Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Why always the bad guy?

Okay, so obviously this is Richard Armitage who I have been crushing on since I started watching Robin Hood, the BBC version.  And now, he's Thorin in The Hobbit and everybody loves him but my problem is that even when he was playing the worst guy, the bad guy, the guy clad in black leather (that's a whole other issue), I was still wild about him. He was the bad guy. Why on earth am I still attracted to the the bad boy? I'm a grown (cougholdcough) woman now, the love of the bad boy should be over.

But it can't be helped. It's movies, it books, why is the bad guy always so strong and decisive and single-minded? The hero is flawed and all over the place most time, but the villain? Oh no, not him. He has firm purpose, it's the evil he's spreading. Women, and men go wild for the bad boy. Normally he has a lot of style, he's dashing and he really knows how to walk into a room. And I don't mean the evil guy, the one who you want the hero to not only kill, but revive, and then kill again, I mean like Loki in The Avengers. He's bad. He killed people. But it's sort of... forgiven. You just want to rehabilitate him. I guess I have to examine my own psyche and figure it out. But do you find yourself rooting for the bad guy, watching the show not for the hero, but for the hot guy in leather? I swear, that whole time I watched Robin Hood I kept thinking to myself, Marian you fool, Guy's the hot one, Robin is a annoying. But of course she was pining for the wrong guy. Or maybe I was. Hard to say.

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