Sunday, January 14, 2018

Dreamspinner Press is have a sale, and you can now get Creative Process at 25% off! 

So, in honor of that sale I thought I'd post an excerpt and buy links for my Sunday visit.

Reese Kelsey is a bestselling author living in New York City. He's written a series of books that have been wildly popular, gained him respected reviews and rocketed him to the level of stardom with thriller and forensic detective fans. When the story begins, he is in the middle of publicity for book three and is working on book four, the last book in his series.

Owen Mercado has worked long and hard for a career in the symphony, and success comes with a demanding schedule—something Reese understands. Their desires and lifestyles are surprisingly compatible, and Reese and Owen certainly set the bedroom on fire.

In the excerpt below, Reese spotted the captivating Owen lugging his cello around and has impulsively offered the musician a ride. In return he receives an invitation to hear Owen play at a cafe with a small group from his conservatory days.


Reese slid back into the car. "We're going to make a stop," he told the driver. "Fifth and…?" He'd forgotten already and looked at Owen for help.

Owen leaned in. "Juniper."

"Right. Fifth and Juniper," Reese repeated.

"No problem, sir. Will that be the last stop?"

Reese thought about that, and decided that he wasn't easy walking distance from the Grey Moon.
"No, we'll continue on to—"

"Why don't you come listen?" Owen suggested.

"Listen?" Reese blinked at Owen. He was processing slowly, he must really be tired. "Oh, why don't I come listen? To you play. Why don't I? Yes."

Owen laughed. "That'll be the last stop," he said to the driver.

"Yes, sir."

"Really? That's not weird?" Reese asked.

"Not any weirder than offering a complete stranger with a cello a ride," Owen replied playfully.

True enough. "You're not a complete stranger, we just sat in the same theater together for three hours." Hm. He pulled his phone out of his pocket. "Excuse me a moment." He opened up Evernote and started typing. Follows woman home from theater – movies? Opera? Leaves her on stage? When he was done he put his phone back in his pocket. "Had to reply to a text," he lied. "Sorry."

"No problem." Owen smiled at him. "Someone wants to know when you'll be home?"

"Ha ha." Reese shook his head. "No. God, no."

Owen nodded. "Averse to relationships. Noted."

"Wait, what?" Reese got the feeling he'd just completely missed his cue. "No! No, I'm not averse. I'm just… there's no one. I'm single." It had been so long that he'd forgotten what it felt like to flirt. And now he was embarrassed and awkward, too. Fuck.



"Flying solo."

"I guess."


"Yep." Reese's eyes went wide. "Wait. Oh, my God."

Owen started laughing so hard he fell over sideways on the backseat. "Yep," he repeated just as Reese had said it.

Reese felt himself grin, and the grin grew wider the longer Owen laughed at him. This was fun. Maybe he hadn't entirely lost the ability to laugh at himself after all.

"I stepped right into that, didn't I? You're a sneaky one, Owen."

"Yep," Owen said again. He was still giggling but appeared to be attempting to regain composure. He pushed himself upright. "I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. Really. I apologize."

"Don't. I'll just have to pay you back at some point."

Owen's eyes swept up Reese's body from his lap until he was looking into Reese's eyes. "I look forward to it."

Holy Mother of God. Owen just hit on him. Reese mentally congratulated himself on recognizing it this time, even if it wasn't the least bit subtle. "Me, too."

Owen's smile turned shy and he dropped his gaze for a moment. He looked like he was going to say something more but the car came to a stop. "Right on the corner, sir?"

Reese forced himself to tear his eyes away from Owen's beautiful blush to answer the man's question.
"Uh, yeah. Yes. Here's fine, thanks." He glanced back at Owen, but Owen had carefully schooled his expression and was sliding toward the opposite car door.

You can purchase Creative Process for 25% off at Dreamspinner Press!

Thanks for reading. 



Saturday, January 13, 2018

Re-release Falling Into Love by S.C. Wynne

Good morning!

