Thursday, January 24, 2013

Crazy I am! (And not in the happy, fun way)

Hello, hello, and sincere apologies for posting so late! Also for zoning out (aka letting RL consume me) last week.

Last week was definitely insane, what with loads of driving long distances and family emergencies, both with my own family and my sister's (not a legal sibling an it's a long story, but I think everyone has people who are like family to them, and my sis is that in my world). Sis's mom is very, very, VERY not well and has been in the ICU in upstate NY for a few weeks now. I road-tripped to be there when things looked like "very NOT well" wasn't a strong enough descriptor. (She's still not better but seems to be holding on, so that's good.)

This week, my own mother hasn't been doing so well, and that's not something I'm going to get too deeply into... or at all. Suffice it to say that the New Year has been treating me like a redheaded stepchild and we'll leave it at that.

So the upshot is, I have nothing prepared for this post, so I'm going to offer up a couple recommendations as far as TV shows go. Cuz I'm not feeling tremendously creative right now. Heh.

First, I stumbled across a show on Netflix called "Lost Girl." It's about a succubus who never knew what she was who is thrust into the hidden world of Fae living amongst us. It can seem slightly cheesy at times, but in a way that's amusing rather than annoying (for me. YMMV). I like it and its' currently on SyFy in its third season. Seasons 1 & 2 are available for viewing on Netflix, as I said. *grins*

Second, during my time in Upstate, I came across a DVD set of the first and only season of a show called "Birds of Prey." This show aired in 2002-2003 and actually holds up very well today. There are only 13 episodes and I really wish there had been at least one more season, but it 's well worth taking the time to watch. Also, the premise -- what happens in Gotham when Batman is no longer a player and Batgirl (who is no longer Batgirl but Oracle, due to being confined to a wheelchair) teams up with Huntress (Batman and Catwoman's daughter) and a teenaged clairvoyant/psychometrist/etc. who has run away to the big city -- is both fun and intriguing. This show really should have lasted longer. In fact, I'm not sure why it didn't except the whole superhero thing wasn't that big yet. It likely would have done better if it had aired five or six years later, but what can you do?

Anyway, that's my half-assed post for today. Tune in next Thursday when I'll have something much more interesting to say!

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