Saturday, May 18, 2013

Love is Never Wrong

“Love is never wrong, no matter the form. Fear is a big factor, sadly, in who we love if we are outside society’s ‘norm’. Normal is loving. Loving anyone, regardless of color, religion or sex. And sometimes the fear comes from inside ourselves. So be courageous. Love.” 

- Author G.A. Hauser

Lancelot in Love is a story of courageous love. When Lancelot Sanborn escapes to the Catskill Mountain Resort, he can't help but fall for the young, and still in-the-closet Keefe Hammond, even though he is still working through the emotions of a previous romance.

Author G.A. Hauser chose the Catskill Mountain Resort as the setting for this courageous love story because as a child, her family used to take vacations to upstate New York to the Bungalow cottages. She has fond memories of those times, and loved her visits there. So, when her big city character Lancelot needed an escape, this was the first place that popped into mind. 

The author G.A. Hauser credited the character Lancelot Sanborn to a month of hard days typing away in her home office. Hauser says her characters tell her what they want to do - she has a plot in mind but in the end, the characters dictate where they want to go. The defining characteristics of Lancelot Sanborn are his intrinsic kindness, his patience, and his understanding of what Keefe was going through. Lancelot was older and wiser, and even though he had been burned by his last lover, he never took his pain out on Keefe. 

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