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Hot Silver Guys and the Men Who Love Them and Keeping a Character’s Integrity by Patricia Logan, Guest Author

You know, sometimes, as an author, a character will speak to you. He will inevitably tell you… “Hey, write a book about me, woman!” I try to ignore those crazy kids in my head but they don’t listen, the brats. As a reader, I admire authors who tell me about their characters and get deep inside their heads. Sometimes, it takes a whole book… sometimes (growls) it takes a whole series of books to learn about the characters and their hearts. I love those authors and I will become a forever fan because of it. I try to do the same thing… bring people into my story by telling their stories in a compelling way.

So I have this brat, Michael, a really nasty guy from “The Cowboy Queen” and he’s been in my head saying… “Patti, you’re not done with me yet!” I’ve been resisting because I really don’t like him… at ALL. And then, I have this wonderful older 40ish cop named Tyler Winston, who’s appeared in every book so far as a sweet, smart, handsome secondary character… the kind of guy who ties all the other books together with his wisdom, always on the case, the perfect cop.

As I was finishing up “The Cowboy Queen” earlier this year, a fan and fellow author, Seymour James, hits me up and tells me, “girl, you gotta give us Tyler’s story”… perfect except I write gay books and Tyler is… Hello? Straight and married… to a woman. I automatically dismiss this for several months and then… *drum roll* the brat, Michael starts speaking to me… “give me a story… give me a story…” He doesn’t deserve it, he was awful in his last book but whom but for Tyler, my hotter than hot, super cop, can whip Michael into line?

These voices in my head… oy vey! I was sitting at a beachside bar a month ago with my very own Master Po, GA Hauser, a good friend, who just finished shooting a full length feature movie for “Capital Games”, her first gay movie from the “Action” series. So, this grasshopper asks, A, did you ever have this dilemma? Silly, really, since I already know the answer… can you write a character who “turns” gay or is “gay for me” (a phrase that I despise). She’s done it several times and done it well.

“Of course!” she says, waving a hand over her microbrew. “An author can do anything and don’t you forget it, Grasshopper!” She’s mentored me, almost from the beginning of my writing career… (career… laughs lightly) and she’s broken every single rule of the game. She’s beat the critics, she’s turned out books with underage characters, she’s written twincest and other forbidden stories and guess what? It has all worked to make her a stand alone in this field.

So, I ask? Can I write a story for a straight guy who finds gay love? Yes… yes… yes I can!

My love for hot older guys is legendary. I post their hot pics daily on FB and other social media… everyone knows I love the silver guys. The thought of them with young pups and the lust the young ones have for them is pretty amazing when you think about it. Who doesn’t love a May/December romance? Yep. These guys are hot. I thought that my former Navy SEAL’s deserved a series of their own which is why I decided on the Silver’s series. I hope you enjoy my hot older guys!

Silver Bullets by Patricia Logan

Sexy, selfish Michael Francis has hit rock bottom. His boyfriend has dumped him, stolen all his money and his career as a super model has come to a screeching halt. Tyler Winston, macho Texas lawman, has lost the only love he’s ever had and the shocking memories of his long buried past have come back to haunt him. Set on a collision course, can these two broken men find common ground and begin to heal each other or will a ruthless killer part them forever?

Adult Excerpt (get the fans ready folks, this one's hot):

“It’s sexy, you all dressed up in your uniform. I love it when I see you with your badge pinned to your belt, knowing that you carry a gun and that you are so fucking powerful and strong under that suit.” Michael ran his hands through Tyler’s chest hair as Tyler crawled over him and straddled his hips, letting their cocks touch. Tyler grinned down at him, knowing from the twinkle in Michael’s eyes that many men had cop fantasies. Tyler wondered if he was a fantasy for his young lover. He reached down and circled both of Michael’s wrists in his large hands, drawing them over his head as he leaned down to take charge of Michael’s mouth. He kissed him long and deep, learning his mouth well until Michael humped him and groaned. 

“You got cop fantasies Michael?” Tyler growled. Michael nodded his head vigorously and bit his lower lip.

“Fuck yeah,” he panted.

“Want me to handcuff you and force you to suck my dick, scumbag? Lick my hot hole and fuck you hard against the bars? Huh scum, that what you want?” Michael was clearly into Tyler’s dirty cop talk and the whole role playing fantasy. He was whimpering and grinding his leaking rock hard erection against Tyler’s.

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