Sunday, April 7, 2013

New Submission Calls for Entangled Publishing

I'm sort of phoning it in this week, and I'm super sorry. I'm beyond overwhelmed, we had a death in the family, and my inbox looks worse than ever. I'm potty training a very stubborn 3 year old, dammit, I can hardly spell my own name.

But cheating aside, I think this is very worth sharing. I'm a big fan of Entangled Publishing and the quality of books they produce. I follow some of their editors on twitter just to soak up their advice. I'm friendly with many authors who publish with them and I've heard great things about the quality of their editorial and their marketing, which is something that we don't always get from some of the smaller e-pubs. They've got some new submission calls out, one for a new line they're launching, and they're now explicitly announcing that they're open to m/m as well as f/f pairings. They've actually been open to m/m all along as far as I know, I asked them when they first opened their doors, but I didn't ever see it listed, and it now does say so on their "One Night In..." submission call.

I know Entangled has pretty specific guidelines with regard to what they acquire  They like category length (novella) romance, dialogue heavy, alpha males, and recognizable tropes. If you think you have something that fits their model, I'd totally check it out.

Find out more about Entangled's open calls, here.

Have a great week. Love, Ellis

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