Thursday, April 25, 2013

T.C. Blue presents "This Week... in 'gay news' (or as I like to call it... news.)"

This won't be a lengthy post. Mostly just a bunch of links to stories I found interesting, inspiring, or that just made me smile. Sometimes all three. :)

First, Senator (D) Kelvin Atkinson of Nevada came out this week, during a debate about gay marriage and equal rights. One of the (many) stories about it can be found here: All I can say is good for him. Good for him, good for Nevada, and good for any African American gay people who have been afraid of expressing their own same-sex orientation. The African American community is one of the most difficult in which to be gay. Perhaps having another out, successful, gay black person in the public eye will help to ease the ties of intolerance there. (This is not to say that all African Americans are intolerant of homosexuality. My understanding, however, is that there's more stigma attached to being black and gay than there is elsewhere. I may be wrong about that and if your experience differs, I apologize for being misinformed.)

Rhode Island's state Senate has passed a gay marriage legislation. Reports are that the Governor of the state plans to sign said bill into law. One of the many stories on this can be found here: The bill passed with 2/3 of the state Senate in favor. Good for you, Rhode Island! Congratulations on taking another step toward full equality for all people, regardless of gender-preference and attraction, under the law.

Former Middle Tennessee State kicker Alan Gendreau is hoping to have a shot at the NFL. After graduating last year, he's now trying to find a permanent position on a team. Maybe the first openly gay player on a national U.S. sports team won't be an active, already established player, but one who comes in already out (so to speak). The story (from Outsports) is here:

I'm going to stop here, but I have to say that I find it encouraging that so much is happening so quickly. I'm hopeful that the trend toward equality and inclusion will continue apace.

More news next week, I think... unless I find something to rant about, which -- haha! -- you never know!

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