Friday, December 15, 2017

Breaking a Golden Rule? by Felice Stevens

Happy Holidays!! We're winding down the year and that always makes me think what new things I'm looking forward to.

If you've read my books, you know I'm a romance purist at heart. I take my couple from start to finish and give them a strong Happily Ever After. That's what I read and I like to write what I want to read.
While I was in Facebook jail for that week during Thanksgiving an idea popped into my head and before I knew what I was doing, I'd written a short story as a prequel to a new series. Not too big a deal, you say. 
The prequel introduces the two characters, Austin and Rhoades, and ends on a cliffhanger.
The dreaded word. Cliffhanger. So while the prequel is written, I'm not planning on releasing it until the resolution of their story is ready to release. And since I"m writing it now, that won't happen for a while. 
I've never had a problem with cliffhangers, but some people hate them with a passion.
How do you feel about cliffhangers? Love them? Hate them? Might try? Won't ever read them?
I'd love to know. 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Help me decide where to move by Riley Hart

We've been seriously looking into leaving Southern California. There are a lot of things I like about it...but I need a change. My family needs a fresh start really badly. Southern California isn't an easy place to make it. LOL.

So...I'd love some suggestions from you guys. If you've lived somewhere, visited somewhere, or currently live somewhere that meets some of our must-haves, I'd love to know.

1. Good schools
2. A couple motocross/dirt bike tracks within an hour drive.
3. AFFORDABLE. lol. Must be less to live than SoCal.
4. I don't want a ton of snow. We'd go crazy and I don't want to learn to drive in it. So, maybe a couple snows a year, at most.
5. It needs to be fairly liberal. I can't live in a city that is too conservative. That wouldn't fit my family or beliefs at all.

So...what do you have for me?

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Holiday traditions from BA, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

Hey y'all!

Today we talk traditions!

Sean Michael

Holiday are traditions are something I’ve been thinking more about as I’ve gotten older than I used to.

When I was a kid, we used to drive to both sets of grandparents every single Christmas. So in order not to have to drag our gifts for each other all the way there and then all the way back (it was a seven hour drive to the first grandparents and then another two to the second, with an eight hour trip home). So my folks started having ‘family Christmas’ on the Sunday before Christmas where we’d exchange gifts just the four of us. I always loved those family Christmases.

One of my current traditions is cookies! I usually make about a dozen different types of cookies, then put together cookie plates for everyone on my list. That way, everyone gets 2-6 of each different kind of cookie. There are some that I make every year, others that get retired and always a new kind or two. I’ve been doing it at least a half dozen years now and planning it out and baking the cookies is one of my favorite ways to get into the holiday mood.

A tradition I would like to start is doing something with feeding the hungry. Either spending a day with the family, helping to pack up bags at the food bank, or serving Christmas dinner at a soup kitchen.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday this year, full of family, friends and joy.


BA and Julia

Since we're married, you get two for one.

As a kid, my mom (Julia) didn't decorate until the 18th. Her birthday was the 17th, and as a child, her birthday had rolled into Christmas, because they were so poor. So Dad said, no, your birthday comes first. Then we left the tree up until about Jan 7.

As a kid, BA's tree went up the day after Thanksgiving, and came down the day after Christmas. Her birthday is January 9, and her mom wanted her birthday to be special.

As adults, we compromise. We decorate the first week of December, and take it down the 29th or 30th. That way we don't take the old year into the new (a BA thing) and I get to look at the tree a few more days (A Julia thing). We have German chocolate cupcakes for my mom's birthday on the 17th and sing happy birthday, even though mom has been gone longer than BA and I have been together, and BA's mom comes over too.

It's a grand thing.

Kiernan Kelly

Every Christmas Eve, we’d go to midnight Mass, then come home to open gifts. On Christmas Day, we’d have dinner at my grandmother’s house (our family was so big we each had our own holiday to eat at grandma’s. Christmas was ours!). Afterward, home for a nap (or to play with our stuff!), then back again to grandma’s where the entire family would gather for coffee and cake. A house filled to the rafters with laughter and talking and eating. It was magic.

