Monday, August 6, 2012

Two Sentence Movie Reviews by Cardeno C. (Part One)

Some of these movies are incredible, some are blah, and some are somewhere in between. There are movies on the list that could be the topic of a multi-hour coffee house hang session, some that could be the topic of a rambling post-drinking night, and some that might just get a shrug and a smile. What they all have in common is a gay theme. I’m going to do my best to narrow my thoughts about each movie to two sentences. So here’s part one of my two sentence movie reviews (in no particular order).

1.      Dream Boy: Good book, good movie – falling in love with the boy next door. But there’s a darkness here that’s hard to watch and the ending … almost makes me wish I’d skipped it.
2.      Torch Song Trilogy: Unbelievable cast, terrific movie (especially for its time). I’ve never gotten over what happened to Matthew Broderick’s character, though – still haunts me.
3.      Edge of Seventeen: In a lot of ways, it’s realistic. But it made me feel a little gross.
4.      My Beautiful Launderette: Another oldie but goodie - one of my favorite movies. Daniel Day Lewis is mesmerizing.
5.      Big Eden: Nothing flashy, no six-pack abs, no tragic AIDS or gay-bashing death. Just a nice, heartfelt movie.
6.      Boy Culture: Loved the 1st person narration, the biting humor, the friendships. Didn’t love Darryl  Stephens in this (he should have stuck with Noah’s Ark).
7.      Get Real: Well written, well acted. But the ending … I prefer Beautiful Thing.
8.      Beautiful Thing: Loved this movie. Friendship, young love, quirky families, and a happy ending – it was accurately-titled.
9.      Latter Days: The slut and the missionary. Yeah, I know, but it’s pretty great watching both of them grow.
10.   Shelter: Good plot, well made, happy ending, love the friend/brother. But I felt like there was heat/chemistry missing between the main characters.
11.   Make the Yuletide Gay: Cheese on a stick served at Camp Over-The-Top. Still liked it.
12.   Yossi and Jagger: First and foremost, it’s a war movie, a heart-breaking, realistic, war movie. And a reminder that waiting until tomorrow to live your life, might mean never having a chance to live it.

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