Thursday, May 16, 2013

Just a quickie! :P

Sorry, all. I've been completely insane for the last few weeks but I'm finally here now. :)

Sadly, I somehow lost track of time and didn't realize today was Thursday until about 5 minutes ago. I could have sworn it was only Tuesday... which maybe supports my previous assertion of me being insane for the last while, come to think of it.

As I tend to be a pantser, I have nothing prepared, so I'm just going to paste a couple of links here.

These are actually the same story but one is the source article whilst the other is more of a blurb than anything else. Still, it's the comments that I find so fascinating. Truly. (Mostly not in a good way, tbh, because homophobia is clearly alive and well on the internet, no matter what's happening politically in the US. Otoh, some of the comments/replies didn't make me want to kick someone in the nads, so there's that.)

Until next time, when I hope to have something actually prepared... Peace. :)

~T.C. Blue

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