Thursday, December 13, 2012

Woot! (T.C. Blue is being a git. Again!)

So here I am, with nothing to say. As usual. Also as usual, I expect to say absolutely nothing with as many words as possible. I'm kinda like a tea-partier or possibly a far-far-wacky fundie that way. (I have an odd skill which translates to never using 4 words when I can use 40 instead. This is a true fact. Some people might say "I don't know," whereas it's not unheard of for ME to say "I may or may not have knowledge of this, but if I do, I'm currently unaware of it." Seriously. I'm kinda nuts like that. In other ways, too, but that's not the point. :P)

So in my pursuit of saying nothing of any great import whilst using the largest number of words possible, I've decided to share a bit about the week since last we met. (That would be last Thursday, for those who don't follow me on Twitter... and if you don't, why not? *pouts* How mean is that to me? I LIKE followers! I even like following when people ask and stuff, so... follow me! *tries to look like she's not begging because begging is just pathetic... unless there's nudity and 18+ activity in process, which makes begging less pathetic and more fun*)

In an effort to provide full disclosure, this Sunday-past (December 9th) was my birthday, and in typical T.C. Blue fashion, I chose to celebrate in what may seem like a unique fashion. On Friday, I went to my darling LGBF's (local gay boyfriend's) house to cook for an assortment of people. Aaaaand... this requires some backstory.

Okay, amongst my many different professional occupations, I was a chef for a while. I gave it up when the restaurant I was working for went the way of the dodo, back in 2009(ish), and that was a good thing. See, when you're head chef, you're on salary, and that means you end up working anywhere from 60 to 75 hours a week. After a number of years doing this, I was somewhat burned out. After a few years, though, I feel good about cooking again. Not to the point that i want to do it all the time, but good enough that I do get the urge on a fairly regular basis. So the week before Thanksgiving, I suggested to my LGBF, Josh, that I might want to swing by his place and cook dinner. As he's not a moron, he was on board with that idea. *grins*

So off I went to the wilds of Alexandria, Virginia (I live maybe 20 miles away in Maryland, so not as much of a trip as I make it seem), and he let me cook in the beautiful kitchen of the house he and his honey share there. They have an amazing kitchen! I LOVE their kitchen! I made shrimp cocktail (with 16/20 count shrimp), followed by 11/15 count shrimp (these are enormous!) with asparagus and  pasta in a sauce od XVO (extra virgin olive oil), garlic, white wine and lemon juice. Josh's friend Michael, who is fabulous, stopped by and joined us, as did Melissa, Josh's neighbor. A good time was had by all.

Now, fast forward to this past Friday. *hee*

Most people probably don't want to cook for others on their own birthday, but as my apartment is tiny, with a barely-usable stove, I was psyched about the idea. So off I went to the wilds of Virginia (again), and this time I made lavender chicken. (Lavender chicken is amazing, and I don't even like chicken. It's got lavender, garlic, shallots, butter, and several other seasonings that the chicken is roasted with. Maybe I'll do a recipe post some time. Haha! :P)

We added a new (to me) friend, this time, who was another friend of the LGBF's, and that was awesome, too. She brought a cake though we were too stuffed to eat any of it! So there was lavender chicken, roasted carrots and potatoes, and sauteed mushrooms cooked with garlic, lemon and beer! *bounces* It was so much fun to cook for people again!

Yes. We had a kiki. And our kiki was MARVELOUS! *grins*

After the feasting portion of the evening was done, Josh, Melissa, Michael and I all went out to a local club. Michael needed to leave shortly after because he had to work in the morning (boo-hiss for work interfering with fun!), and I may or may not have decided to sing karaoke. O_o (It was Friday night, so they were only allowing upbeat songs, which was something of an issue for me as I'm more drawn to ballads about love gone wrong. Still, I managed. I may or may not have yowled my way through "Love is a Battlefield" and "You Oughta Know". Just sayin'.)

We closed the place down. Meaning last call had come and gone by the time we headed back to the LGBF's place.

I neded up passing out on the couch after an extended chat with Melissa -- out on the balcony because that's the smoking section at Josh's place (and I don't blame him because that house is fucking beautiful and I wouldn't want it stinking of smoke if it were mine, either... not even my own smoke). He offered me the spare bedroom, so please don't think it was anything but my own decision to be on the couch! It was entirely me because I didn't think I was that tired. Oh, alcohol. LOL

So the point of all this is that today I'm going over to Josh's again. I'm going to cook for him, me, and his honey. There will likely be club-going afterwards, too. I expect that I'll take them up on that gust bedroom this time. Then the LGBF and his guy will be travelling during their free time until probably this time next month.

Maybe I should be pouty and sad because I won't see them until then (after today, I mean), and I guess I am, a little. But I had the best fucking birthday I've had in ages, even if it wasn't on the actual day, and I have to say I'm excited to hear all about their adventures when the holiday travel-season has passed. *grins*

Now I just need to figure out a menu for dinner. I WAS thinking steak, but it's gotten more chilly here now, so maybe... braised beef short ribs with homemade macaroni and cheese? I would ordinarily throw some peas in there, ut I think the LGBF hates peas, so... maybe some sliced asparagus instead? (Again, there might be a recipe post coming soon. If there's any interest.)

So that's my giant post in which I've said nothing of any great import. *grins* Thanks for stopping by. More random craziness next week!

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