Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Since it's Mother's Day I thought I'd devote today's post to coming out, and to the moms who support their kids no matter what. You hear all kinds of craziness, and as a mom I'm always grateful when I hear about mothers who accept their children with open arms. My youngest is in preschool right now and I see these adorable little children and wonder how people can kick their children out of the home, send them to Bible camp, or whatever the hell else. I'm sure they think it's love, but it's heartbreaking. So happy Mother's Day. THIS mom is happy for you, whoever you happen to be. And this video here is adorable. The bickering between the mom and son is adorable, because it's not about the son being gay, but because she thinks he was stubborn and should have come out sooner:

Happy Mother's Day, Love Ellis

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