Tuesday, May 21, 2019

New release from Kiernan Kelly's YA alter ego Dakota Chase!

When Ash and Grant set fire to Merlin’s office, lots of items of historical significance burned up—all of which Merlin tasks the boys to replace. This time, they’ll visit the 1930s and one of the most dangerous places of the period: Alcatraz Prison.

Grant and Ash have always worked together, but this time, they’re literally on opposing sides, with Ash posing as a prisoner while Grant is a guard. Their objective is to retrieve a piece of jewelry belonging to one of the Rock’s most notorious residents—mobster Al Capone. The criminal sees potential in Ash and strikes up a friendship with him. But will it help the two prevent a jailbreak, expose a corrupt guard, and get the item that will activate the magic to take them home?

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Friday, May 17, 2019

A Few of My Favorite Things by Felice Stevens

When I start out to write a book, I don't necessarily know my characters. I have an idea of their struggles and a vague roadmap of how they will get from beginning to end, but no details. What I do understand, right from the start are their personalities.

I love, love love writing opposites attract romances. Maybe it's because my husband and I are so very different personalities-he's a type A, very anal and hyper, where I'm more laissez-faire, easy-going and roll with it. But I think it's fun to put people together who shouldn't work and yet somehow they do.

If you've read my books, you'll notice this. For example, in The Breakfast Club series, Nick is a big fireman, a bit reserved and quiet, while Julian is a bit of an anal, slightly hyper fashion designer. Zach is a geeky younger nerd and Sam is an almost 40 year old ex-cop. And we know Marcus, the man-whore found his love with Tyler the man who refused him again and again. The Shape of You featured an overweight Eric with an underweight Corey. Outgoing Alex fell in love with shy Rafe in One Step Further.

I always like to take my characters on a journey and make them struggle for it. People have joked with me that my characters are often frustrating and when reading them, they'd like to shake some sense into them but to me that makes them more like real life. People are frustrating and annoying and make stupid mistakes. We fuck up. It's our ability to come back from those mistakes and problems that makes the story interesting and different.

I'd like to think each of my characters have truly distinct personalities and you couldn't mistake one for another. I don't think anyone could mistake James for Malcolm or Micah for Josh. It's part of what I strive to improve on, crafting characters who make an impact.

In my new release, Broken Silence, I have two of the most opposite characters I've written. Justin is bisexual, an ex-con, 25 years old moody, withdrawn and an inner city student, while 42 year old Foster is fairly patrician, shy, divorced, bowtie and cardigan wearing poetry professor. And straight. Bringing these two together was a challenge but one that I loved. This story turned into so much more than I planned and that's what I love most about writing—never knowing what the characters will say.
Broken Silence is available on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited
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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

New release from Julia Talbot - Full Moon Dating: Isaiah and Jameson MM paranormal


It's out!

The Full Moon Dating agency is back in full swing, this time matching master vampire Isaiah with turned vampire Jameson. Isaiah has inherited the biggest vampire clan in the southwest, ruling Santa Fe. Reluctantly. He never expected to run the family, and he's not at all sure he's up to the task. He thinks he's hiring Jameson to pose as his consort. He has no idea that Harve and Stone at FMD dating think this could be a love match.

As soon as Jameson meets Isaiah, he knows this is no mere job. Now he just has to take this sweet patrician vampire in hand, and teach Isaiah that he can be the bottom in the bedroom while being the top out in the world. Well, that and deal with Isaiah's scheming family...

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This is book five! Books one through four are compiled into Full Moon Dating: New Moon, which is .99 right now!

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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Positivity Goes Both Ways By S.C. Wynne

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Hello all!

I saw a crazy author lambasting the members in his reader's group the other day. He said to them that if they didn't interact, or promote him, he was going to toss them out of his group. Now, let's forget for a minute how uncouth that threat is, but why would you do that? If people saw you on a takeover, and thought maybe you looked cool enough to join your group, why would you go out of your way to make them feel like you're a dick?

I get that sometimes the apathy of SOME readers can get to you. There are those readers who say things as dumb as; "I'm only here for the free stuff." Uh... yeah, I'd kick those people too. But simply because readers are not actively promoting you, that is no reason to kick someone from your group. That is just kookie.

Readers are not OBLIGATED to promote us. Is it cool as hell when readers do that? Yes. It's awesome. But if a reader joins my reader group, they don't have a job. They aren't there to promote me, and make my career for me. That's my job. If I suck at it, well, that's on me, not them.

