Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The events of yesterday at the Boston Marathon have brought a flood of difficult emotions. I catch shadows of 9/11 looming out of the corner of my eye. Bombs. Terrorists. Death. Pain. Fear.

There's not much I can say to those poor people whose lives were ripped apart by the explosions at the finish line, no words of comfort I can give to the families who lost loved ones, or the people who were injured. There are no magic spells to soothe the dreams of those who must live with the memory of the attack. No words to dry the tears of children, or ease the heartache of parents affected by the tragedy.

We have only our voices to add to theirs. Find who did this.  Make sure they can't do it again elsewhere.   Make them pay for what they've stolen  - the lives and health of so many runners and bystanders at the Marathon, and from us as a nation, our peace of mind.

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