of the plate as is. Unsliced.
Cut 6 gherkins into halves. Place around plate evenly. Cut 6 tiny slivers of cheddar cheese. Disperse samely. Cut carrots into matchsticks and place around. Put one black olive between gherkins and carrots, totaling six. Carve six radishes into roses. Place around cranberry sauce so by the end of the meal they're weird and purple. Fill celery with bottled old English cheese spread and use to add color to plate. Serve cold.

Now, when I married into my wife's family, I said, let Dad make the relish tray. BA said, "Sure," then watched with horror as dad went to town, slicing and dicing.

To make relish trays BA's family way:

Get 3 big trays. Open bags of chopped cauliflower and broccoli and dump on tray. Add baby carrots and cleaned radishes. Add container of ranch dip (recently homemade). Make cheese ball the size of a head of cabbage. Put in in center of second tray. Add crackers, sliced cheese and lunchmeat. On third tray, pile dill pickles (never gherkins) black and green olives, and possibly sliced bell peppers. Voila. You can see the conflict, right?

So, there you have the Talbot/Tortuga relish tray tradition. We still serve both.

Happy Thanksgiving


My mother’s side of the family is Italian, and even Thanksgiving dinner was served with pasta. The first course was antipasto. Plates and bowls of rolled cold cuts, olives, anchovies, peppers, and fresh bread were served. Ravioli was a second course for us, complete with a full accompaniment of meats – sausage, meatballs, braciola, pig’s skin, and chunks of beef all cooked to perfection in tomato sauce (which we Italians in New Jersey call “gravy”). Then came the turkey with all the trimmings, followed at last by dessert and fruit.

The most unusual thing I remember my aunts and mother making was liver loaf, which was served with the second course. Why anyone thought liver loaf was a must-have on Thanksgiving is beyond me, but we always had it for every holiday, beginning with Thanksgiving. Here’s the recipe if anyone has a hankering for liver in loaf form (Note: I did not keep this as a part of our holiday fare because…ew, liver).

1 pound of beef liver, sliced and skinned
1 egg
2 tablespoons of tomato ketchup
1 small onion, chopped
1 clove of garlic, minced
1-1/2 teaspoons of salt
1/4 teaspoon of pepper
1 pound of ground pork sausage
1/2 cup breadcrumbs

Put the egg and ketchup in the blender. Cut the liver in small chunks and add slowly along with the chopped onion. Add the garlic, salt, and pepper, and blend until the entire mixture is smooth.

Pour into a large bowl and add the sausage meat and breadcrumbs. Spread in a greased 9 inch loaf pan and bake at 325 degrees for one hour. Let cool, then slice and serve.


So I usually spend Thanksgiving (the US version) with BA and Julia and one year I'd seen this recipe for bacon wrapped chicken bites and asked if we could try it. Of course they said yes - BA and Julia are the queens of encouraging my culinary adventures. It was so good, we've made it as a part of my Thanksgiving visit every year since.

You take a pound of bacon and cut each slice into three pieces. Then you cut up a couple of large chicken breasts into one inch pieces. They should all be the same size, but I can tell you from experience that none of the pieces are the same size. That's totally okay. Wrap the chicken in the bacon slices.

Next, you take a cup or so of brown sugar and mix in 3 tablespoons of chili - you can put in more or less chili depending on how spicy you like things. Roll the bacon wrapped chicken chunks in the brown sugar mix and put in a single layer on a cookie sheet.

Bake at 350 until the bacon is crispy.

These taste great warmed up. We usually make them Monday or Tuesday and then snack on them while we're cooking the rest of Thanksgiving. Now it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without them.

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Audio Books by S.C. Wynne

Morning all!

I'm trying to decide if I should dip my toe into audio books. It's not cheap. Even short books aren't cheap. is coming out with a new subscription service for listeners. I'm not sure if that will be a bad thing or a good thing for authors. All these concepts like an audio book subscription service and KU are awesome for readers, but they are slowly choking the revenue stream for the authors. I'm not sure how Amazon thinks authors will survive to create content if they take away our ability to make a profit.

