Monday, August 27, 2012

Two Sentence Movie Reviews by Cardeno C. (Part Three)

Some of these movies are incredible, some are blah, some are somewhere in between. There are movies on the list that could be the topic of a multi-hour coffee house hang session, some that could be the topic of a rambling post-drinking night, and some that might just get a shrug and a smile. What they all have in common is a gay theme. I’m going to do my best to narrow my thoughts about each movie to two sentences. Here’s part three of my two sentence movie reviews (in no particular order).

1.      Guys and Balls: Cute movie, not too angsty, positive feel. Worth a watch.
2.      Coffee Date: Low budget, not always top-notch acting, but cute concept. Would have liked it better if they’d ended up together (that’s how it would’ve gone if I’d written it).
3.      Gone But Not Forgotten: Okay, so here’s the deal, it’s low budget, sometimes the acting suffers, the plot might not be realistic, and the wife is a caricature-harpy in an unfair way. But I’ve rewatched this movie so, so many times and the bottom line is that I love it.
4.      Back Soon: Matthew Montgomery (from Gone But Not Forgotten) is back in another low-budget movie where reality takes a break (and sometimes the acting joins it). This one is a repeat watch for me too, though, and I feel good every time.
5.      Long Term Relationship: It’s another Matthew Montgomery film, so I was sure I’d like it, but I didn’t. It’s not the questionable acting or noticeably low budget (see the above two reviews to prove that doesn’t stop me from liking a Matthew Montgomery movie), the plot just didn’t work for me.
6.      Defying Gravity: There’s an odd sort of realism to this movie for me. Maybe it’s because I went to a college with a big Greek system, maybe it’s because I feel like I know those guys, or maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for a happy ending, but I like this, low-budget, questionable acting, gay bashing and all.
7.      Between Love and Goodbye: This was such a good movie, it really was – interesting characters, passionate romance, a unique storyline. And then they flushed it down the over-the-top-it’s-gay-so-let’s-make-them-suffer-for-no-fucking-good-reason-at-all toilet. Skip it (yeah, it’s a third sentence, but I’m trying to save you from disappointment here).
8.      Were the World Mine: Very cute, surreal feel. Nice coming of age film, Shakespeare, and a musical – what’s not to love?
9.      Urbania: This is hard because I really like Dan Futterman and I think he’s great in this well-made movie, but I can’t recommend it. Everything and everyone in this movie is miserable and I don’t like that picture of the world.
10.   Just a Question of Love: This is one of my favorite films. The main characters and side characters are wonderful, there’s a sense of authenticity with the families, and the passion between the characters is palpable.
11.   The Bubble: Eytan Fox makes incredible films and this one is no exception. It’s politically meaningful and heart-wrenching, but the ending seemed inevitable.
12.   Mysterious Skin: Don’t expect to feel good about this, it’s a movie about adults who were sexually molested as children and are totally fucked up as a result, though in different ways. But somehow, I felt hopeful that they were on the road to healing at the end and, by the way, Joseph Gordon Levitt is a genius.

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