I have a new release, actually a re-release, out today. It's a story about someone who's down on his luck who has nothing to lose by starting over.

I wrote this story because I often write very angsty books, and I wanted to right something uplifting and hopeful. What would you do if you had no job, no relationship and the opportunity to start new in another place was presented to you?

Would you jump for it? Would you be scared and stick to things that are familiar to you? Sometimes doing the same old thing is easier than trying something new. Even if what we're doing isn't working, it's less scary to keep in the grooves.

In my story, Chris decides to take the chance. :) Would you?



Chris Lambrough is having a run of bad luck. He's lost his job and his boyfriend and is feeling depressed. His best friend Jenny tells him about an ad she's noticed where The Muddy Mountain Ski Resort is looking for waiters. Chris has restaurant experience and since his New Years Resolution is to learn to ski it seems like a nice opportunity to jump start his life.

Trevor Brown is a ski instructor at the resort. He befriends Chris right away and the have undeniable chemistry. But Trevor has guilt over the death of his lover, Lane two years earlier. Can the two of them learn to trust each other and move forward and forget the past?

If this sounds fun the buy link is below! It's also in Kindle Unlimited for a short time.


Friday, January 12, 2018

Feeling old by Felice Stevens

Lately I've been feeling like an old grouch. Everything seems to bother me and the news, both political and in the publishing world, hasn't helped.

Many of you might have seen or heard of the mysterious 50% royalty rate that popped up a few nights ago and just as quickly disappeared. Speculation ran like a wildfire but whatever the end result will be, I'm certain it will not benefit authors. Because  Amazon is not here to benefit authors. They are here to satisfy their bottom line. So we wait and wait because we never know when it will pop up but we can be sure it's coming. One other thing for certain is that we need to be prepared, and I'm making plans.

I'm in author groups where people quibble over what makes a "best seller" (the overwhelming consensus is that it is only if you make the NYT, USA Today or WSJ list.) I see authors attacking authors, authors attacking readers over reviews and readers telling authors how fast and what to write. I think it's all terrible. Write what you want, read what you want and leave the rest alone.

Even though I don't make New Year's resolutions, the one thing I promised to myself was I'd spend less time on social media and I've been trying to follow through. I check in with my reader group,  Felice's Fun House which I love because everyone is so positive, look at my friends page and other authors I follow and then get off-line as quickly as possible. I don't want to hear negativity  and anger. I'm here to write books and talk to readers about books, and argue about iced vs. hot coffee, (ICED) NY style pizza vs. Chicago (NY obviously) and kisses. 

There's a lot more I could say, but I'm tired and cranky. I had the release of my audiobook, All or Nothing narrated by the always wonderful Nick J Russo and in the first day I discovered it uploaded to a pirate site. Piracy is another problem that's running rampant, and could be the subject of an entire blog post in and of itself, but I'll just say please don't support these people. If you'd like to own a copy of All or Nothing, you can get it for one credit if you subscribe to Audible or JOIN Audible and you can get the audiobook for free.
Here is the link:

Have a wonderful weekend and happy reading!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

What goes into an Audiobook?

Today, we're one-on-one with narrator, John Solo, who is also Falcon Sound Company's Audio Engineer, Producer, and self-described Itinerant Adventurer. We get a lot of questions about our process for creating the audio version of a book. Hopefully, John's able to answer some of those in today's post. Enjoy!

What goes into an audiobook? Sugar and spice and everything nice?  Well, maybe.  You have no idea about some of the audiobooks I’ve worked on… And before you judge me, you should know that I get paid to do something I love to do!  Even if it does sometimes involve me saying questionable things to myself in a dark soundproof room.  At night.  Alone.  For money.

There seems to be a common misconception that recording an audiobook is as simple as reading the book into a microphone and sending off the audio file to the author.  Easy, cheesy, done.  That should take, like, 6 hours for a 6 hour book, right?  

