Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chik Fil-A: Choosing Sides To Go With That Chicken...

 I don't think there's anyone with access to a computer and the Internet who doesn't know about the hubbub going on with Chik Fil-A, the Holy Roller of the fast food industry. Since everyone's talking about it, and I figured I might as well throw my two cents out there.

Chik Fil-A is a Christian-owned company, and their CEO recently admitted publically that he and his company support, both in spirit and financially, anti-gay groups. Like many people and institutions who wave the Bible to support their views, they pick and choose only those biblical references that give credence to their hate, and ignore the rest. 

Here's the thing -- it's their right to do. We humans with moral compasses might not agree, but they are entitled to funnel their profits into whatever group's pocket they wish, including Neo-Nazis for Christ (if such a group exists, and I have no idea if they do). That's Chik Fil-A's prerogative.  They can also refuse to hire, or fire anyone based on their sexual orientation. Until laws are put into place on the federal level, there's not a damn thing you, I , or anyone else can do about it. 

At the moment, gay rights are not protected by law. Florida, for example, is a Right to Work state, which means it is perfectly legal (as much as it sucks big, fat, hairy donkey balls) to fire someone because of their sexual orientation. It is equally legal to fire someone because of their weight, the model car they drive, their hairstyle, or for no reason at all. People who fall under the federal anti-discrimination laws (color, sex, religion, or disability) cannot be fired for reasons pertaining to their protected statuses. For everyone else, terminations for trivial reasons can be fought in court, but it's expensive, and the odds are good that you'd lose anyway.However, it is my prerogative not to put a dime of my money into their accounts, and that means not buying food at Chik Fil-A. Less profits mean fewer dollars to donate to anti-gay groups. 

Tomorrow, August 1st, people are planning all sorts of demonstrations involving Chik Fil-A. Those individuals who share Chik Fil-A's bigoted views are encouraged to march in and order up, showing their support. Those of us who disagree are urged to avoid Chik Fil-A like the plague. Some people plan to go into the stores and request a large glass of water (testing Chik Fil-A's Christian principles, in particular, Proverbs 25:21, which states in essence, if your enemy is hungry or thirsty, give them food and water.
Okay, cool, but chances are good Chik Fil-A has heard of this, and already sent orders down through the ranks to deny no request for water, so I'm not sure what good such a protest going to do. For all I know, they may be ready to hand over a sandwich as well, if someone says they're hungry. 

The truth is that no display of solidarity is going to change Chik Fil-A's mind about its policies except one that hits them directly in their corporate pocketbook, and even then, we'll only truly stop them when we get the laws changed on the federal level to include discrimination against sexual orientation.    

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