Once we had our own family, we continued the tradition of opening gifts after midnight.. My hubs would dress as Santa, and go into the kids’ bedrooms ringing a bell and ho-ho-ho-ing to wake them up. Before they were fully awake, he’d dash away, and be waiting in the living room dressed as Dad again when they wandered in, sleepy-eyed and full of wonder. Still keeping the tradition of opening gifts after midnight, we gather with our kids and their kids to exchange gifts. When my grandchildren were little, my hubs dressed as Santa for them, too. My granddaughter still sleeps with the snowman Santa gave her. Another tradition that’s a hold over from when I was little is unwrapping gifts in order of age, oldest going first. We open one at a time, going in order from oldest to youngest.



Julia’s is

BA’s is

Kiernan's is


Sean --

Julia --

BA --

Kiernan --

Monday, December 11, 2017

Free Books! by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday! In case you missed my previous post about this or you're new to the blog, I want to let you know about a great club you can join for free and get a free book every month. The Gay Romance Readers Club is sponsored by twelve romance authors and each month, an author gives away a book to club members. Take a look at our authors here and then sign up for free books!

Have a terrific week.


Sunday, December 10, 2017

This is a blog post!

Happy Sunday!

That picture is a note that my wife left me so that I wouldn't forget to write a post for this blog today.

Yep. That's what kind of week it's been.

I had a whole bullet journal full of things to do, and while I managed to do most of it, I added almost as much as I was able to check off. A deadline, a pre-holiday shopping list, doctor visits, a birthday, a concert... all good stuff, but sleep and organization went a little out the window. My sanity wasn't far behind.

And to cap off a crazy week, yesterday it snowed for the first time of the season - and the first time since we've moved into our new house.

When you're in a house for a while snow is one of those things you create a routine for. You know when to go out for a first pass with the shovels; you know how to deal with the situation the end of the driveway when the plows come through; you know which spots you need to put down ice melt or sand in; and you know where you need to put all the snow so you can maneuver your cars.

Well. When you're in a brand new (to you) house, especially one with an entirely different setup... Yeah. Not so much with knowing how to manage all that white stuff.

Worse? Since the move, we have only found one shovel. We think the other got left behind. That made the whole snow removal process sloooow.

Don't get me wrong. I love snow. LOVE IT. I don't mind managing it or driving in it, it's just what we do where I live. But getting my head around what to do with it and how almost drove me off the deep end yesterday.

But now it's Sunday! I'm going to my first NFL football game today - Giants vs. Cowboys - and I'm grateful that it has stopped snowing. But I don't know anything about football so it will be an interesting day. Maybe that will be next week's blog post. ;-)

Enjoy your Sunday!  Cheers!


Saturday, December 9, 2017

Things Come and They Go by S.C. Wynne

Morning all! I'm running a little late. I'd love to blame it on too much spiked eggnog, but I don't have any eggnog!

A writer friend of mine, Felice Stevens, shared a blog post with me by Kristine Kathryn Rusch about the state of publishing at the moment and how it's just going through the cycle that any business goes through. I kind of have to agree with her.

When e-publishing first exploded, there was a huge hay day, where lots of people made obscene amounts of money, and for some reason, they didn't realize it would one day slow down. Because new things generate a lot of excitement, and then they don't.

I see this happening in mpreg right now. It was an underserved market, and now everybody is writing it and hoping to make bank. (Shhhh even I wrote some) But it will be flooded soon with people trying their hand at it. But I digress....

I liked the article so much and thought it was so spot on, I'm going to link to it and you can read it for yourself. (It is long, just to warn you.) You can decide if the sky is falling, or if the world of publishing is just settling in as a mature business should.

Here Is The Link


Friday, December 8, 2017

Audiobooks on sale! by Felice Stevens

Did you all know that Audible is running a site-wide 50% sale on all their audiobooks? No? Great! It's 50% offl ist price but there are still some great deals. Here's a link to my audible titles. Just click and you can be listening to Nick Russo reading The Shape of You or Kale Williams narrating Brandon and Tash's story in Embrace the Fire, the final book in the Through Hell and Back series. Or how about Derrick McClain reading Gideon's yummy recipes to you in Learning to Love!
Here's the link!

Happy Listening!!