Monday, October 15, 2012

Reader Reviews by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday, y'all. Today I'm sharing another review from Shirley Frances about her all-time favorite book - Keeping Promise Rock by Amy Lane. Please leave a comment here for Shirley to let her know how much you enjoyed her review (I sure did!).

Keeping Promise Rock by Amy Lane

Rating: 5 stars

Review: Amy Lane has done it to me again! She has turned me inside out by giving me an insight into Crick's and Deacon's love story. And what a story it was! She wrapped me up from the very beginning, making sure I was as tightly wrapped up in the story as all the characters were. 

The pace was amazing, giving us glimpses of two great characters, their everyday life, inner struggles and interaction with others. First, introducing me to Crick, who my heart went out to immediately. Then, I got to know Deacon and my heart broke for him on the spot. He was so shy, so strong and loyal, that you couldn't help but love him. Crick was too, strong and loyal, but he had an inner strength that made you believe he could surpass anything thrown at him (which he did, mostly). But Deacon, my God! I've never felt so much for a character before. I found myself crying with him at every turn (which happens mostly with Amy Lane's books!).

The characters were fully developed. It was beautiful to see how the both Crick and Deacon came into themselves and gave each other to one another without question. Of course, every character played a special role in this story and helped it come together beautifully. 

The writing was exceptional. Each scene carefully worded to bring every emotion to life. Be it happiness, loneliness, humor or heartbreak. The sex scenes were both sensual and emotional and the main character's 'screw-ups' were so beautiful executed that I felt I was right there with them (of course, most of the time I wished I was right there with them to smack some sense into them, but that happens often when I read).

Anyway, the story of Crick and Deacon is amazing. The things they had to endure were heartbreaking and at times I didn't know if they could get over most of them. But leave it to Amy Lane to bring it all together seamlessly. This one goes directly to my keep pile.

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Shirley Frances

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  1. Now I have to read this even though I hate crying!

  2. Hehe! Oh you will cry, so keep those tissues handy. But you'll laugh too. It's a whole range of emotions. Hope you enjoy it Marieke.