If it was that easy everyone would be doing it.  Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t rocket science.  It’s certainly not a difficult job.  I don’t have to dig ditches or shovel horse poo.  In fact, there are many days that I don’t change out of my pj’s.  But it is a skilled job, and without the proper knowledge, time, perseverance and the occasional bit of talent sprinkled on top, you may as well be listening to your high school science teacher drone on about pendulums.  And my science teacher had a tendency to spit every time he said the letter “P”...

Every hour of audio that a listener enjoys (I suppose this counts for even the hours the listener doesn’t enjoy) takes, on average, 7 hours to produce.  My job here at Falcon Sound Company, as a narrator and producer is to take a project from receiving the manuscript to delivering the finished audio.  

Let’s take a look at the breakdown of a typical six hour audiobook:

Pre-production: 7 hours
This is typically done by the narrator.  The process varies from person to person (these actor types tend to be a fiercely independent, stubborn lot), but when I work on a book as the narrator I will start by reading through the manuscript once to get a feel for it as a reader.  Then I will skim the manuscript a second time while taking notes pertaining to the character voices I plan to use, the emotional ebb and flow of specific scenes, what kind of coffee I plan to drink during production…  You know, important actor stuff.  I will also record a sample of each character voice, to be used for reference throughout the recording and QC process to help with consistency (maybe I should share some pre-production character voice recordings in another blog post…)

Recording: 10.5 hours
This is where the fun begins!  Sitting in a dark, padded room telling a story to no one… Actually, some of our sessions do involve an audio engineer/producer sitting outside the booth, where they follow along with the manuscript and provide useful input, such as, “That didn’t sound anything like a 72 year old British woman with a hair lip!”, or, “Why can’t I feel my face?!?” (Seriously, it’s really good coffee…).  But the majority of our sessions are done alone.  There is a lot of extra time spent during this step trying to deliver each line perfectly, practice Audie awards acceptance speeches, and generally trying not to get distracted by videos of cute pets on Facebook.

Editing: 7 hours
After the recording of each chapter is done we have to go through and cut out a lot of dead air, coughs, spit takes, laughing, hysterical crying, the occasional sound of cats (real and over mobile devices), and mistakes.  This is considered a first pass of touching up the narrator's timing and delivery.

Quality Control: 14 hours
Abbreviated to QC, this step is by far the most labor intensive.  We listen through the recording once again, this time perfecting the delivery of the spoken word, marking any extraneous noises that may have slipped through (you’d be amazed at the number of involuntary, and lets be honest, sometimes voluntary, noises the human body is capable of making) as well as marking any deviations from the manuscript.  

Punch Out and Pick Up Lines: 7 hours
The narrator records any Pick Up Lines that are required.  Those are then spliced into the original recording, replacing any mistakes that may have been made during the initial recording sessions.  We also go in and fix any of those extraneous noises that were marked from QC, using fancy software and voodoo and stuff.  

Mastering: 3.5 hours
By this point in the game we are almost out of coffee, and you know that’s going to be a problem… Here we prepare the files for consumer formatting, making sure there are consistent pauses used for the beginning and ending of chapters, scene breaks, etc… We also insert a clean room tone sound in between pauses in the narrator’s speech, prep the opening and closing credits, and bring all of the chapters up to a uniform industry standard volume so listeners don’t have to turn down or turn up their players from chapter to chapter.  Finally, we deliver the completed project to our client via US carrier pigeon and make a traditional sacrifice to the gods of the romance universe in the hopes that the people will be entertained...  

Whew!  If you’ve been keeping up with the math, and I know you have, that comes out to 42 hours of fun; all to produce a 6 hour audiobook.  There’s also the day-to-day operations of running the business side of things, and don’t forget the playing with animals! But, from where I sit, this is the most enjoyable and rewarding career an introverted extrovert that likes to make funny noises and pretend he’s other people could ever have…

So, if it takes 42 hours just to make the audiobook, I wonder how long it takes to write the damn thing...

