Monday, March 25, 2013

US Supreme Court Hears DOMA Cases by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday, y'all. In case you haven't heard, I want to let you know that Tuesday and Wednesday are important days in the battle for marriage equality. The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing the California Prop 8 and DOMA cases. 

We won't know the decision until late June (or so the predictions go), but I'm sure the pundits will give us their opinions on where things are headed after the arguments. I for one believe this is going to be the next step in finally overturning the discriminatory laws that have negatively impacted so many people. 

I remember watching cspan while DOMA was being passed and wondering how our elected officials could make a decision that violated the very foundation of our Constitution. And I remember the pain and shock of so many when Proposition 8 passed in California. But the tide has shifted since then, and I believe these Supreme Court cases, like the results of the marriage ballot initiatives in the last election, will continue to demonstrate the move toward equality. 

So now you know my plans for Tuesday and Wednesday: DOMA watch (and writing). Have a great week.


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