Monday, February 11, 2013

Just a Random Update by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday, y'all. Not much to say on my end. (I know you're shocked, but pick up those dropped jaws, it's really not becoming.) But I'm going to do my bloggy best and just share some news from the past few weeks.

  1. I think that I should be in some sort of Android/iphone commercial or test facility. As you might recall, I spilled coffee on my iphone, thus making the ear piece unusable. My friend has since fixed it, but in the meantime, he got me an Android phone, which he swore I'd like better. It's a Samsung Google Nexus and it is a really great phone. As far as many features (Google compatibility, access to open aps), he was right and I like it better - point for Android. But (you knew there would be a but), I've had multiple struggles trying to sync it with Outlook (for my day job) and I never had that problem with iphone - point for iphone. Also, the battery lasts about four hours if I use it (to check FB and twitter and otherwise stay connected). This caused a problem the other day when I wanted to take pictures in the evening and my phone was dead. I had to borrow someone's iphone - that's a point for iphone for those of you keeping track at home. I might or might not send the phone to Samnsung to see if they can fix the battery issue. This is currently the big question before me. What can I say? Mine clearly is not a complex life.
  2. Kelly Shorten, web/graphic guru extraordinaire and Musa Publishing designer, spiced up my website. Among other things, she added a stunning banner that Shirley Frances made for me using the cover Reese Dante created for Something in the Way He Needs, my upcoming release. I can't stop looking at it, that's how much I love it. Check it out here
  3. The check engine light (a.k.a. "that light that looks like a submarine" - cue smirks from mechanics and friends alike) in my car has been going on for the last couple of months. I've been to the mechanic four times and I think he wants to pull his hair out. Status update on this: no light lately, so maybe he fixed it and all is well. Either that, or he broke the bulb. Not sure I care either way.
  4. Top2Bottom Reviews is reviewing the Home series books and they posted a review of He Completes Me that made me all tingly inside. Check it out here: Review of He Completes Me. They also did a wonderful one of Home Again: Review of Home Again
  5. I put out a twitter/FB question about how old is too old to text "u" instead of "you". Turns out it was the most controversial thing I've ever written. Who knew? This popped into my mind as I read the responses: Are you ready to rumble?.
  6. Some other recent randomness (as tweeted):
  • My friend's description of kids on her son's football team: yankers. I died laughing. Feb 10, 2013 
  • I just experienced an auto-spinning showerhead. It was disconcerting. Feb 07, 2013 
  • I just stumbled onto heaven: Ghirardelli espresso shake. Feb 06, 2013 
  • I just witnessed 5 grown adults getting into the backseat of a Chrysler sedan. That's all for now. Carry on. Feb 04, 2013 
  • Crisis averted. Caffeine consumed. All systems go. Feb 04, 2013 
  • Missed morning coffee. In line @ airport McDonald's. Guy in front of me asking about ingredients & delaying my caffeine is risking his life. Feb 04, 2013 
  • Tragedy. The milk was sour. I didn't know until after I poured it into my coffee. Jan 31, 2013 
  • My friend: "Tip: don't write anything down that you don't want your mother or the Supreme Court to read." I think I'm in trouble. Jan 27, 2013 
  • My friend will never lend his sister his car again.
  • Standing in mall looking at porn on Twitter while my computer is being fixed. Need caffeine. Jan 25, 2013 
  • Ummm ... Jan 23, 2013
That's all for now. Hope you have a wonderful week.


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