Find John Solo and Falcon Sound Company on Facebook

Also, check out his newest narration "One Man's Trash", by Marie Sexton. Available now!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Buried Passions - From Andrew Grey

Good morning.  Yesterday was the release of Buried Passions and I wanted to share some pictures.  See this story was inspired by a news article on one of the cemeteries in town that's up for sale.  Yes you read that right, you too can buy a cemetery.

The sign isn't photoshopped.  The cemetery is for sale by owner.  That always makes me giggle.  
Dominic and I love walking through because its a grand cemetery that dates back to the 1840's with some incredible stones and a civil war veterans section.  So when I saw the article, my fevered little brain kicked into overdrive.  I hope you like the result.

When Broadway actor Jonah receives word that his uncle has passed away and named him the heir to a property in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Jonah’s plan is to settle the estate as quickly as possible and return to his life in New York City. Much to Jonah’s surprise, the inheritance includes the Ashford Cemetery—and its hunky groundskeeper, recent Bosnian immigrant Luka Pavelka.
Jonah soon discovers Luka is more than easy on the eyes. He sees into Jonah’s heart like no man ever before, and his job at the cemetery is all he has. If Jonah sells, Luka is left with nothing. Luka is there for Jonah when Jonah needs someone most, and there’s no denying the chemistry and connection between them. But Jonah has a successful career back in New York. Now he must decide if it’s still the life he wants….

Book Links
Andrew grew up in western Michigan with a father who loved to tell stories and a mother who loved to read them. Since then he has lived throughout the country and traveled throughout the world. He has a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and works in information systems for a large corporation.
Andrew’s hobbies include collecting antiques, gardening, and leaving his dirty dishes anywhere but in the sink (particularly when writing)  He considers himself blessed with an accepting family, fantastic friends, and the world’s most supportive and loving partner. Andrew currently lives in beautiful, historic Carlisle, Pennsylvania.
Author Links
Facebook Group All the Way with Andrew Grey 
Twitter @andrewgreybooks

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Today we offer Happy Birthday Wishes to our very own BA Tortuga, since Cafe Risque day corresponds with the actual day!

From Kiernan: For BA, my dear, dear, most lovely friend who always makes me laugh and understands me perfectly, I wish all the best things in life - health, happiness, joy, and book sales up the wazoo!

From Sean: My birthday wishes for BA are - a year of good health news, all the characters she can handle, loads of puppy kisses and more happpiness than she can shake a stick at, as well as a rainbow every day.

From Julia: All my love, honey. All day every day.



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BA’s is

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

New in Audio: Deviations: Domination

Happy New Year everyone!

I’m writing today about the second audio installment of the Deviations Series, Domination!

The Deviations Series is a 5-book exploration of a romantic BDSM relationship between two hot men. Tobias is a big animal vet, farm owner, and an experienced Dom, and Noah is a cop on a city beat and a submissive who until he met Tobias, had yet to meet his match.

Domination was released just days before Christmas, and it is already doing well, with a 5-Star rating on Audible. It’s narrated by Maxx Power, who we were pleased to discover since he was new in this genre at the time the first book in the series was recorded.

Domination is the continuation of Tobias and Noah’s journey together as Master and sub. They’ve signed a contract and they’re both ready to move beyond their respective training and experience and dig deeper. Tobias is reminded of the depth of responsibilities that come with being a full-time Dom and Noah learns what true submission really means for him while facing some of his greatest fears and deepest secrets. Their romantic relationship blossoms as they both get their other needs met, raising questions about balance and priorities, about care and responsibility. When Noah discovers the piece of Tobias that isn’t all Dominance, it rocks the very foundation of who they are, tests their trust, challenges their love for one another.

The audio release of Domination, and also the first book in the series, Submission, can be found here:


Click on the Audible links for a sample. For more info on the remainder of the 5-book series, click HERE. And as always, I'd love to hear what you think.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.