Thursday, November 29, 2012

Precognition! (T.C. Blue sees the future!) and a preview of a WIP!

Okay, so this post has two parts that are related to the header.

#1- I predict that my post for the Thursday before X-mas will be comprised of things to do with your leftover X-mas dinner foods! How do I know this? It's a mystery! (Queue spooky OOO-ooo-OOO-oooo music!) Or it may be that I intended to post that on Thanksgiving day and went to prepare some stuff on Wednesday and ended up staying away from home (meaning without 'puter and no access to my docs) until Friday. Just sayin'.

#2- I predict that the WIP I'm currently working on (NOT the Butt Pirates In Spaaaaaaaaace story) will contain a passage that I'm going to include below.

That's right, this is a preview of an unedited, unbetaed, possibly-gonna-be-excised part of my rock star book!

First, a bit of set-up. *grins*

The MCs (main characters):

Andrew Lyon: Mid-to-late 20s, brown hair, brown eyes, sings "like a fucking bird or whatever" (according to Tony Delacourt who was in a band with him back in New Orleans (Sexual Frankenstein from the "Po' Boys" anthology). This is six or so years after his appearance in that story. A year or so after his last mention. Andy is also mentioned in 'Unconventional,' appearing during the scenes where Lucas and Trent are attending a couple awards shows.

Joss Hartwell: Late 20s, blond hair, blue eyes, plays numerous instruments, writes songs, and has done drag. Joss is the younger brother of Jamie Hartwell, and the son of Russell Hartwell. (Jamie and Russell are heroes of 'The One That Was Lost' and 'The One That Stayed', respectively. Joss has been mentioned throughout the One & One series but is only briefly seen towards the end of 'The One That Stayed'.)

There are many secondary characters, some of whom have appeared in other books of mine. Notably Alan, who was a main character in 'Making It Up' (though not one of the main pairing), and was a secondary character in 'Unconventional' as well.

Also as secondary characters, we have the band: Carolan & Killian, who are wicked-hot twins and play guitar and drums, respectively. Mitch, who plays keyboards. They are Andrew Lyon's band, and all of them are gay. Joss was brought in to replace the former bass player who was trying to work a ploy for more money right before a tour. With Joss suddenly on board, the record label, owned by Rob Elgin (also a character from 'Unconventional'), has called a press conference immediately following the first show of the new tour!

And now... on with the preview!

* * *

Andy's entire body was still ringing, buzzing hard enough for at least fifty colonies of bees, vibrating from the sensation of that fucking magic again. The magic Joss had told him not to expect. The magic Andy had been wishing for, even after he'd given up.

But he'd given up too easily, he realized. Given up just because it hadn't happened every time. Given up because he'd really thought it had been Kill-kill stopping it from happening, and he totally owed Killian an apology, though not just for that.

The magic had happened again, was the point, both times with Joss there. Never before, and that had to mean something. Or else it was his suddenly over-active libido telling him that, because Andy had for damned sure never been as hard for anyone, even someone he'd touched before, as he was for Joss right then. It had been bad enough when Joss had hugged him before the show, but after feeling that fucking… Shit, he still couldn't find any word other than magic.

After the magic of the show they'd just finished, Andy couldn't quite manage to look away from Joss. Couldn't stop himself from finding reasons that his own damned rule of not getting involved with band mates was wrong. He wanted Joss, for fuck's sake, and wanted him enough that it felt more like need.

His fingers plucked nervously at the front of his jacket, making sure it was staying closed. If it didn't, he'd be displaying a raging boner for all to see, and there were more than enough cameras in the room, both video and still, that at least one of them would catch sight of Andy's interest. It wouldn't be the first time, granted, but those occasions had been about performing rather than performing with Joss, and there was a difference. To Andy, anyway.

"I was between projects and it was just too good an opportunity to pass up," Andy heard Joss saying. The man's next words had him paying attention, though. "I mean, how could I say no when I was being offered the chance to play with Andrew? He has an amazing voice and he's written some really good songs. I'd have to be a fool to say no to that, right? Besides, I like to travel."

The reporter who'd asked the question laughed and then there was another voice, another query. For Joss again, and while Andy would ordinarily have been surprised by that -- he, Mitch, and the Wonder Twins were all there, as well -- he wasn't right then. Joss was fascinating. It didn't surprise him that the press thought so too.

"We've already addressed the Tad and Merl thing," Joss said to whatever had been asked. Then another question, and "Well, you never know, right? It's not entirely impossible. It isn't likely, though. I'm pretty sure Elgin Records is already putting together a list of bass players to audition. I doubt I'll be a permanent part of Andrew's band." And "No, it's my personal bass. I've had it for years. The heart-shaped one, I mean. Not the others. Those ones are new. I prefer mine, to be honest, but it's just not possible to keep any sort of stringed instrument in tune for the length of an entire concert. We have great staff, though, so keeping things in tune should be doable."

The questions went on and on, though after the first fifteen minutes or so, a fair number of them were directed to Andy and the other guys. That was a good thing, really, because Andy thought he might come in his spandex if he'd had nothing to do but stand there for the whole forty minutes, just watching Joss charm the entire room.

