Thursday, October 11, 2012

Randomly Random (cuz that's how I roll)

Okay, so as Kiernan said the other day, it's getting to be time for GRL. This means I'm going more than slightly nuts with trying to figure out what to bring and how to get it there. Heh-heh. (This seems to be a theme for those of us attending as authors.)

So instead of posting about that (because Kiernan already covered it, and far better than I would have managed myself), I'm just going to share my NOH8 picture. I figure it'll give you guys a giggle. Lord knows I had to laugh when I saw it... if only to keep from crying. I really don't photograph well. Haha!

See what I mean? Though I have to admit, all that white makes my eyes look scary! Talk about a green-eyed monster! LOL

Personal dissatisfaction with the picture aside, though, the NOH8 Campaign is a great organization with a really great message. I heartily encourage everyone to have a photo done if there happens to be a shoot happening nearby. Even if, like me, you truly hate pictures of yourself! Hahaha!

And with that, I'll be toddling off. Until next week, when I'll hopefully have some fun dirt to share about GRL! *hee*

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