Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ménage at the Wiccan Haus by Kate Richards

Hello! I’m Punda from An Apple Away, a story in the fabulous Musa Publishing Wiccan Haus series and I’ve come today to represent Kate Richards, our author, who is tied up somewhere. Possibly literally, you know how these erotic authors can be. I try not to ask too many questions.

Anyway, Kate asked me to tell you a bit about our story, and not to make any snarky comments about her being tied up. Oops!

I found myself outside the portal on the island, with no memory of how I got there and my entire pride disappeared from the face of the Earth. Sage Rowan gave me a job as a masseuse, a home, and a new family. I’ll always be grateful to her and her siblings.

But I was still lonely, despite the many shifters and magical beings who make their home there. I had friends, but no one especially mine. Until the day Aislinn and Hugo debarked from the ferry.  Two more troubled individuals I’d never met. Their pain called to me. Aislinn, so pale and sick, looking like she couldn’t live more than a week or two. And Hugo, for all his height and handsome face, appeared to bear the weight of the world on his broad shoulders.

Drawn to both, yearning to help heal them, I was also attracted to them. Even in her illness, Aislinn was lovely, with her long red hair and smooth skin. And Hugo had every woman in the place giving him the eye.
One about to die. The other a doctor, a man of science. Would he be interested in a lion shifter?
I didn’t think he’d believe in me.

A man or a woman? I wanted both, how could that be? Torn, I tried to heal them, with Sage’s help, to give them what they needed from the Haus.

Then I saw the spark between them. How could I get between two people who desired one another so much?

Making love with a woman is so emotional, so engaging to all my senses. Her softness, sweet scents and caressing hands can make me feel cared for, secure, floating in a sea of sensuality.

With a man, especially an alpha like Hugo, his power makes me forget everything  but him and the moment.
But if they wanted each other, then maybe I needed to step away….

That’s the tale, some of it anyway, from my viewpoint. A woman, a lion shifter, and a resident of the Wiccan Haus. I hope you’ll come and read our story, and meet Aislinn and Hugo. Which one would you choose?
Leave a comment and I’ll pick one person to win a copy of An Apple Away.

Huge thanks to the regular authors of Café Risque for hosting me today!

Excerpt from An Apple Away

Most of Hugo’s attention remained on Aislinn. Her expressions flitted across her face, happiness, concern when Harvey talked about how he’d nearly lost his love to the evil—Jenny laughed at that, holding her husband’s hand tight—Sam and his “underhanded tactics.” Before he knew it, dinner, whatever it had been, had come and gone and their waiter was placing dessert before them.
“Warm apple crisp, with vanilla whipped cream.” The waiter stepped back. “From our own orchard.” Hugo frowned, but lifted his spoon. Why was the man hovering?
Aislinn, however, dug right in. “Oh, it’s just delicious! You know, my cottage is right in the middle of the orchard. It’s like a fairy tale…I didn’t know apple trees bloomed and fruited at the same time.”
So, this beautiful and intriguing woman was his neighbor—his sole neighbor—in his hilltop retreat. Interesting.
The waiter was going on about the apples. “Oh, a very special variety, miss. Grows only here on the island.”
“Well, it’s lovely.” She spooned up more of the crisp then sighed and set the implement next to her bowl. “But I don’t think I can eat another bite.”
Hugo ate some of the dessert. Good, but he rarely indulged. His focus was still on Aislinn and his medical side became alarmed as she suddenly paled. “Are you all right?”
She drew a deep breath and stood up from the table. “Oh, I’m fine. A little tired, maybe.” Her thready voice worried him.
“Perhaps we should see if a doctor or nurse….”
“No doctors. Never again.” Her vehemence added strength to her tone and sent an unhappy flip to his stomach. “I-I think I’ll be heading back to my cottage now. It’s been a pleasure having dinner with all of you. I’ll see you tomorrow, I’m sure.”
She took a few steps away and he rose, intending to join her, but a dark, graceful woman arrived at her side and led her over to a table where four people sat. They nodded in welcome and chatted for a few moments before one of them reached into a pocket and pulled out a vial. She tapped it, speaking with a serious expression before handing it to Aislinn. Rising, she gave her a quick hug then returned to her seat.
Aislinn left the room with the dark-haired woman’s arm around her waist. She must be very ill. But what had doctors done to make her reject their care and turn to quackery?
And what the hell was in that vial?

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  5. I am not entering the contest as I have already read and LOVED it!
    I could not choose between Aislynn and Hugo, so, Punda, you made the right choice. ;)
    Good luck in your relationship and finding your pride. :)

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    This sounds absolutely wonderful, Kate! I can't wait to get my hands (or ebook reader, as the case may be) on it!

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