Monday, April 22, 2013

Until Forever Comes by Cardeno C. - Now Available for Preorder

Happy Monday, y'all. My exciting news this week is that Until Forever Comes, the next book in my Mates series, is available for preorder. And there's a puppet show/video! More on that later, but first the details about the book.

Blurb: Ethan Abbatt is a wolf shifter who can’t shift. Plagued by pain and weakness all his life, he hopes to find an honorable death by joining his pack mates in a vampire attack. Instead, Ethan learns two things: draining his blood releases his pain and his wolf, and he has a true mate—a vampire named Miguel. 

Miguel Rodriguez is more than four centuries old. Strong, powerful, and vicious, he walks through life as a shadow, without happiness or affection. When a young shifter tells Miguel they’re true mates, destined to be together, Miguel sends him away. But Ethan is persistent, and Miguel can’t resist for long. Once Miguel gives in, being together comes naturally. The challenge is keeping themselves alive so they can stay by each other’s side until forever comes.

ebook link

paperback link

Wait, did someone say puppet show? Yes! Rachel Gallagher spent hours and hours making a fun and hilarious video celebrating this release. I've been watching it on a loop and laughing so hard, I almost don't have time to be nervous about this release. Check it out here and leave Rachel a comment.

Have a wonderful week!



  1. There's nothing to be nervous about. Can't wait.

  2. I'm seriously excited for the release. This video - I can't remember laughing so hard. Rachel, you are fantastic! Your puppet show was inspiring. Thank you so much for creating it and sharing it.