Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Importance of Being Lambert? by T.C. Blue

Hello, hello, all! Thanks for stopping by, and sorry this post wasn't up at the shiny crack of midnight. Heh-heh. I've had to make an unexpected visit to my best friend's in upstate NY, which means my sense of time has become slightly skewed. That aside… I had nothing prepared for today. I'm a pantser rather than a plotter. (Perhaps that will be my topic for next week! Haha!)

As I did have nothing prepared, I'm going to ramble a bit on a topic most people who know me will find incredibly unlike me. That topic is, of course… Adam Lambert. Yes, I said Adam. Lambert.

Now, let me give a little backstory, here.

See, I know the guy was on American Idol, however long ago that was. I even remember hearing about him from several of my friends at the time who were becoming die-hard fans. I think one of these friends even sent me a link to something or other on YouTube, and I actually watched it. I thought "Okay, this guy is pretty good, but… he's on American Idol. Shudder!" (Full disclosure -- reality TV irks me. I have, to this day, a certain degree of contempt for the shows in general, as well as those involved with them in whatever capacity. This is part of the reason I haven't had television at home for the last six years.) Point is… I watched the video of whatever performance it was (possibly Ring of Fire, though I can't swear to it), and thought it was an interesting version of whatever song. I even thought, "Wow, this guy is really pretty. I bet his can sing his ass off. Good for him." Then I went on about my business and gave Adam Lambert thought only when speaking with one or another of my 'Glambert' friends.

Now fast forward to earlier this year.

To be fair, I would have to be living under a rock to have missed all the hoopla about 'Trespassing'. (My thoughts about that album, on a song-by-song basis, coming… NEVER. Haha!) Also to be fair, I'd be lying if I said Lambikins (yes, I admit it, I'm one of those people who creates annoying, sometimes stupid nicknames for celebrities. Never anything as silly as combining couple names, but still. Lambikins, La Lambert, a few others I usually keep inside my own head. No offense meant, of course.) In any case, I'd be lying if I said Lambikins hasn't grown on me. The boy can sing his fucking ass off, and he does it well. I wasn't a complete fan, though, until this last month or so when I started seeing footage of the Queen/Lambert shows. And yes, I want me an Elmo-fur jacket, damn it! No clue what I'd ever wear it for, but I want one!

Now, a lot has been made of the social importance of having a successful, out, gay performer rocking the air waves. Lots of people and publications have examined the 'meaning' and 'relevance' of this, and they have done so far better than I ever could, so I'm going to keep it simple.

Is it important? Yes. But not for the reasons so many have posited. (I do think it's wonderful that LGBT kids have someone to look at with whom they can identify strongly because there's something about THIS GUY that's 'just like me' for them. But I don't believe that to be the MOST important thing, here.)

To me -- and YMMV, of course -- the important thing is that it doesn't much matter. By which I mean… Okay. The big, scary gay topic comes up frequently with relation to La Lambert. It's possibly the first thing most people hear about him. Swiftly followed by: 'Yeah, but damn, just listen to that note, man! I couldn't hit that shit for anything!'

In some ways, I think the success Lambikins is experiencing is helping to make the idea of gay as just another state of being more accessible to people who may be afraid or disturbed or inundated with narrow-minded views. In some ways, his very simple 'this is me, I'm gay, but hey, check out this great song' mentality allows those who want to look to see… talent is talent. Skill is skill. Sexuality and orientation, on the other hand…? Aren't all that relevant unless you're in the bedroom with someone. I think THAT'S the important thing -- that La Lambert is, by his very nature and ability, letting people see and hopefully understand that 'gay' or 'straight' is only one aspect of a person's being. And he's helping to show people that no one single detail defines him or anyone else. This is, in my not so humble opinion, a good thing.

Thoughts, people? Because I do love a good debate. J

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  1. I need to go listen to some new Lambert stuff, apparently. Thanks for the music rec, Tis.