"Dude," Caro said when they were finally able to leave the green room -- and whoever had decided to stage the media blitz there needed to be fired in the worst way. "That was fucking boring. But did you see that one guy's face when Joss introduced himself? Seriously, it was like he wasn't even here for the show, he looked so fucking shocked. Then he was all 'how did you get Joss Hartwell' twenty minutes later, when he finally got to speak. Like we're crap and can't have someone even better than that fucker Tad. Shithead."

"Stop it." Mitch didn't seem upset as they stopped to collect their things from the wardrobe room, but he sounded tired, which was weird. Andy felt like he could run a marathon, then build a house out of popsicle sticks and duct tape, right then. "It's been a really long day and I'd rather not have to deal with a bunch of complaining right now. Can it wait until we're all cleaned up and on the bus? Please, Caro?"

Kill-kill, who Andy was finally noticing had been sticking much too close to Mitch for comfort -- for Andy's comfort -- chimed in. "Yeah, come on, bro. We just had a kick-ass show, and… what the fuck was that? It never felt like that when we played before, but tonight it was… I don't know how to say it. We need to be like that all the time! It was so good! Can we talk about that instead of George Westfield? He's a hack, anyway. If his dad didn't own Chords and Bars magazine, he wouldn't even be here tonight."

Okay, Andy was starting to think Joss was right about Kill-kill. Well, he'd started to think that earlier, but now that he was actually paying attention to the things Kill-kill said, Andy was much closer to believing Joss over the doctors who had taken care of Killian. Hell, those were the same doctors who'd theorized that Kill-kill would never play drums again, and they'd been completely off base about that, so screw them.

"It was a great show," Joss said, and Andy thought his own heart might have skipped a beat because Joss looked over his shoulder right then and Andy felt the moment when their eyes met. Felt it in his throat, his chest, his groin. "It was amazing. But Mitch is right." Andy was suddenly jealous of Mitch, damn it. "We're sweaty and gross and I need a shower and comfortable clothes for the ride up to San Francisco. If we really want to compare notes on the various media types we just escaped from, we can do it while we're trapped on the tour bus later, right?"

There was a silent moment as they all stopped, then Mitch and the Wonder Twins agreed before continuing down the hall to the outside, doubtless heading for their vehicles. Andy stood still for another few seconds, then bit his lip, released it, and threw caution to the wind.

"So, Richie's waiting for me outside. We could give you a ride back to the Chateau if you don't have a car coming." He knew Joss didn't have a car on order, but Andrew also suspected Joss knew what he was thinking. Feeling. Whatever. "We'd have two and a half hours before we'd need to be on the bus, and Richie can go get my bags from my place while we're at your hotel," he added quickly, just in case it wasn't clear enough.

Joss turned fully, those pale blue eyes intense as they continued to bore into Andy's own. "I'm not sure that's a good idea, Andrew," he said, but there was something in Joss' tone -- a slight shiver that Andy interpreted as uncertainty -- that had him hopeful. "I thought we were on the same page about… interpersonal relations within the band." Still shaky, thank fuck. And strained enough that Andy was fairly sure it wasn't only him feeling the attraction.

"Really?" he asked, instead of snorting or laughing or anything else that would announce exactly what he thought of that argument. "Did you really just say 'interpersonal relations' like we're some kind of corporation or something? Because I'm not feeling very corporate right now, Joss. Are you? Honestly. Are you?"

Joss took a moment. Andy assumed he was thinking about it. Then Joss stepped closer, after taking a deep breath and releasing it.

"I feel like I could explode without a single touch, Andrew," Joss whispered, and the next thing Andy knew, he was pressed up against the painted cinderblock wall just inside the theater's back door. "I feel like I want to fuck you so long and so hard, you'll be screaming my name every time you open your mouth for the next month, even when it's to sing. I feel like whatever the fuck that was when we were on stage tonight isn't even close to how good it'll be when I bury myself balls-deep inside you. That's how I'm feeling, if you really want to know."

Andy didn't have a chance to respond to Joss' words, and that was probably a good thing because he had no idea about what he would have said. He didn't need to say anything, though, because Joss' voice was still lingering on the few inches of air between them when Joss' red-stained mouth closed over Andy's, and Andy… lost himself in the rough, insistent push and pull, the demanding intrusion of Joss' tongue, the undeniable heat that flared within his own body at the first touch of Joss' mouth to his.

Yes. It was thought rather than speech, but that was fine. Joss turned up the intensity somehow, and Andy knew the man could hear him anyway. Hell, he could hardly wait to get to the Chateau, where Joss would actually fulfill the promises Andy really hoped Joss had made.
* * *
Again, keep in mind that this is still a work in progress. It has not been beta-read and is entirely unedited. It may not even remain in the final manuscript, assuming the story is even accepted. *grins*
But you've had a sneak peek. That makes you special! :)
Until next week... be excellent to each other and always find the sexy in everything you do! *mwahs*


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