Sunday, December 23, 2012

Have a Merry Gay Christmas

No flash fic this week. I tried, and a thousand word short story should be an easy thing to finish quickly--it usually is--but instead of adding more stress I'd like to focus on that "merry and bright" business we're always hearing about. Spending time with my kiddos in the wake of a great tragedy, and finding acts of kindness that I can commit.

Speaking of acts of kindness, for the next 20ish days the rock band One Republic is raising funds to send to the families who need help in Newtown. Contributing would be a great way to help spread some kindness to people who are struggling to rebuild their lives this holiday season:

If you're looking to cuddle up with some cocoa and a good film, try Latter Days which not only ends happily but wraps up right around the holidays, or Eating Out (there are three of them) which is uproariously funny and also quite wrong, but sometimes--especially these days--you just need that kind of laugh. Both, last I checked, are available on Netflix.

I hope you have a merry holiday and a blessed new year. Or a sloppy drunken new year. Whatever it is that brings you joy.


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