Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hard to be Jolly Through Tears

Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy, a time of giving, of hope, friendship, and renewal. Instead, this year, in the light of the recent tragedy in Connecticut, it is a time filled with the faces of children slaughtered, of hope diminished, and unfathomable pain.

Compounding all of it are the crazies who seem to crawl out of the woodwork every time tragedy strikes, be it natural disaster or man-made horror. Case in point, Tennessee pastor (and I use the term lightly) Sam Morris, whose tiny, homophobic, creationist peabrain has decided that, basically, the shooting was God's judgment for teaching kids evolution and "how to be a homo."

Quite honestly, I'm sick to death of nutjobs who seem to revel in human agony, and use it to support their own twisted, antiquated, and perverted religious views. 

Although I am not a proponent of organized religion, I believe in God. I do. Really. However, it seems the God I believe in is Someone vastly different from the one Sam Morris professes to speak for. My God is kind and loving. My God would never use the senseless murder of innocents to punish those he deemed wicked - obviously, since Sam Morris and others of his ilk (including those moronic inbreds at Westboro Baptist) is still walking around with all his parts firmly attached.

And do you know what? Aside from voicing our dissension and outrage at their messages of hate, there's not a damn thing we can do about it. Free speech is a narrow, rocky road, full of potholes and stumbling blocks. Veer from the course, and we risk wandering so far astray that eventually, everyone's voice will be silenced. To protect the freedom to voice our opinions, we must protect all opinions, including those that make our skin crawl. It sucks, but that's sadly the way it is.

That doesn't mean we have to like it, or take it without comment. We need to exercise our own freedom of speech. We need to stand up, to voice our fury at those who use tragedy to further their own twisted agendas. For every sign that's waved with a message of hate, let's wave a hundred in support of tolerance. For every voice raised in intolerance, let 's raise a thousand ringing with acceptance.

This holiday season, while our hearts are still aching from the senseless loss of so many young children and brave teachers, fallen police officers, and others lost to senseless violence, let's silence the hate-mongers by drowning them out with messages of hope. 


  1. I'm torn, so torn, Kiernan. I so badly want to tell these small-minded, egotistical, pious pigs exactly how wrong they are; how unChristian they act; how their Old Testament God is NOT my God, nor do I EVER want anything to do with that kind of God. If my choices are their God or eternal damnation, I'll willingly sign up for damnation!
    But I know how these people think. I know exactly what they would say. 'This is the Devil come to tear us down. To tear us away from The Lord, our God. This attack against us is because we are RIGHT, and Satan fears The Lord!! *insert fire and brimstone bullshit here*'
    It sickens me because there is no reasoning with a closed mind. There is no compromise. There is no understanding. And my intelligent self is reduced to a hate-filled BITCH that would enjoy watching each of these people suffer and perish in the most horrific ways. And I don't like that! I don't like knowing that I am capable of such hate and rage against these people that I am no better than they are.

  2. That's why using religion to mask hate works so well. It's the perfect disguise. No matter what anyone says to contradict you, all you need to do is blame it on Satan to deflect the argument. You don't believe what I believe? Oh, well, you must be evil then, a disciple of Satan, and everyone knows he lies.

    Although they must remain free to voice their opinions, however sick, twisted, and disgusting they may be, we reserve the right to shout them down. :)

  3. Great post. These people horrify me, and there are far too many of them in my own back yard. They have the right to spew hate and insanity* just as we have the right to oppose them. Even so, it sickens me that they're given a platform by the media whereas no one seems interested in interviewing the side of hope and love, perhaps because a message of tolerance isn't crazy enough to be newsworthy.

    * I'm deeply puzzled by the fact they seem to believe that claiming their God is so petty as to let children be slaughtered because he's in a snit over the separation of church and state (or marriage equality, or fill in the blank) would somehow convince people to worship him. A deity who would do that would never be worthy of worship, IMHO.