Thursday, September 6, 2012

Under my rock... (T.C. Blue thinks stuff)

So I'm home from Dragon*Con, where I was fortunate enough to spend time on panels and such with Kiernan Kelly, Kage Alan, Shae Connor, and many other truly remarkable people. The incredible thing is that I survived! (There's a story -- or twelve -- here, but we'll save that for another day. Haha!)

As everyone knows, this week has been crazy in the world. The DNC (Democratic National Convention) has been twitted about, Facebooked, discussed and argued over... and will likely continue to be twitted, facebooked, etc.

I could sit here and give my opinions on everything going on, just as I could have for the opposing party's convention, but let's face it. I'm here. I'm female. I write gay romance. We already KNOW what my opinions are. (Nutshell? The GOP is full of fucking lunatics who want to decide who's 'allowed' to be equal, and as far as I can tell, that would be only men. Specifically, heterosexual men who can control their wimmin-folk and keep them from having stupid ideas like control of their own bodies and possibly voting. Because we women are too stupid to decide anything for ourselves. And those devil-gays are almost as bad, right? Those sinners can have the same rights in life as the rest of the hetero-men, though. All they have to do is deny their own nature and pretend to be straight. They want to get married? Let 'em marry women! Because that's a super idea! *rolls eyes*)

So since we already know my feelings on the subject of politics, at least as they relate to me and my friends, I'm not going to say anything else about that. Instead, I'm posting some links here, just in case anyone's missed these parts of the DNC.

Michelle Obama is amazing.

Julian Castro is very well spoken and enthusiastic.

Former President Bill Clinton kicked serious ass.

There have been a lot of speakers thus far, but these three struck a chord with me. If you've missed their speeches, I hope you'll use the links. Or even if you've seen and heard them already but want to see/hear again. :)

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  1. I concur on all three points. ;) Michelle Obama is amazing (and a great dresser) and she made me cry. And I'm very proud of the man my former governor has matured into. He was a great president back in the day and continues to be an awesome man.