Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Every year I start off with the same resolution, you know the one. The skinny one. I need to lose easily a hundred pounds to get back to my fighting weight. Basically if I got down, more clothes would fit, my necklaces would hang better and I would have to press my boobs in to see what food I dropped on my shirt. What? It's true. So this year, I started already by cutting out soda and my Vitamin water (whimper) and all fried food. It's a start. It turns out that losing weight is the easy one. The other resolutions are much harder.

I think I need to change how I write. I have taken numerous polls, which basically means I have asked all my friends who write, and most all of them write one thing at a time really-really fast. So me, who has several things going at once, 200 words on that one, 150 over there, 500 there, because I'm all spread out, that's why it takes so long. I need to learn the art of follow through and my little mosquito brain has trouble with that. But even though it's hard sometimes to stay focused on the CEO and police detective and I want to flit over to demon fighting or shape-shifting, that's my goal for this year. One thing at a time. We'll see how it goes. I hope everyone has a super productive 2013. :)

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  1. I completely understand...I have ADHD and currently three WIPs, with another idea bouncing around in my head begging me to put it in this rate I'll never finish anything, much less get published...and the sad thing is, when I am writing, it's awesome stuff!!