Sunday, May 26, 2013

On Monogamy, or lack thereof

In case nobody has picked up on this, I enjoy watching interview or documentary-edge youtube videos and comparing and contrasting them to what I know about romance.

Dan Savage is known for giving relationship advice, and some of the questions he gets are out of this world fascinating. This video about a lesbian asking how she can get her partner to consider an open relationship caught my attention because Dan's answer run's so contrary to what we tend to write in romance.

Writing about cheating and open relationships in romance can be skating on dangerous ice, because most readers want monogamy. If you're an author who writes menage or erotica you may have more free reign, maybe? I think I recall BG covered cheating a short while back.

Once in awhile I see this sort of thing handled well in romance (3 by Jacob Flores comes to mind - again, menage ..), but the subject matter can be complicated to handle. I did find Dan's answer very interesting, and he made some excellent points.

Have a happy weekend!
Love, Ellis

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