Friday, February 1, 2013

This Year's First ANTI-Recommendation; by BG Thomas

So before you even think about renting or streaming this movie...DON'T!

I found this on one of those lists of gay movies you should see. I looked at Amazon and there were nice reviews with comments like...

"Both the book and movie forms of "Dream Boy" are recommendable" and "When I read the book I considered it one of the best I had ever read and I can say the same for the film. Beautifully photographed, great acting and one of the most faithful adaptations of a story to the screen since Brokeback Mountain. Strongly recommended!"

Recommended? Recommended??

Maybe if you are a self-hating-homophobe! I am so damned tired of It's-Okay-To-Make-A-Gay-Movie-As-Long-As-Someone-Dies! What the hell is going on?

Yes, I think "Brokeback" was an important film. And it was beautiful. It got its message across that the two men could have been happy had not the hetero-centered world given the men a chance. It opened eyes.

But for God's sake! As long as our movies are about unhappy endings--death by AIDS, gay-bashings, break-ups because "gay men can't find love"--then we are broadcasting the message that that is what "gay" is all about!

Why can't there be more movies like "Shelter" or "East Side Story" or "Boy Culture" or "Long Term Relationship?" What is going on?

Here is a blurb for "Dream Boy": Shy teenager Nathan (Stephan Bender) and his family have moved from one town to another trying to escape the domestic disintegration within their own home. Roy (Max Roeg) and his family live a quiet life on a farm. When Nathan moves in next door to charismatic Roy, the boys strike up a friendship as high school study partners. Their strong emotional bond soon takes a natural turn toward physical passion, a secret they must hide from those around them in the backwoods rural community ... A haunting and mythical tale of first love. Directed by James Bolton (EBAN AND CHARLEY, THE GRAFITTI ARTIST). Featuring Diana Scarwid and Rickie Lee Jones.

"Dream Boy" starts beautifully. I read that it is a terrific adaptation of the book. Young men falling in love and realizing they are gay. The young actors are lovely. The acting all around is amazing. As the couple fall in love I was breathless. The love scenes were handled beautifully, sweet without being under-age-pornographic. They go right to the wall though. Powerful stuff.
Then--SPOILER ALERT!--we find out bad/sad stuff about one boy's past, including sexual abuse. I could live with that and waited to see how the boys would overcome.
But then the movie suddenly gets silly, ridiculous, trite, cliche, and more. Death follows. Something supernatural. Ghosts? Hooey is what. I was so mad I stomped around the room, which isn't easy on a cane after a full knee replacement surgery.
Send out the word! Do NOT watch this movie! Write Hollywood! Tell them we are tired of this filth. Gay is good. Why can't we have happy gay movies?
Thank God for M/M romance!

BG Thomas


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