Thursday, June 6, 2013

Again, I'm cursed. LOL (Another T.C. Blue conversational situation)

Okay, so many of you have probably read some of my posts about various chats I've had with people and been all "WTF? No way that could happen!"

Well, sadly, you're wrong. Sorry, but there it is.

See, I have no filter. I think it, I say it. And okay, that doesn't always work out badly for me, but it does occasionally lead to large numbers of people giving me the stink-eye.

I'm guessing that this is not a shock to those of you who know me. Heh-heh.

So the other night, after a rather intense day with my Mum (this phrase will likely preface every post I ever make in which I say stupid shit out loud. Just saying, it might be a repeated thing), I swung by my local restaurant/bar. Now, I've been there many a time before. The bartender, Evan, knows me well enough that when I call him Special Ed-van, he doesn't get offended. (And yes, I do know that's entirely NOT PC, but deal. We're buds. We say mean shit to each other. It's a human thing.)

So Evan and I are having a chat while some local music group is playing a set that's not exactly acoustic but not far from it. This  local group apparently has a fair number of fans because the bar is crowded but so busy paying attention to the musicians that Evan actually has some spare time.

So he's telling me about a porn flick he saw a couple nights before and he actually looks a little bit worried when he finishes. I guess because -- even after knowing each other for FIVE YEARS he still think I'm going to judge him, which I would never do. Everyone has their own kinks and fuck if I'm going to be the chick who tells anyone else that theirs is wrong. As I've said more than once, here on this blog... whatever two or more consenting adults do together is none of my business. As long as no one gets hurt in ways they don't want to, I could give a fuck.

So, me being me, I respond to Evan's commentary with "Well, no shit. Who DOESN'T like a good choke-fuck?"

Of course, I say this just as the band finishes their song, so my voice carries out over the silence between the end of the music and the applause. *sighs*

Pretty sure I can never go back to that bar again, damn it.

And just for the record, I'm filing this under "Only Me!" Hahaha!

So anyone else have stories like this? If so, I'd love to hear them! *grins*


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  1. Lol, I can't say I've ever said anything that's put me in a similar situation to yours or well I don't remember anyway. There was this one time when I was younger where I was so busy paying attention to my crush and his friend that I wasn't paying attention and ended up walking into (err... banging into) a table. I felt foolish for that one, but worse because their laughter brought more attention to me.