Thursday, September 27, 2012

LIVE!!! (music, that is...) And Marriage Equality! (T.C. Blue's week in review)

Well, it's Thursday again, and you know what that means! That's right, it's time for another rambling and (largely) irrelevant collection of words from Tis. (This has been likened to white noise in the past, so just be glad you're reading rather than listening. Heh!)

It's been an interesting week since last Thursday, full of craziness and frustrations, but we'll not focus on that. Instead, I'm going to talk about music. LIVE music, in point of fact, as I've been to two different shows, both at the same venue in DC.

Monday night was Gossip, and that was amazing. The two opening acts were energetic and very talented and I was quite glued to my spot on the balcony. Then Gossip came on and proceeded to bring the house down. (Not literally, of course, but figuratively? Oh, yeah. They left the 9:30 Club a broken pile of rubble. Amazing!)

In addition to many of their incredible songs, they also performed covers from Madonna, Nirvana, and Tina Turner. The entire band was in great form, and Beth Ditto was, as always, a joy to watch and hear. She clearly loves what she does, and so do I. They really need to play here more often.

By the time I headed home, my brain was buzzing, and not merely from the drinks I may or may not have indulged in. Ha!

Tuesday night I was at the 9:30 Club… again. This time it was to see Adam Lambert perform a charity show for Marylanders for Marriage Equality, which is an organization I volunteer with, so it was just that much more special to me. How amazing was it to see so many people there to show their support? Pretty fucking awesome! People actually came from all over the country. (I spoke with one guy who'd driven down from New York, and a gal from… I want to say Arizona, but I could be wrong, though it was definitely somewhere in that part of the country.) All of them there to see La Lambert, and all of them seemingly happy to spend a fairly large chunk of change to support a good cause.

I was fortunate enough to get a ticket for the meet and greet, and that was lovely as well. Open bar for that part of the event (though I don't actually drink rail liquor, but I know it was handy for those who do), and there was a photographer to snap pics of each person with Lambikins. These photos will apparently be emailed to us, though I'm still waiting for mine. Granted it's only been a day and a half, so I really need to work on my patience. Haha!

After this meet and greet, it was out into the club proper from the back bar, and a short while later, Lambikins and the band took the stage. When I say they took it, they really TOOK IT. They owned that damned stage for the rest of the night, and the stage seemed to love it, so… no harm. *hee*

I'm not one of those people who takes pictures and video. I'm just not that skilled with technology and have no clue about the method of accomplishing that with my phone. (To be fair, my old phone died and I just got the new one on Monday, so that's why I'm clueless at the moment. My old phone? There would SO be video. Sadly, they no longer make my old phone and the new one is… Let's say it functions less logically.)

So the band is there, the lights are good to go, and then… it started.

I'm not going to exhaustively describe every moment. Nor am I going to wax poetical. I will say that they played for just about an hour and fifteen minutes and performed some of my favorite songs, as well as couple that I'm more meh about (even those were great live, though).

So we got (in random order because I just don't remember the actual set list) Kickin' In, Shady (love this song to an unnatural degree), Outlaws of Love, Trespassing, Never Close Our Eyes, Naked Love, Cuckoo, If I Had You, Pop That Lock, Whataya Want From Me… and maybe a couple more that I can't recall right now. I do seem to recall a (short) cover of Thank You (For Lettin' Me Be Myself).

We also got to hear La Lambert's thoughts on marriage equality, and as always, he was extremely well-spoken and presented his thoughts on the matter in a very clear fashion. Not surprisingly, he received loads of applause, not just for his words, but for the entire show.

The whole band was awesome and I couldn't be happier to have seen them.
After the show ended, there was an enormous queue outside the club, by the alley. It seemed Lambikins was going to be coming outside to sign things and allow for brief photo ops with those who had attended. I have to say that the club handled that whole scenario very well. They're clearly quite used to that sort of thing, which was a relief. That sort of situation always has the possibility of becoming a clusterfuck of immense proportions, and that didn't happen here. It was surprisingly civil and even polite, with very little pushing and shoving. To the best of my knowledge, everyone who waited left with whatever they'd been there for, whether that was a photo or an autograph, and Adam Lambert was unfailing nice, as far as I know. Meaning I wasn't there for long, but while I was, he was very personable and kind and went out of his way to give each person a smile or a hug or a laugh. I have no idea what he's like in his real life, but he's a shining example of how to have a great public persona.
His performance raised a lot of money and awareness for Marylanders for Marriage Equality, and on that basis alone I'd have to adore him, even if I didn't think he was a lovely, talented and smart man. As I DO think those things about him, I have to say he's definitely in the running as Tis's Favorite Entertainer 2012. (This is a highly coveted title, or should be, and is never awarded lightly. Just sayin'.)

So that's been my week. Gossip (fucking incredible show), and La Lambert (also wicked-great).

Anyone interested in seeing video of these two shows, there's stuff up on youtube. For Gossip, plug in "Gossip 9:30 Club 2012" and it should give you a decent assortment. For La Lambert, "Benefit for Marriage Equality 9:30 Club 2012" works well. I hope you guys will check it out because seriously, both shows were insanely good.

Now if I could just get a Gossip/Lambikins/Scissor Sisters/Blood On The Dance Floor show, I could die happy. *hee*


  1. This was a great review!

  2. We had a great time at the Benefit for Marriage Equality too. Adam and his band were excited to be there for a good cause and made sure we had fun! He's an amazing talented, genuine, funny and very sweet.

    Thanks for your great blog. My videos from this event are YouTube channel HannaB20. They were shot from the balcony so not the greatest picture but the audio is good!! There are also great vids of the event on the TALCvids YT channel.

    1. Your vids and TALC's were (and are) great! I almost linked to them but wasn't sure whether that would be a good idea. Thus the 'suggestions' for finding them. *grins*

      It was a truly amazing show (and if I say 'amazing' one more time, I may need to become a stage magician... or pre-school teacher), and I love it that Lambikins and band took the time out of their lives to make it happen.

      I do wish we could have met the rest of the guys and girls, but there's always next time! Haha!

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. Great review, on both shows. Thank you for giving suggestions on what to type in for Gossip. I have yet to see Adam this time around; but, am sure glad for youtube. Oh, and if I could see all 4 all together in one show i would die happy as well. Have recently become a BOTDF fan and would love to see them live in general.

    1. I was lucky enough to see BOTDF at the Warped Tour this year. They put on a great show! (I believe they're touring again soon, though I don't have any hard info on that at the moment.)

      The more I think about it, the more enamoured I become with the idea of Gossip/La Lambert/Scissor Sister/BOTDF doing a show (or series of shows, really) together. It would probably be far to fabulous for my poor little heart to take, though. :P

      Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you'll enjoy the vids of both shows when you see them!

  4. Wish I could be there. Thanks for the great review. Adam touring with Gossip, Scissor Sister, that other group sounds interesting. Hopefully he would headline just because I want him to sing the most songs. He is undeniably the most seasoned performer I've seen, articulate, well-spoken, good looking and the best vocalist I've heard in a long time. Wish America would embrace him like we do. Thanks.

    1. Happy you enjoyed the review of the show. :) And yes, I think Adam would have to headline... then again, Scissor Sisters are great, too... and Gossip... GAH! That would be an impossible show to set in reasonable order, especially because Blood On The Dancefloor is also incredibly good and very professional. Might be impossible to make it fair! LOL

      I'd still go to that show, though. And camp out for WEEKS for good seats! Hahaha!

      Thanks for stopping by! Much appreciated! :)

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    1. Accidentally posted here instead of replying to 'Anonymous'. Cuz I'm just that skilled. *rolls eyes at self*