Friday, May 31, 2013

Smutty Vocabulary Equals Fabulous Author

Who is M.L. Rhodes? In her own words she says she is: "an opinionated chick with a decent sense of humor and a vocabulary that's way too smutty for someone who grew up as a "good" girl." This mother of two writes steamy-hot male on male romance novels from her home in the Rocky Mountain foothills. She has been a professional writer for sixteen years. She firmly believes " love and physical desire are universal emotions and experiences. Yes, there are going to be some gender differences, obviously, but overall, when two people meet, are attracted, and eventually fall in love I think those emotions, at the core, are something we all feel, regardless of whether we’re women or men, straight or gay."

In her free time Rhodes enjoys wheelthrowing, eating cooked zucchini - not raw zucchini and bowling. She has a varied work background. She has been employed as a preschool teacher, bookstore manager, bank secretary, retail clerk, BLS (Basic Life Support) instructor for docs and nurses, office temp; among other things. She loves being a professional writer, and her three cats and two dogs keep her company while she types out her stories on her Mac Book Air.

Her story Familiar is about a magically challenged Emrys Andrew. This awkward non-jock was never in the popular crowd and always had a secret crush on a boy in his town named David Jennings. Jennings is popular, athletic and most importantly a non-magical "normal" guy. This alluring combination of traits makes Jennings irresistibly sexy to young Andrews.

When they have an unexpected encounter Andrews is pleasantly surprised to find out that he is not the only one who has been secretly admiring from afar. The sparks fly and the two quickly form a bond. However, Jenning's family also has been keeping secrets. These secrets force him to leave town. Years pass and Andrews tries to move on with life, without Jennings. Fate forces the two back together when Jennings returns to Andrews for a magical favor. Andrews has to save Jennings or forever loose his lover.


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  1. I heart M.L.!!! And I absolutely adored Familiar