But even with that said, I'm interested in seeing what making an audio book is like. I've been listening to auditions this week and some of them are good and some are simply dreadful. Often the ones that aren't a good fit aren't bad because of the actual narrator's performance. Maybe it's something as simple as they sound too old for the character I've written. Or too soft and hesitant. I found it amusing that some of the narrators apparently didn't understand who the two MC's are and so the second main character, who is a detective, was portrayed as a cigar smoking tough guy with a NY accent. lol It was very amusing.

Do you read audio books? Do you buy them only with the credits or do you also spend your money o books you really want?

I've been thinking more and more I'd enjoy audio books. Because I write so much by the time my day winds up, my eyes are tired and I love the idea of having the story told to me.

Tell me what you think. :)


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Things We Are Grateful For with BA, Julia, KIernan and Sean

Today we are sharing three things we are grateful for, one big, one medium and one small.

Big: My girl.
Medium: My readers
Medium-Light: Coffee

Big: My wife and dogs and home
Medium: my fans and books and all the amazing people I know
small: tacos and pizza

Big: My family and my friends who are like family.
Med.: The ability to work at what I love.
Small: Coffee. Because... coffee.

Big: My country. I love being a Canadian.
Med: my readers - I am grateful to them every day
Small: snow - I wasn't sure if this should go in big or small, but I decided to put it in small for each individual snowflake. Snow makes me happy, deep down.

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smut fixes everything

Monday, November 6, 2017

Bayou Book Junkie's Anniversary Giveaway by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday! This week, I'm participating in Bayou Book Junkie's anniversary giveaway. Lots of authors are participating and giving away prizes. Mine is winner's choice of an ebook and audio book. Check out their blog for more prize details and good lucking winning!

Have a terrific week.


Saturday, November 4, 2017

Trying to decide GRL next year or not By S.C. Wynne

Hello all!

I see all these posts about GRL 2018 and I want to go next year, but a part of me doesn't. It's a weird thing. I have the desire to go, but I think that's because the idea of things seems so much more amazing that the reality sometimes. Reality is usually a let down. Yes, I sound like one of my characters. lol

However, there are a lot of people I'd love to actually meet in person; readers, authors, bloggers. I know there would be wonderful times, but also awkward  moments because... people.

I'm sure the costume party would be fun. Will the Cocky Boys be there next year? Dare I hope, yes? lol I'd love a photo with Carter Dane and plenty of other sexy Cocky Boys. Or some of my favorite narrators. They seem to be a bigger draw these days. I'd love to meet Kale Williams. His voice is fantastic.

Mostly, I think I'd adore just hanging out with other authors and readers in the bar area. I mean, do you really ever know anyone until they have two margaritas or a beer minimum in them? lol I don't think so. Until someone is buzzed, they're probably trying really hard to be something they're not. I could be wrong. Maybe that's only me? lol

It's quite a commitment to go to a conference. Some authors are so good about going to all of them. Then there's swag, shipping books and committing to panels or readings. It's like you have to be a grown up or something. Why would that be necessary? :P

The good part is, there's time to decide. I'm very glad about this. Will I make the right choice? Who knows. Possibly? What even is the right choice? lol Sometimes the mystery of an author is better than the reality.


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Ask Andrew - Favorite Childhood Book

Dear Andrew

What was your favorite childhood book?'


Dear Dawn

I was blessed with a grandmother and aunt who read to me a lot as a child.  I think that's where my love of story came from.  I know I drove them crazy because I already knew all the stories word for word and wasn't happy if they changed a word.  "That's not how it goes,"  was apparently a common correction on my part.

The stories I remember most from my childhood are ones that are still around today in one form or another.  Curious George, Clifford, Babar, these were all stories I was read as a child.  I adored them all.  There were others of course, but those seem to have bene my favorites.  The Night Before Christmas was another one.  I knew it by heart.  (A number of years ago I actually saw the hand written original poem in a museum in California.)

