Saturday, February 16, 2019

You Like Me! You Really Like Me! Or Do You? By S.C. Wynne

Morning all!

I thought today I'd share a bit of personal insight into who I am. I've been writing mm romance for over five years, and I don't tend to share a lot about myself.

Since I was a kid I've always felt like if someone liked me it was because they didn't really know me. I didn't really even realize that about myself until I was older, and I'd notice that I felt extreme anxiety if someone seemed to like me. I always felt I'd disappoint them if they got to know the real me. Not that I'm hugely strange or anything, but I just assumed they had to be mistaken if they actually liked me. I feared that if they looked too close, I wouldn't seem funny enough. Smart enough. Good enough.

I guess we all hide parts of ourselves trying to put our best foot forward. But the thing is, we're all odd in our own way. I doubt sincerely there is anyone who isn't at all strange. Maybe I'm kidding myself, lol, but I don't think so. Granted, some are stranger than others.

I've always been drawn to quirky people. I don't think perfect people exist, but I think there are people who are better at faking it than others. I like flawed people. I write about flawed people. I find flawed individuals interesting. Especially in books.

I'm shy until I know you. I think sometimes that makes people think I'm prissy, stuck up, or a goody-two-shoes, when nothing could be farther from the truth. I like a lot of music people would never think I like. I cuss more than people might think, and when I drink, I can drink a lot. But I'm kind, and I'm extremely loyal. If you're my friend or my family, you'll never go into battle alone. I'll have your back even if it makes me unpopular.

Not everyone returns that same loyalty to me. I think I have too idealistic of an idea of the world sometimes, and often people let me down. I'm guarded and stupidly trusting at the same time. I'm only close to a small number of people who I trust. That group is mostly made up of my family, who I trust implicitly, and maybe two friends who I think might have my back if I really needed it.

I think this introspective, untrusting side of me actually suits being an author. When you write, it's useful to be a people watcher, which I am. I may not interact with a ton of people, but I know people. I study people. I love putting those observations down on paper and creating complicated characters.

Well, now you know a bit more about me. Hopefully letting you in isn't a bad thing. Maybe you can let me see a glimpse into you as well. Feel free to comment and tell me something about yourself that other people might be surprised to learn.


Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day

Good Thursday morning to you! Happy Valentine's Day! May your day be filled with romance. We have a few romance NOVELS you might try if you want to love your listen!Check out romances from John Solo, Drew Bacca, Colin Darcy, Nick J, Russo, Andrew McFerrin, Kenneth Obi, Finn Sterling, Rayna Cole, and Simon Ferrar on Audible. Heart-felt happy listening!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

WIP lines from BA, Julia, and Sean

Hey y'all!

Kiernan is on her way to snowy NJ for a vacay, but the rest us are sharing a line from our WIP!

Sean: “Heaven,” he whispered, going in as deep as he could, Simon’s body wrapped tight around his cock. -- From Todd's story, a triplet whose brothers will also get a story.

BA: For a moment he let himself believe that offer was real and that it was possible someday. -- From her work in progress Cowboy Logic

Julia: He’d made a very expensive reservation at Planet Fantasy just for this treatment; however, at PF, he knew he would be alive at the end of the weekend. -- from an upcoming Minerva Howe Planet Fantasy story



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Sunday, February 10, 2019


Hey all,

Happy Sunday!

For today only, Refraction is available for $.99 at Dreamspinner!

Refraction is the first standalone book in the Collaborations Series with BA Tortuga. The second book is out now, and we're celebrating! You can pick it up HERE.

