Thursday, January 10, 2013


Hi, all, and apologies but today's post is really just a fly-by. There's a family emergency going on that has me in upstate NY. In the middle of winter. *shivers* This being the case, I haven't had time to prepare anything for today or even think about what to share with you guys. That said, I AM always thinking, so...


I've come to the conclusion that the super-religious or just generally divisive and intolerant types truly want to believe their whole "gay is a choice" line for one reason and one reason only.

See, if gay (or bisexual, or whatever variant or gradient of human sexuality someone might possess) is the way some people are born, that truly means there's nothing wrong with being "different" from what is considered the norm. If these same people are gay/whatever by choice, then it's OKAY to hate them for being somewhere other than on the super-hetero end of the curve.

So that's my thought of the day. Discuss. :)


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