I loved being read to as a child and I read to both my nieces.  Those were special times for me because it was like I was sharing the joy that the grandmother and aunt gave me with those books all those years before.

Hugs and Love

Ask Andrew is your chance to ask questions of a gay romance author.  The questions can be about the writing process in general, writing sex scenes, gay men, sex, characters in romance, characters having sex... okay you probably get the picture.    I promise to answer your questions as frankly and with as much humor as I possibly can.

So if you have a question, please send it to  This is different from my usual email so your questions don't get lost.  I will answer one question a week.

Please remember this is meant to be all in fun.  (I was going to say good, clean fun, but who wants that.)    So send me your questions and let's see what mischief we can get into.

Visit Andrew on Facebook:  and you can join Andrew's fan group All The Way With Andrew Grey.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween Flash Fiction! from BA, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

We've each writting some Halloween Flash Fiction for you today! It's our favorite way to Trick or Treat. We wish all our readers a very Happy Halloween. May all your tricks be treats.


"We need candy."

Gus stared at his mate, trying hard not to growl. "Sammy. Chocolate is not for pups, you know that." Surely his feline mate could understand that.

"But it's Halloween!" Sam came up to him, those green eyes bright as the sun through a bottle. "They're going to trick or treat. They've got costumes and we've built it up and..."

"No chocolate."

"No worries, Sammy. I got your back." Connor came sauntering up, bouncy kitty from top to bottom. "Look what all I got for the little ones. Carob covered kibbles. Peanut butter bites. Candy carrots with yogurt..."

Everything was wrapped and packaged in orange wax paper.

"Where did you...Are those wax lips?"

Sammy leapt at Connor, hugging the bobcat tight. "You saved Halloween!"

"I just found what you need. What our family needs."

Gus shot Brock a look, and the big wolf shrugged.

Right. What their family needed.

Happy Halloween.

From Just Like Cats and Dogs and What the Cat Dragged In.


“Wow, look at you.” Jack stared at Miles, who wore an amazing warrior sort of costume with a leather kilt and a harness and lots of oil. “Wow.”

Miles flexed, showing off all that lean muscle that no one ever knew was there. No one but Jack and Kenneth. “Happy Halloween.”

“Uh-huh.” It was almost midnight, the kids having been sugar hyped from the trunk or treat down at the high school. “Are we going somewhere?” If so, Jack was the last one to know, and who was watching the kids?

“Nope.” Miles drifted closer. “This is a private party.”

Jack felt a grin spread across his face, and his cock lifted in his jeans.

“What kind of party?” Kenneth asked, his voice a growl as he slipped into the room. He’d been letting out the dog and locking up.

“Masquerade,” Miles said immediately.

“Do we have costumes?” Kenneth joined him, pressing close, his hands freezing cold.

Miles’s eyes glowed gold for a moment. “You just get naked. I’m the conquering barbarian and you two are my captives.”

Jack’s body definitely took an interest. “I like this party.”

Miles went to their bedroom door to lock it. “I thought you might. Now strip.”

Clothes began to fly, and Jack chuckled.

This was the easiest Halloween costume ever.

Jack, Miles, and Kenneth come from Wolfmanny, available at Dreamspinner Press, and Amazon.


Hey y’all! Here’s a little flash fiction set in my Seti’s Heart universe. It takes place after the events in the book. Seti and Logan are having a bit of a disagreement brought about by Seti’s misunderstanding of the Halloween tradition of dressing up in costume. 😊

Seti’s Heart is available from Dreamspinner Press.

Seti’s Heart blurb: A vengeful god’s curse took everything from the Egyptian pharaoh Seti: his name, his position, and even his lover. After many long centA vengeful god’s curse took everything from the Egyptian pharaoh Seti: his name, his position, and even his lover. After many long centuries relegated to a musty sarcophagus, he’s awakened when a graduate student working in the museum where he is stored stumbles upon him.

