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Reg and Jean-Andre on Wine by Augusta Li and Eon de Beaumont, Guest Authors

Today, we're happy to have Augusta Li and Eon de Beaumont here at the blog. We get a fun glimpse of characters from their new book and check out the stunning cover by Anne Cain.  Amazing! Welcome, Gus and Eon. I'm glad you could join us! - Cardeno C.  

Hi. I’m Eon de Beaumont. Apart from being the co-author of Boots for the Gentleman and its sequel, A Grimoire for the Baron, I'm a wine specialist. So Gus and I decided to buy a bunch of wine and post it to Reginald Whitney and Jean-Andre, two of our wine enthusiast characters from the series and see what they came up with. Enjoy a bit of silliness.

Reg: Well, Jean-Andre, here’s the first bottle that Gus and Eon sent us. It’s from Domaine de la Chanade.

J-A: It smells delightful. Like flowers and citrus.

Reg: Mm. This reminds me of the wine the fey drink. Where is this from?

J-A: Gaillac. It’s in France, which is their version of Belvais. This is called Loin de L’Oeil, which means "Far From the Eye." It’s from a rare native grape. And you’re right, Reggie. This tastes just like the floral wine the faeries favor.

Reg: It’s quite nice. Unique. I’m not as a rule a fan of white wine, but I quite like this.

J-A: Oui. I agree.

Reg: Shall we move on?

J-A: Please. If the rest are this good, we’re in for a treat.

Reg: This one is a sparkler.

J-A: Champagne?

Reg: No. Cremant de Gascogne. Cremant means sparkling, but it’s not actually from Champagne. Francois Montand is the producer. How do you find it?

J-A: Clean. Crisp. A hint of yeast on the nose. Is this expensive?

Reg: Not at all. That’s one of the good things about lesser known areas, you can find high-quality wines at more affordable prices. Sometimes you pay for a name.

J-A: I know what you mean. It’s like the difference between Colerand’s Clockworks and Matherite’s Mighty Machinations. Colerand’s inventions are far superior, but Matherite’s are better known and cost more. Ridiculous.

Reg: That’s progress, I suppose. Back to the wine. I like this. I would definitely recommend this to someone who wants to celebrate on a budget.

J-A: Well, if your lover is a master thief, you don’t have to worry about a budget, non?

Reg: Jean-Andre, don’t bring Querry into this. I try not to utilize his gifts in that way. What? What’s that smirk?

J-A: I was just imagining which of his gifts you are willing to utilize.

Reg: Good lord. Do you always have to take it there?

J-A: Where else would you suggest I take it? I’m willing to try anything once, mon ami.

Reg: Ahem. Yes, well—I, um. That’s not why Gus and Eon sent us this wine. Shall we get back on topic?

J-A: By all means. If you blush any harder, your face may actually bleed. What’s next?

Reg: How about this? Oh no.

J-A: What?

Reg: I hate these funny labels. I’m always suspicious of them. If the wine inside is good, why sully it with a label featuring an animal character? It seems deceptive to me.

J-A: Let’s have a taste. What is it?

Reg: Eagle Eye Winery Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s from California, which is a state in their version of Allied Libertannia. It’s quite a prosperous wine-growing region.

J-A: I like the label. It’s cute.

Reg: Well, I suppose. It smells delightful. Fruitier than other New World Cabs.

J-A: Mm. It says there’s a bit of Cabernet Franc and Merlot in it as well. Full-bodied. Black currants. This is delicious.

Reg: A pleasant surprise. Nice, long finish. It appears you can’t judge a book by its cover.

J-A: Or a bottle by its label?

Reg: Indeed. This winery has an interesting story. The husband is the wine-maker and the wife paints the labels.

J-A: That’s kind of sweet.

Reg: Jean-Andre, are you a secret romantic?

J-A: It’s no secret, mon ami. I love romance. Would you like to hear a poem I wrote?

Reg: No. That’s fine. I think we should move on. Here, open this.

J-A: Oui. What’s this one? Ravenswood?

Reg: Eon says this is one of his favorites. It’s a red blend called Icon. Ravenswood is another winery in California.

J-A: This label has birds on it as well.

Reg: It’s very artistic though. Reminds me of something from Tartan.

J-A: Over there they call it Celtic, I think.

Reg: Oh my. That’s dark!

J-A: It almost looks like ink. What’s the blend?

Reg: Zinfandel, Carignane, Petite Sirah and something they call Mixed Blacks.

J-A: Mm. It smells like blackberries. Violet. Spices.

Reg: Yes. Amazing.

J-A: Dark fruit flavors. Integrated oak. Velvety with a long finish. I love this.

Reg: It’s quite special. This will age for some time, I should say. I can see why Eon likes this so much.

J-A: I’ll have more of this, please.

Reg: Well, what do you think over all?

J-A: I think your wine-stained lips look extremely kissable.

Reg: Jean-Andre! I meant about the wines.

J-A: I know.

Reg: Maybe you should stop drinking.

J-A: Maybe you should drink a little more.

Reg: Stop waggling your eyebrows at me.

J-A: But you’re so cute, Reginald.

Reg: All right. That’s it. Thanks for stopping round and helping me with this, but you need to go now.

J-A: Reggie. Don’t be so uptight.

Reg: No. No sir. Time to go. Good to see you.

J-A: Reggie, wait. Stop. Reg!

At that point, Reg pushed Jean-Andre out of the house and returned to the wine. Jean-Andre knocked incessantly but ultimately gave up and headed to the local tavern. It wasn’t long before Querry and Frolic returned to help Reg finish off the wine we sent them. Frolic couldn’t drink and Querry didn’t appreciate it as much as Reg did, but the day ended in a really hot threesome, so everybody wins, right?

Make sure you check out the next book in the trio’s adventure, A Grimoire for the Baron. It’s a wild ride. Here’s the blurb:

Former archivist Reg Whitney, expert thief Querry Knotte, and the clockwork boy known as Frolic are fugitives from Halcyon living on a small island. While Reg is content to lead a safe and settled life, there is trouble in paradise: Querry is bored, and Frolic can’t help but ponder his own existence.

When Querry and Frolic get caught breaking into Baron Starling’s villa, all three men are bamboozled into accompanying the baron on a quest for arcane knowledge. But their jungle destination holds more danger than anyone on the expedition expects.

Reg knows their crew is made up of criminals—the kind who can’t be trusted—which puts a strain on the trio. He’s certain the baron and the mercenary Jean-Andre are hiding something that puts them all in danger. Querry and the baron grow close, leaving Reg and Frolic feeling alienated. Frolic’s friendship with a fey servant just strains the trio’s dynamic further. Even if Reg, Querry, and Frolic survive the quest, their relationship will never be the same.

Buy Boots for the Gentleman:

And here are some links to the wines Reg and Jean-Andre enjoyed, if you would like to try any of them!

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