Friday, September 21, 2012

Leap and the Net Will Appear! by B.G. Thomas

So you dream and the way will be clear
Pray and the angels will hear
Leap and the net will appear
~ Christine Kane

So I was listening to an inspirational speaker one day about two and a half years ago… He wanted to know what it was that we did that made us feel wonderful. That when we did it, we felt connected to electricity or something. That something just started flowing and we hardly knew where it came from. And when we done, when we looked back at whatever it was, we could hardly believe we'd done it. 

Maybe it was dancing or cooking or gardening or painting and singing or…writing. 

He maintained that whatever that "something" was, it was what we were designed to do. And that when we weren't doing it, we were blocking ourselves from what the very Universe created us to do. Sound crazy? For me I guess not so much. His words shocked and invigorated me. I was one of those people—maybe you are too?—who could answer that question really only one way. It was when I was creating stories. 

All I had ever wanted to do was to tell stories, but I kept coming up with reasons why I couldn't. For instance, I told people that there wasn’t market for what I wanted to write. I loved adventure and romance and horror and Westerns. But at the heart of the best of these stories was a love story about a man and a woman. Try as I might, I couldn’t write about that.  

Think about it. Isn't love the heart of so many great movies a love story? Even the Indiana Jones movies or, goodness!, "The Abyss" or "Terminator" or "Avatar" or "Titanic." But for me, I wanted the story where Indiana Jones falls for a guy. Or a man comes back in time to save and world and falls for a man. Or two men fall in love on a doomed ship (but where they both live!).

As I went home that day I realized that what was really blocking me from my good, from pursuing my dreams, was fear. Fear of rejection. Fear of discovering I wasn't good enough. I knew it was time for me to believe in myself. In my hopes and dreams. Isn't it possible I had those dreams because I was created to have them?

And after all, hadn’t I’d recently discovered the growing market of M/M romance? Saying there was no market for what I wrote wasn’t a reason any more. It was an excuse. 

So I went got online and looked for calls for submissions. I found one where the publisher was looking for stories about "things that go bump in the night." Love stories with vampires or werewolves or witches or ghosts. I knew they'd get a ton of those and figured I better come up with something that fit the theme, but was less typical. 

Well, I've been in love with Egypt since I saw "The Ten Commandments" when I was in fourth grade. I have a ton of books. I even got to go to Egypt for three days some years ago. I would write about a mummy! But not the boring zombie version. No! The Boris Karloff version where there was love and angst and all that. Where the mummy really wasn't so bad. Just looking for love. I researched the hell out of it, and began to write. My story began to unfold where two different men were trapped in hurtful and harmful relationships. Two men who, separated by thousands of years, only really wanted true love. And I found a way to bring them together. 

Then the Universe struck again. As I was writing I was listening to background music and was brought up short when I heard the following lyrics…

Right outta nowhere
You open your heart
And that changes everything
You're going somewhere
And all you need to know
Is that you're free to go

And as the song concludes, the marvelous artist Christine Kane quotes an old Buddhist saying: "Leap and the net will appear."

The words blew me away… I felt as if I were being given a message.  

So I wrote my mummy story and I sent it in and I got one of those automated replies where I was told to wait four to six weeks for a reply and if I didn't hear anything, to write them. But four days later I had my first contract! It was more than I could believe.  

And in two and a half years I've sold seventeen stories! Is that not a sign? Is that not confirmation? 

I've made it a mission in my life that when I hear people talking about their dreams, I step in and tell them to go for it. "Leap and the net WILL appear!" I cry.  

I’m on my way. I don’t yet have the following of writers like Zahra Owens or Cardeno C or Andrew Grey or Amy Lane. But I know my day is coming. I'll write that story that finally throws me into the lime light. And in the meantime I'm doing a lot of leaping and a lot of net landing and having a wonderful time. My life has turned into magick! I've met amazing people. Been blessed with incredible new friendships with people from all over the world. I've gone to New York City and met more wondrous and delightful people. Christine Kane even gave me permission to use her lyrics in one of my stories! 

All this magick due to an inspirational speaker, a singer, and a mummy. Oh. And in believing in myself and taking a chance. 

My first novel, "All Alone in a Sea of Romance" will be released from Dreamspinner Press on October 5th (paperback available as well!). I can hardly believe it. My heart is racing again as I type these words. 

Listen to me! Whatever your dream? Singing? Dancing? Cooking? Raising children? Teaching? Painting? Writing? 

Do it! Don't wait another day! 

Leap! The net will appear! 
BG Thomas


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  1. Nice post Ben. You deserve your success because of all the years of hard work you put in learning your craft before you submitted that first story. Truly you leaped but some of the strongest strands in the net are those you wove yourself.

    I wanted the story where Indiana Jones falls for a guy. Or a man comes back in time to save a world and falls for a man. Or two men fall in love on a doomed ship (but where they both live!)

    Do it. I'll help with the research.