Logan, working as a curator to fund his education, figures he’s screwed when he accidentally awakens the ancient ruler. It’ll be career suicide to claim the mummy came back to life, but it’s either that or be labeled a thief. Little does he know, those are the least of his problems. A society of archaeologists is hot on their trail, determined to uncover the secret of Seti’s immortality, and then there’s the little matter of an angry god who doesn’t appreciate Logan meddling in his work. But the biggest problem might be Seti himself, who’ll stop at nothing to get into Logan’s pants—and his heart.

Seti’s Halloween by Kiernan Kelly

Seti’s arm, banded with muscle under taut, smooth skin the color of caramel, blocked Logan’s way. Logan tried to duck under it, but Seti was as quick as he was strikingly handsome, and in an instant had Logan pressed against the wall, pinned there by his powerful body. Suspicion narrowed his eyes.

“I will ask you once again, Logan. Where is he?”

Despite Seti’s greater mass and muscle, Logan refused to be intimidated. “And I’ll answer you again. There’s no one here.”

“Then how do you explain this?” Seti reached to the bed they usually shared and picked up a piece of blue and gold striped cloth.

“I’ve already told you. It’s a costume, Seti. For Halloween. Lighten up, will you?”

Seti growled, a deep, dark sound that was both menacing and starkly erotic. “I am no fool, Logan. This is the garb of the pharaohs. Where do you have him hidden?” His gaze darted toward the closet, and he pushed away from Logan, stalking to it. He pulled the accordion doors open, succeeding in ripping one of them off its hinge. He bellowed into the closet. “Come out and face me, you son of a jackal!”

“Come on, Seti, don’t be ridiculous. I don’t have a pharaoh hidden in our closet.” Logan grimaced as Seti began tearing clothing from the hangers and tossing them over his shoulder. It was really becoming an effort to not lose his temper. “Stop it! You’re making a mess, and I’m not going to clean it up!”

It wasn’t a large closet, and it didn’t take Seti long to empty it. Instead of being reassured that Logan wasn’t hiding a pharaoh under the extra quilts and pillows, Seti turned to the bed. He fell to his knees and looked underneath it.

Again, he wasn’t deterred when he came up empty-handed. “Tell me, Logan. Am I not enough for you? Am I such a poor lover that you would take another to your bed?”

Logan felt anger flush his cheeks red.  All efforts to remain calm flew out the proverbial window, and he shouted. “Okay, now you’re just pissing me off. For the last time, it’s a costume for Halloween. Remember? Chris and Leo’s party? I told you about it a month ago!”

Seti only yelled louder.  “Do I look the fool to you? You expect me to believe that one night a year grown men and women dress in outlandish garb? Why?What purpose would it serve?”

A new voice shocked them both into silence. “It’s fun.”

They turned to see a green-skinned man wearing a tall, white conical hat and little else standing in the doorway to the bedroom. His only other adornment was a short kilt that wrapped around his slender hips. His body didn’t have Seti’s mass, but it was muscular and perfectly sculpted. A wry smile lifted his lips. “What? I could practically hear you yelling all the way down in the Underworld. I came to see what all the hubbub was about. I thought maybe Set came back to gnaw on your asses.”

 “Oh, Great Osiris, welcome to our humble domicile.” Seti bowed low and touched his forehead with his fist. “We are not worthy company for your glorious presence.”

Osiris snorted. “Please, Seti, enough with the ass kissing. I don’t want to have to explain the lip prints on my derriere to Isis.”

Logan blinked, then grinned. “Osiris! Finally, someone with a brain. Will you please explain to Seti about the human tradition of dressing up on Halloween?”

“Hey kid. I would ask how things are going for you two, but it appears I already have my answer. He’s a jealous little monkey, huh?” Osiris smiled back. “Seti, listen up. In today’s day and age, Halloween is just a day for everyone to cut loose and have fun. Children dress up in costumes and go door to door asking for candy. Adults get dressed up and go to parties. It’s fun.”

