Monday, September 3, 2012

Two Sentence Movie Reviews by Cardeno C. (Part Four)

Some of these movies are incredible, some are blah, some are somewhere in between. There are movies on the list that could be the topic of a multi-hour coffee house hang session, some that could be the topic of a rambling post-drinking night, and some that might just get a shrug and a smile. What they all have in common is a gay theme. I’m going to do my best to narrow my thoughts about each movie to two sentences. Here’s part four of my two sentence movie reviews (in no particular order).

1.      The Conrad Boys:  The young lead wrote, directed, and starred in this movie about family obligations and loyalty. That alone is reason enough to watch it.

2.      Breakfast with Scot: Are they sure they’re gay? Because they don’t touch each other the entire movie.

3.      Amnesia: This one is okay, not great, but not bad. It’s told in varying time points and is a bit confusing and very different.

4.      Friends and Family: I like this one. It’s cute, a little sweet, and funny.

5.      The Wedding Banquet: A bit dated now, but it’s Ang Lee so still good. So long as you can suspend knowledge of really basic biology.

6.      CRAZY: Very well made and interesting. This is a coming of age film, a father/son film, a family dynamics film, but it isn’t a romance.

7.      3-Day Weekend. I don’t remember much about this other than that I didn’t like most of the characters and didn’t enjoy the movie. None of those things (the lack of much memory or the memories themselves) bode well.

8.      Love!Valour!Compassion!: It’s the better, more thought-provoking version of 3-Day Weekend. But I still didn’t like the characters and I hated those years when a gay film couldn’t be made without the characters imploding or dying, as if happy, healthy, well-adjusted, and gay just weren’t an optional combo.

9.      Mambo Italiano: Cute, fun, good laughs. Has a bit of a My Big Fat Greek Wedding vibe.

10.   Mulligans: Like Charlie David, liked The Graduate, feel so-so about this movie. And are we really supposed to believe his roommate had no idea he was gay (hint: No straight man would wear that shirt)?

11.   A Four Letter Word: Maybe I’m too old for this movie. Every character bugged the shit out of me.

12.   The Broken Hearts Club: This movie feels real, like you’re right there with them. Good story, great acting, worth watching.

13.   Cachorro (Bear Cub): Unique, good potential, but fell short in the execution. Probably still worth a watch.


  1. I didn't see most of these. Having said that, I enjoyed The Broken Hearts Club too, and as for Love!Valor!Compassion! I wasn't happy the blind twink got kicked to the curb.

    1. Hi, Tinn. My recollection is that he did the dumping ...

  2. I just recently saw Friends & Family (it's on Netflix streaming right now) and I really liked it! It made me giggle in a lot of places, and that's saying a lot! *grins*

    Seen many of the others, but a while ago. To the best of my recollection, my opinions on them were quite close to yours, so yay! It's not just me (on some of them anyway)! :P