Thursday, August 9, 2012

Randomly Random, from the mind of T.C. Blue

Okay, so for a change I'm posting something about writing. Not MY writing, specifically, though I'm sure I've typed passages just as amusing as some of those you'll find after clicking on the link I'm including below.

I know we've all had those moments while reading -- whether we're reading gay romance, het romance, historical fiction, self-help books, or whatever -- when we've had to blink, stop, re-read, blink again and then ask ourselves (usually out loud, in my case) "That can't be right. Did that REALLY get published?" (As we've just read it, we're sure it did, but still, sometimes something just boggles the mind.)

This is apparently just as true in crime fiction, as this highly entertaining blog post by Bill Pronzini proves. WARNING: Only click this link if you're ready and willing to giggle madly!

Did They Really Write That?

Thanks, and I'm hoping to have the frequently mentioned post about Cameron Wolf and SWING ready for next week! :)


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