Monday, January 14, 2013

Just Some Random Rambling by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday, y'all. If you've read my posts here you know I am the worst blogger in the history of blogging because I have nothing to say. Despite that, I endeavor to keep on trucking so today, I'll share just a bit of rambling nonsense and then stop (hopefully) before I humiliate myself too much.

Okay, so update on what I've been up to lately, in semi-chronological order (which is really not my thing, as you may know from my books):

  • I submitted the 2nd book in the Mates series. This one is called Until Forever Comes and it's about Ethan and Miguel, the vampire/shifter couple I introduced in Wake Me Up Inside
    • While I'm waiting to hear back, I'm tweaking and improving and getting some amazing help along the way from the wonderful Jaime Reese. I am not fretting. Nope. Not at all. Don't believe me? Okay, fine. Fair enough. Can't say I blame you. 
    • Writing this one was extra special fun for me because I felt like I had my own personal sounding board and cheerleader along the way in Ms. Mary Calmes. If you've read Mary's werepanther series then you understand how intimidating/amazing it was to have her in my corner for this book. If you haven't read her series, go now. Click here. Seriously.  
  • Dreamspinner Press has chosen a sports theme for their summer Daily Dose anthology. I tend to write novels, rather than novellas or shorts, but I make exceptions for Dreamspinner's Daily Dose and Advent and I've found that I really like it. I had a great time writing a short novella that was a combination of my favorite theme (friends to lovers) and something new for me that I may explore more in a future book (enemies to lovers). Now I'm just doing the fingers-crossed, hope they like it dance. Again, not fretting.
  • I bought coffee at a convenience store. The cup sprung a leak in my car. I was able to rescue most of the coffee in a handy travel mug so it wasn't a total loss, and I've been calling myself MacGyver ever since. One thing I cannot seem to save, however, is my phone. Coffee dripped on it and no amount of duct tape or rice (thanks for the suggestion, though) is going to bring back the audio. So my task this week is to find a new phone. I've enlisted the help of an expert (thank goodness for techie friends), and hope to be fully operational again soon. 
  • I haven't watched movies and TV in a very long time because I tend to write in my free time or read in my free-free time. But after a strong recommendation I watched the Avengers. This movie was totally and completely lost on me. 
    • I mean, the hawk guy was super hot, but he was a zombie most of the movie and I liked him better in that cop show that got cancelled (I actually used to watch that show, but I can't remember what it's called). 
    • Robert Downy, Jr. is wonderful. I've adored him since we were both young, and the man has aged damn fine but all that sarcasm seemed a bit too much considering the surroundings. 
    • The suit guy I liked a lot. Charming as hell. (SPOILER: But brother got shot and killed so that sucked.) 
    • Now, I'll tell you what didn't suck: Banner. He was a sexy-as-hell homicidal/suicidal mad professor and I was smitten. The man needed way more screen time. I filed him away for a character inspiration. We'll see what happens.
  •  I'm working on a new book now. It's something different for me in lots of ways, but it's already been a joy and hopefully the results will be good. I'll keep you updated. 
Enjoy your week. I'll blabber mindlessly some more next week. Maybe. We'll see.



  1. The Change of Heart books of Mary Calms sound wonderful! But i have a question. I found the 3 books, but there is another one that says a Change of Heart Novel ( Change of Fate) Is this the first or last in the series or is it even a part of it?
    I absolutely loved your first shape shifter book, Wake Me Up Inside! I cant wait for your next one.
    Oh and if you really liked that sexy as hell hulk guy, then you'll be glad to know he has his own Hulk movie planning in the works soon. ;)
    Have a great day Cardeno! <3

    1. Hi, Tammy. Thank you!!! As far as Mary's books, here is the order: (1) Change of Heart, (2) Trusted Bond, (3) Honored Vow, (4) Crucible of Fate. :)

  2. Love it! Wow!! You sound as random as me...we must be friends. :D So excited about Until Forever Comes!!! I love the Change of Heart series!! I haven't read Crucible of Fate yet...I've had SO much to read lately...I think I'm gonna re-read the whole series before I read CoF, though. Enemies to lovers? I like this development. I'm probably worse with phones than you are...I honestly should not have an iPhone...I've replaced it 3 times in the past 3's sad...let's see...I dropped one in the river, stepped on one, and most recently my niece threw it in the toilet (she throws EVERYTHING in the toilet)...I have NOT seen Avengers yet, apparently I need to get on that...and finally I love new! Can't wait to read it!! :D

    1. OMG this is the best comment ever. You should give blogging lessons to the blogging-challenged (like me). I only have the one iphone down but I'm getting an android now instead of an iphone. Techie friend says that's the way to go. You'll love CoF (which goes without saying, I know).

  3. *snorts* No lesson...I'm just comes natural ;)

  4. the actor is Jeremy Renner and the cop show was The Unusuals. it was a great show. actually met Jeremy when he was promoting The Hurt Locker a few years ago...very nice & smoking hot.

    1. Kira: (1) Yes! That was it. Loved the show, loved him. As usual, that means it got cancelled. (2) OMFG!!!! Did you swoon? You had to have swooned.

    2. he's better looking in person! and as i said very kind to fans. it was right after The Unusuals got canceled, we told him we were sad it was gone.