Monday, April 8, 2013

Twitter Recap by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday, y'all. Blogging desperation strikes again so today I bring to you, another twitter recap. Hopefully I remembered where the last one ended and this doesn't include repeats. 

  • Went out to lunch today & kept looking for the candid camera when the waitress spoke. Example: "Aren't you gonna have a shot of tequila?" Apr 05, 2013 
  • Thank you internet: #13 still makes me laugh, then immediately feel guilty about it. Apr 05, 2013 
  • How to know it's a good day: being able to tie a Breakfast Club line into a work group email. Apr 04, 2013 
  • In today's episode of Gym Adventures: dangly earings. Seems like asking for pain IMO. Apr 04, 2013 
  • Yummy new drink: Last night's leftover banana peanut butter froyo + ground up chocolate covered espresso beans + Diet Coke. Apr 03, 2013 
  • Why is the gym SO much harder on Mondays? Apr 01, 2013 
  • Ulcer, too much caffeine, or overkill on the stomach crunches? The symptoms are too similar too know. Mar 28, 2013 
  • I have a blurb for Until Forever Comes, the 2nd book in the Mates series: :) Mar 27, 2013 
  • To celebrate Passover, a friend's post: Has anyone tried to make bacon-wrapped matzoh balls and if so, any advice other than don't? Mar 26, 2013 
  • In case you need a blessing here's the number. Mar 23, 2013 
  • Is the $11 charge to make Mike hard or to get a nonflacid Mike? I'm confused. Mar 23, 2013 
  • I haven't cried this hard in a long time. Let's never forget that something small can make a big difference. Mar 22, 2013 
  • I have a perfect new cover for Until Forever Comes, the next Mates book. @ReeseDante has truly outdone herself. Mar 20, 2013 
  • To my fellow Mary Calmes fans, she has a new book out with @PoppyDennison: 20, 2013 
  • Please vote for my dear friend and writing partner, Mary Calmes, GLBT - Contemporary Romance: You can login w/ FB. Mar 18, 2013 
  • Tonight I got my first look at the cover to my upcoming book & I'm on cloud nine. @ReeseDante is an absolute genius. I'll share soon. Mar 16, 2013 
  • Pft! Mar 14, 2013 
  • After a day of back pain and doctors and blah blah blah, my Diet Coke tastes SO good. Seriously, SO good. Mar 12, 2013 
  • I was interviewed at Top2Bottom! Interview here: And book review here: :) Mar 11, 2013 
  • Happy Monday! Today on the blog, links to the fan page and group @selina_mcg & @rachMgalla started. Mar 11, 2013 
  • Texts at the end of the weekend always replenish my story ideas list. Mar 10, 2013 
  • Long weekend = barely conscious this a.m. Playing Britney *loud* to wake up. There might be goofy dancing. Go ahead & laugh. I deserve it. Mar 10, 2013 
  • How much do I love her and what she is saying? SO much. Mar 07, 2013 
  • Have you ever caught yourself watching cat videos and laughing? Mar 05, 2013 
  • Joyfully Jay interviewed me today. Check it out here: There's also a giveaway of Something in the Way He Needs. Mar 04, 2013 
  • I'm drinking coke mixed w/ espresso. No joke. From a flavor perspective, I can't recommend this. I'll get back to you later about efficacy. Mar 04, 2013 
  • Wonderful review of one of my very favorite books, Frog by Mary Calmes: You're welcome, @sfrancespr! Mar 02, 2013 
  • Did you know there's a Grindr for Girl Scout cookies? No, really. Look: Mar 01, 2013 
  • Working from home today: sweats, couch, laptop, loud music, ridiculous dancing. Feb 28, 2013 
  • How to know you really need caffeine: you pull up to the drive thru, pay for your drinks, and then drive off before receiving the drinks. Feb 28, 2013 
  • I got a little nauseous looking at this. I tried to write the components of this "food" but ran out of characters! Feb 27, 2013 
  • y'all, my check engine light is back on. Repeat: check engine light is back on. Feb 26, 2013 
  • Today's discoveries: buffalo Tabasco sauce = good. My new phone's talk to text changes my cusswords into **** = fucking shitty. ;) Feb 23, 2013 
  • At grocery store. Just realized my shirt is inside out. Lovely. Oh well, they have hazelnut lattes. Feb 22, 2013 
  • It's Friday! I'm loving my new phone. My car will be fixed soon. I have a cold Diet Coke. & did I mention that it's Friday? Whoot! Feb 22, 2013 
  • Home waiting for repair person. Talking on the phone & saw him pull up. Said, "Gotta go put on pants." Hung up to sound of laughter. Feb 21, 2013 
  • It's a cold, rainy, overcast day. Puts me in the mood for a hot cup of coffee. Feb 21, 2013 
  • 11 minute call w/ the mechanic. Blah blah blah - leak in the gas tank; blah blah blah - this is definitely the issue; blah blah blah - $$. Feb 20, 2013 
  • The mechanic has been talking for a full 6:31 min (based on phone timer). I still don't know what's wrong or how much it'll cost. Feb 20, 2013 
  • I just finished writing a scene and had to wipe away tears. I think I need more caffeine or something. Feb 20, 2013 
  • Anytime I can work Cher into a book, I feel like I've succeeded in life. Feb 20, 2013 
  • Cell phone decision made: Verizon & a Motorola Droid Razr HD based on connectivity & battery life. Anyone have issues w/ that phone? Feb 19, 2013 
  • I came upon a giant excavating machine taking down a house and I've spent the past 30 minutes watching it like a little kid. So cool. Feb 19, 2013 
  • Gross post alert: I have a hangnail. It hurts like hell. When we dug, there was puss. Puss. Now my finger hurts & I'm nauseous. Feb 19, 2013 
  • Do you think the designer was laughing his ass off when someone signed off on this? Feb 18, 2013 
  • I'm going to switch cell providers & get a new phone (long grumbling story). Anyone love their phone? I need recs. Feb 17, 2013 
  • I just made today's to-do list. It started with "(1) shower". Can you tell it's a a writing weekend? Feb 16, 2013 
  • We're up to three. Okay, I'll just add these up for a bit so I don't overpost. Feb 16, 2013 
  • 2 birds ran into my window in the last 5 min. I'm going to start a daily tally. Feb 16, 2013 
  • Don't they make a lovely couple? Feb 14, 2013 
  • Way to go Lego! Feb 14, 2013 
  • Y'all, the check engine light is on. Repeat the check engine light is back on. Feb 14, 2013 
  • My friend is a teacher. This is a pic from a schoolbook about prairie dogs. Who are into menage. Feb 14, 2013 
  • I slathered my fake chic'n & rice w/ wing sauce. My mouth hurts but I can't stop eating it. Feb 13, 2013 
I hope your week is much more exciting than my blog post. ;)


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