But I wonder if maybe the new climate of publishing is what made that author do something so stupid as to threaten his readers, or potential readers? (Or he might just be an asshole?)

I hate to say it, but there seems to be a pervasive feeling on the part of certain readers toward authors right now that is a bit scary. There is a type of reader that feels the need to tag authors in negative reviews. This kind of reader seems to believe that, as authors, we need to just keep our mouths closed, no matter what is said to us.

I don't think that's realistic. Authors are just people. We're just humans fumbling along and trying our best. We create these things we love, aka books, and we hold them out to you, the reader, and ask you to like it. You don't always like it, and that's your right. But is having the right to not like something the same as tagging authors to express how much you hate our hard work? I think the two things are very different. Feel free to bash us on Goodreads, or tell us how you loath our works in your reviews, but please, for all that is holy and kind, DO NOT TAG AUTHORS IN YOUR NEGATIVE REVIEWS.

Authors are just people. We have feelings just like you. When we create something, it's a part of us. You wouldn't walk up to me and tell me my children are ugly, or that you hate my cooking, right? Social norms would prevent you from being that mean to me, so when it comes to my creative work... my other children... lol... please DO NOT TAG ME IF YOU HATE MY EFFORT. It's just simple politeness. Hate it with your friends. Hate it privately. But you don't have to tell me, right? RIGHT?

That being said, you are not obligated to love my work either. Sincerely, I mean this. I hope you'll like my offerings, but I'm savvy enough to know not all people will love everything I do, even if I LOVE IT. After all, I don't love everything my favorite authors do. But I'd never, EVER tag them to tell them that.

Taste is subjective. Your opinion means no more than mine, or another readers, right? And why spread negativity if you don't have to? What's lacking in this world is kindness, not cruelty. I guess I live by the motto of be kind. If what I have to say isn't edifying, why share it?

I suppose my point is simply be a light. Be what is good in this world, not what is bad. If you can make someone feel better, by all means do that. But if your words will simply hurt someone, what is the joy or honor in that? Maybe I'm naive. Maybe i'm a fool. Perhaps I'm sappy because I subscribe to the belief we should always be our best. We should be a shining light.

Well, if I am naive, then so be it. I can live with that. Kindness is what you'll get from my lips, and fingers. I'll build you up, and not take the cheap shot. I hope that karma will return to me, but either way, I'm happy to be on this side of things. I hope you are too.


Thursday, May 9, 2019


Hello and happy Thursday! Spring has definitely arrived in central Ohio, and seemingly interminable grey days soaked in drizzle have sloshed into just warm enough for sandals, but you'll want a sweater. All of this has just added to that itchy spring feeling of sudden claustrophobia that leads to spontaneous road-trips to anywhere and roaming randomly around the neighborhood searching for adventure.  Then again, consider the phrase, "cabin fever" in the context of this as your work space.

And this is not a complaint! We love the booth and everything in it. It's very... cozy. I just need some space.  It's me, really!
We do have some exciting travel and adventure news coming soon.  Hopefully we'll be able to meet some of you fabulous people!  Full detail and pictures of course.  In the meantime, be safe on your own adventures. Remember, audiobooks are great for road-trips! I'm taking my coffee to go!

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Upcoming releases from Sean Michael and Julia Talbot

Coming June 4 from Dreamspinner Press

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Coming Tuesday May 14 from Julia Talbot

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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

New YA trans story release from BA writing as Anne Key

BA has a new YA release as her alter ego Anne Key, writing with Gina Harris, who did the amazing lesbian YA I Kiss Girls

Find it here!

After his transition, Eli Green is stoked to finally have a body that matches the boy he’s always been. Freshman year was rough, so he’s moving to a new school a town over, where no one has ever known him as Elizabeth.

Samantha Moore has always been one of the bright and beautiful in her Texas high school: varsity cheer and advanced math. But when her momma dies out of the blue, Sammy’s familiar world dies too. Suddenly she’s living in New Jersey with a father she barely knows, thousands of miles from everything she understands.

After running into each other (literally) on the first day of school, Eli is fascinated by Sammy, who sparkles brighter than the bling on her jeans, but as their relationship deepens he knows he has to be honest with her, but he doesn't know whether he can trust her with his secret. Sammy’s still grieving, the boy she likes is hiding something, and she isn’t sure she gets that. If that’s not enough, secrets her family has kept for years are rising to the surface, and she's about to lose herself in all the drama.



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East Meets West YA for Gina and Anne