Thursday, May 23, 2013

Conversations with Tom (part 1) -- aka T.C. Blue terrorizes the new guy. :P

As I've said here before, I'm somewhat prone to having odd conversations with people. Much of the time, the oddness is amusing -- to me, anyway.

A few months ago, a man moved into my building, right down the hall from me. Now, I didn't actually know his name until last week (we're not exactly friends, as such, but I we run into each other sometimes on the elevator), but as I came to find out, it's Tom.

I'm not sure about how old Tom is, but he's a widower and had two children who live with him. His son David is about to graduate from high school and his daughter Jennifer is one year behind David in school, so I'm going to say they're 18 and 17, respectively.

Why, you may be thinking, is this at all relevant?

Well, it's relevant because… this past Sunday:

Me: *gets on elevator and sees Tom* Hey, how's it going?

Tom: *shrugs* Pretty good. The kids are ready for the pool to open, though.

Me: Yeah, no shit. It's been really hot lately. (It was. Still is. Went from the 50s-60s to being in the 80s in about 3 days. Yay, DC weather. *snorts*)

Tom: Hey, have you been watching 'So You Think You Can Dance'? (We sometimes talk about 'the Voice' so it wasn't that much of a stretch.)

Me: Kinda sorta. I caught the first two episodes of the new season online. Why?

Tom: Did you see that girl?

Me: *O_o* Um, which girl? There were kind of a lot of them.

Tom: I don't know her name. She was wearing these white shorts and a top. The one who pretended to be deaf. (The girl in question was joking with the judges. She never seriously claimed to be deaf.)

Me: Oh, yeah. What about her?

Tom: *grins* She was really hot. (He looks good enough at whatever his age that he can say someone's hot without sounding like a lecherous prick, just to be clear.)

Me: *O_o harder* Yeah, she can dance, but she's eighteen, man. Pretty much your daughter's age.

Tom: *looks like he just threw up a little in his mouth* Oh. Well. Thanks for ruining that fantasy forever.

Me: No problem. So who else do you think is hot? *toothy grin*

Tom: Bea Arthur?

Me: So you're into necrophilia? That's kinda gross. *sees Tom's confused stare* Um, she's dead, in case you didn't know.

Tom: I think I'll just shut up now.


This was actually a really fun convo. For me, anyway. I suspect that poor Tom may still be traumatized, so… yay me! *hee*



  1. LMAO!!! Oh how I wish I was a fly on the wall right above you guys! That was too funny!! Could also become great book ideas, eh?


    1. *hee* As with much of my real life, I don't think anyone would buy the scene if I put it in a book. LOL