Friday, February 22, 2013

Recommendation and Apology - by BG Thomas

First--apologies. After knee replacement surgery and two months of intense recovery, I am back to work. I work a rough job and I get home and collapse. And I am still on partial duty! So my posts went away for a few weeks. I intend to be more on the ball, but could still slip up a week or two. Hope you will forgive me.

Next: After slamming a movie a few weeks ago, I thought I should offer up a good one!

I had a rough night recently and couldn't sleep and got up way late (early) and watched this movie and loved it! I had wanted to see it, but with the following blurb, I had sorta ignored it...

"A fr...esh face comes to Hollywood to act in movies but only the gay porn studios are eager to provide him with work."

It just sounded like another low-budget gay movie with gratuitous nudity. BOY was I WRONG!

What a charming movie with little nudity--you don't even see the star in the all together and he has done nude spreads--is he a porn star?

It has a fun cast and most perform well. It includes Matthew Ludwinski (the star who is great in this movie--sweet and charming and a good actor!), Allison Lane (as the best friend who turns in an acceptable performance), Michael Medico (love interest and I loved him! I will look for him again!), Casper Andreas (who wrote and directed, did a GREAT job in those roles but sadly was weak in the acting--he is so good in other things--maybe he shouldn't direct and act?), John Schile, Bruce Vilanch (doesn't he direct gay porn--he was very fun), Judy Tenuta (disappointing performance), Jesse Archer and the terrific comedian Alec Mapa in a cameo appearance!

After being so furious over the movie "Dream Boy" several days ago with its Brokeback-philosophy on making movies (you can make a gay movie as long as there is tragedy in said movie), I dearly loved "Going Down in La-La Land." Check it out!  Please!

A real feel good movie and I've now started showing it to friends and they are recommending it as well.  I hope you feel the same way!

And now I must enter Kansas City's SNOWPOCALYPSE!!! Nine to twelve inches.  Hope I make it to work!
Peace and love,



  1. Thanks for the rec! I feel like I've seen so many gay movies that leave me wanting to slit my wrists. Have you seen Private Romeo? Shakespeare remade with an all male cast, and the couple lives. Very sweet.

    1. I have been thinking of watching it but was afraid that it would have the same ending and so haven't seen it. Now I will! Thanks!