Friday, October 19, 2012

GayRomLit Report -- by BG Thomas

I am here!! Squueeeeeeeee!!!!! GayRomLit in Mew Mexico!

Got here at around midnight Wednesday and visited a bit with roomies Julianne Bentely and Ariel Tachna along with Zahra Owens and Shannon for about an hour before going to bed.

Thursday was fun. The swag room (the place where authors give away all kinds of cool stuff) opened early this morning and I got cards and pens and condoms and notepads and magnets and stress squeeze things (cool ones) and so much more. I sold my books (!!) and helped sell for other people.

What’s more – I met fans. And what I mean is – my fans!! I have fans!! I was in tears as people thanked me—thanked me!!!!—for my books. For writing books with characters they could identify with. It was incredible.

Then I met Rick Reed, author of the amazing book “Chaser.” Read that book.

Next was the amazing opening ceremonies. Most conventions, when they have snacks or horsd’Ĺ“uvres, you don’t get enough food to fill a finger—and the food is blah to meh. Then a few people rush to the front of the line and FILL their plates and half the people don’t get anything. Well NOT in this case. There was a ton of food. A TON!! Crabcakes and jumbo fried shrimp and jumbo shrimp (not fried) and stuffed mushrooms (OMG!!) and more

Then I met several authors I really really wanted to meet, including Marie Sexton, Jacob Z Flores and SDJ Peterson! Still haven’t met Eric Arvin, darnit!

Then I am headed to a kind of hodown put on by gay men, including nearly naked dancers! HURRAY for nearly naked dancers. Male of course.

Today was amazing. Dreamspinner Bingo!  DSP gave out Bingo cards where the object was to get 25 DSP autographs in the squares.  There were 75 to choose from. Then they called out names for great prizes.

Then I met another wonderful author--the first MM author I ever read--Heidi Cullinan for av event called Coffee and Porn, where there was also more Bingo and more great prizes.

Soon after we were all bused down to Old Town--the historic part of Albuquerque. A huge lunch was given to us all--then shopping (I got a Zuni bear fetish, a naughty shirt and a magnet)--then an event with great sangria (where we remembered those MM authors who passed this last year).

Then it was back to the hotel for steak dinner (dinner was on our own tonight) and later it is karaoke.

This whole event is not to be missed. If you aren't here, please find a way to come next year.  Atlanta, GA!

If you are here, come say hello!

BG Thomas!

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