Texas artist Tucker Williams arrives in New York City for a gallery showing of his work and finds the city blanketed in snow. He meets free-spirited underwear model Calvin McIntire on the steps of the Midtown library and is captivated by a wild beauty that manages to compete with the demons that occupy his soul and fuel his work with their lust for blood and erotic imagery.
Unable to deny a new inspiration, Tucker sublets a studio and finds the city’s energy almost as addictive as Calvin.
Tucker is obsessive, barely holding on to sanity as his art consumes him, and Calvin is dealing with demons of his own, trying desperately to protect his soul in a business where only his appearance has value. They each prove to be the perfect remedy for the other’s personal brand of crazy until, in the midst of stress and exhaustion, they discover that a promise Calvin needs is the one thing Tucker can’t give him, and their heaven turns to purgatory.

Can both men find a path toward wholeness in Tucker’s beautiful but chaotic Texas home? In order for them—and their passionate relationship—to thrive, they’ll need to adapt, share their psychoses, and find a true balance between New York City and rural Texas.

Thanks, all. 


Friday, February 8, 2019

Author Love by Felice Stevens

I know I've said many times, if not every time I write a book, I love my characters. I get emotionally invested in their lives and if I don't give them my all, my everything, I feel as though I've let them down. It's not surprising. As authors we don't churn stories out, like cookies, just changing names and occupations like frosting color. We spend weeks or months with them and they become part of our lives from birth-first words on the page-through edits, proofing and finally release.

Like a parent, we don't like to claim we have a favorite character or story, but some stories or characters grab our hearts a little tighter than others. I've always said that Once Call Away was one of those books of my heart, and now I have another, that may have even inched its way into first place. The Coincidence.

The Coincidence started out based on an impossibly true NYC story of a computer date set-up. Coby is a snarky but sweet guy who has had incredibly bad luck in love. Eli is a man who has never known love. He barely knows himself. As I started writing their story, I experienced one of those magical moments in writing where the story wrote itself. It's why I can never be a planner. I could never have imagined this story would take me on a trip back to stories my mother told me of her childhood in Poland before she escaped the Nazi occupation.  What started out as a light-hearted book of finding love in a crazy way took a turn and became a story of heartbreak, loss and ultimately survival and of course, because it's me, a happily ever after.

I love this book. I love Coby and his good and giving heart and his way of using humor to keep from getting hurt. I love Eli, the big broody man who hides himself and thinks he'll never find love. Together, they create magic but both are afraid to believe love is possible for them. Enter Coby's 95 year old Great-Aunt, his Tante Fay who knows better.

I can't wait to bring you their story and I'll have more sneak peeks for you in the coming weeks. 

Have a wonderful weekend and happy reading!


Thursday, February 7, 2019

Narrator Interview With Kenneth Obi

February is for lovers!  This week, we are loving spending the morning with narrator Kenneth Obi.  Let's talk audiobooks and romance! We'll also be sharing a copy of Ken's latest narration, Healing for his Omega, by Crista Crown and Harper B. Cole.  Happy listening!

FSC: What is your coffee house beverage of choice?Kenneth:  If I hit a coffee shack, it is always Black Rock (a Portland, Oregon locale) and I get their FUEL. 5 shots of espresso with vanilla and a splash of salted caramel.FSC:   Can you talk a little about your professional background? What are some of your favorite projects you've worked on?Kenneth: I am a writer mostly, under TW Brown. But, John was nice enough to encourage me to put my radio and theater background to good use and narration is now part of my day.

Kenneth:  Favorite projects would have to include the “Ward Security” series and “The Enchanter’s Flame”.FSC:  How did you get started as a narrator?
Kenneth:  I have a background in theater and talk radio. John Bricker gave me some encouragement and dipping my toe in turned to a full time gig.FSC: One thing that surprises many audiobook listeners is how long it takes to create an audiobook. What's the longest day you have spent recording?
Kenneth:  I pushed my voice for a 5 hour session once and could not talk for two days. Now I chop it up into short bursts of a couple hours at a time. But add in production and I have spent MANY 14-16 hour days.FSC: How long did your most recent project take you, and how long is the finished book? \Kenneth:  4 days with the missus and I putting in about 12-14 hours a day to produce a 6 hour and 52 minute book.FSC:  When you record, how do you break it up? Do you, for instance, read multiple chapters in one sitting?
Kenneth:  Depending on chapter length, I shoot for 1 and a half to 2 hour blocks and in between I do housework or write for an hour or two.FSC:  How do you decide what kind of tone to take with each new book? What is it like reading different characters' dialogue lines?Kenneth:  I skim read beforehand and to get an idea where things are going and then try to put as much “acting” into the work, focusing on making the character lines sound conversational and real. I ask myself how would this person be affected by events and what does that do to their voice tone.FSC:   What do you enjoy the most about narrating?Kenneth: The job changes every day.FSC:   When can we expect to hear from you with a new book?

