Monday, December 10, 2012

Tweets by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday, y'all. Another week has passed and, as per my usual, I'm too dull to come up with something to say. How do you feel about reading the past week's tweets? Excellent, that's what I'll do. But first, please visit Joyfully Jay and leave a comment here to win a copy of Eight Days, my holiday novella.

Am I allowed to laugh at this? Dec 09, 2012 

Y'all even if I wasn't a vegetarian, I'd think this was more than a little ick. Dec 09, 2012 

Naked Santa just seems wrong. And is Rudolph checking him out? Who is setting up these store displays? Dec 08, 2012 

Just left Starbucks with two large drinks. The night is just getting started ... Dec 08, 2012 

Suggestion to the person answering the phone at the bank, "How can I service you?" is really asking for a non-banking reply. Dec 07, 2012 

Such a nice review of Eight Days! Thank you. RT @melaniemarsha10: Review of Eight Days by Cardeno C Dec 07, 2012 

How long does it take for a burnt tongue to heal? I got this new cup at Starbucks and when they say it keeps drinks hot, they ain't kidding. Dec 06, 2012 

Well, this is one way to incentivize exercise: Dec 05, 2012 

Bought a lotta ticket along with my morning diet coke. I'm pretty sure I've got this one!! Dec 05, 2012 

I officially have a crush on Jay Z: Dec 05, 2012 

Y'all, I love a drive through more than the average bear, but drive through prayer? Dec 05, 2012 

@jentay82 @SueChicago1021 I haven't ventured into tumblr yet. Other than the porn, of course. Dec 04, 2012 

The times in life when I feel most clueless & at someone's mercy are when car service people tell me about a "needed" repair. Dec 04, 2012 

Musa Publishing is hiring! Super nice people over there. Dec 04, 2012 

@erinscafe I only understand about 60% of what my mom says via text. A sibling once sent a group text and our mom was frantic & confused. Dec 04, 2012 

I gathered my nerves and read reviews at GR. I won't respond to reviews but: 1. If John is reading this, thank you. 2. Natalie, I'm honored. Dec 04, 2012 

Note to self: reconsider writing post-exercise I like your sweaty scent scenes. Dec 03, 2012 

Him: I walked by that guy I hooked up with. Me: did you say hi? Him: I ignored him. Me: meany. Him: I only knew him for 30 min. Me: poor him Dec 03, 2012 

I hope you have a fabulous week. (Oh, and should I add Facebook posts to these updates or are they painful enough as is?)



  1. If I didn't reply then, I'll give you a quick run through now: Yes! Laugh away because I laughed mostly because if I was a penguin, that would be me...did the gnomes kill the big cat?...when did Rudolph become such a perv? And Santa? Really? Aren't the elves a little sexier? Just sayin...How can I service you? Ummm, I would've had to hand up ;)...Melanie's review is beautiful! Great story, too!...Who doesn't love Jay Z? o.O ...Drive thru prayer? For those who need some quick Jesus, wonder if they have drive thru confession?...God, my mom can't txt either, she misspells everything. It's worse than trying to decipher a doctor's handwriting (which I do almost daily)...

    K...those are my thoughts ;) Happy Monday!! Definitely add FB :D

  2. Umm...that's supposed to be "hang up" not "hand up" *shakes head*

  3. My favorite part of this whole thing is I thought you were saying "hand up" intentionally as a service mechanism. And then I read your correction. My mind is clearly in the gutter.

  4. LOL! We both know my mind is usually in the gutter...apparently my subconscious is too! ;)