Seti didn’t look convinced. “But this is the Nemes headdress of a pharaoh!”

Osiris nodded. “I know. I have one just like it, although I don’t wear it anymore. It’s so Eighteenth Dynasty.”

Seti turned toward Logan. “Why would you choose to wear this?”

Logan sighed. “It’s not for me, you big galoot. “it’s for you.” He took the headdress and placed it on Seti’s head. “This is the one day a year when you can dress like the king you are, and nobody will ask a million questions or try to lock you up in a psychiatric facility. Tonight you can be Seti, king of Egypt.”

Seti’s mouth popped open, and his expression warmed. “Oh. Oh, I was wrong, Logan. I am a fool.” He cupped Logan’s chin with his fingers, and leaned down until their lips nearly touched. “Forgive me?”

Osiris cleared his throat. “And on that note, I’m off. Just do me a favor -- stop with the yelling. You’re waking the dead -- literally -- and my job is hard enough as it is without dealing with a bunch of revved up souls. Ta ta, for now!”

Logan didn’t see Osiris disappear. All he saw were Seti’s dark eyes and the lust burning there. It seared his heart, and warmed his belly until his body began to react, his cock filling. “Fuck, Seti. Just kiss me already.”

“I am king,” Seti whispered against Logan’s lips. “But I obey.”


Flynn, Blaine and the guys are from The Supers. Now available at Dreamspinner Press.

The Supers do Halloween 

Flynn and the guys were sitting around eating pizza, as they did.

“Halloween’s Tuesday,” Blaine pointed out after taking a drink of his Coke.

Everyone grunted in acknowledgement.

“So what do ghost hunters do on Halloween?” Flynn asked.

“Are you kidding?” Will asked. “We hunt ghosts.”

“But wouldn’t that be like a busman’s holiday?” Flynn wanted to know. He wasn’t being an ass, he was just curious. “Working on Halloween...”

Blaine gave him a strange look.

“What?” Did he have grease on his face or something?

“Halloween, and All Spirits Day – which is November 1, by the way – are the days that the spirit world is closest to our world. They are the best days for ghost hunting!”

“Yeah? Really?”

“You didn’t know this?” Jason asked.

“Nope.” He guessed you really did learn something new every day.

Blaine put a hand on his thigh. “You’ve never felt that your mother’s presence was more… uh, present on Halloween?”

He thought about it, he really did, but he couldn’t say he’d noticed her more on Halloween than any other time of the year. “She mostly comes when I need her.”

“It’s sweet that you think that’s the only times she shows up.” Blaine looked smug.

“Have you seen her?” he demanded.

“Not seen her so much as felt her. She hangs around you most of the time.”

His eyes went wide. That could be embarrassing. “Seriously?”


“Oh, God.” He and Blaine had made love just this afternoon. He wasn’t sure he was going to be able to keep doing that if his mother’s ghost was watching!

Blaine chuckled softly. “Don’t worry, she makes herself scarce whenever you get kissy face.”

“I do not have kissy face.”

“You do, too and it’s adorable.”

Will snorted. “You totally do, but I wouldn’t call it adorable.”

Flynn didn’t care what Will thought. He gave Blaine a fond look, though. “So are we going to make my mom disappear tonight?”

“Maybe tomorrow morning – tonight we have to go out and find the spirits. After all it’s your first time on Halloween.”

Flynn knew he really was in love that it didn’t bother him that much that Blaine would rather go ghost hunting with him than make love.

“I still want candy, though.”

“That’s Will’s department.” Jason grabbed another slice.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got us covered.” Will leaned over the side of the couch and pulled up a backpack. He opened it, reveling four bags of different types of candies and chocolates. “Happy?”

“Oh yeah, I think I am.” Flynn was more than happy – ghosts, love and chocolate, what else could a man ask for?

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