Kenneth:  Currently I would say expect between 6-8 new titles voiced by me per month.

Check out Kenneth's latest FSC narration, Healing for His Omega.  

Find more from Kenneth on Audible, and find Kenneth Obi and Falcon Sound Company on Facebook. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Coming February 12 - Rebound - From Andrew Grey

I will admit that I am not the biggest sports fan, but as a kid I played basketball.  I had a number of health issues and it was the one sport that when I was younger was non contact enough that I could play.  I used to dream of playing well.  The reality was that I pretty much stunk.  :)   Still I liked playing and I think that was the greatest benefit of all.  I had fun.

So when I decided to write another story in the world of The Playmaker, I chose basketball and the result is Rebound which releases February 12.  I really hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Professional basketball player Bri Early needs a physical therapist after an injury, and he’s heard that Obie is the best. Bri takes an immediate liking to the out-and-proud man with the magic touch, and even though Bri isn’t openly gay himself, he’d never let anything stand in the way of something he wants.

Obie can’t deny that the sexy athlete presses all his buttons, but he’s a professional and has no intention of getting involved with a client. While they’re working together, it’s hands off, no matter how great the temptation.

But being a pro athlete isn’t easy. Bri has enemies, and one of them is making his life hell. When his house is set ablaze, Bri can no longer pretend the threatening messages he’s receiving are jokes. He needs a safe place to stay, and Obie can’t turn his back. But the two of them in the same house is a recipe for combustion that could burn them both….


“I’m Bri Early, from the Philadelphia Rockets. I was told that you can help me.” He kept his voice as calm as he could make it, even though his belly was doing flips. If he didn’t heal and regain his strength, he was going to be cut from the team. Contract or not, his career would be over. And that was something he didn’t want to contemplate.
“Yes. Monty said he was passing on my contact information.” He sounded a little out of breath.
“I don’t mean to be pushy, but….”
The guy laughed. “You’re talking pushy with a physical therapist? That’s a good one. I can out-pushy anyone.” He continued chuckling. “Let me guess, you want an appointment as soon as possible so we can meet and get started.” The guy talked a mile a minute. “You’re in luck, because I had a cancellation, so I can see you for an evaluation in two hours if you’re available. Then we can put together a plan to get you on your feet and back on the court. Does that work?” A beeping sounded in the background behind him. “Fiddlesticks.”
“Is something wrong?”
“No. I overcooked my lunch.” He giggled this time, and Bri wondered just what he was letting himself in for. “So, will I see you this afternoon?”
“Yes.” At least he could get in right away.
“Sounds good.” He rattled off the address, and Bri had to work quickly to get it into his phone. Then he read it back. “What sort of office do you have?”
“I don’t work in an office. I have a private practice and I work out of the back of my home. I don’t talk about other clients and I keep everything confidential. I have a number of high-profile clients who use my services because no one sees them coming and going. The house has an alley in back, with a parking space under the carport that you can use. Then come right through the gate and up to the office door.”
“All right.” At least there weren’t going to be other people around to stare at him, like at the first place he tried. It was supposed to have been exclusive too, but that’s sure not the way he remembered it. He shook his head, trying to forget the embarrassing episode.