Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cause to Celebrate

In honor of the groundbreaking Supreme Court ruling this week our Feel Good Friday feature was written by someone very familiar....Cardeno C.  Cardeno C.  hasn't always wanted to be an author. She began writing because she felt that there were so many movies, shows, and books where the gay characters were deeply hurt or killed or otherwise made to be miserable. Cardeno C. remarks:  "I wanted to write something else, something happy, something where the characters were loved, strong, and positive and able to find happiness in their lives. That’s my inspiration. One of my writing goals is to make people feel uplifted, hopeful, warm, and happy. I’d love for readers to walk away from all of my books with a combination of those feelings." Those goals lead to the writing and eventual completion of Marriage.

Cardeno C. sent the Marriage minianthology to Dreamspinner Press in early March. However, if DOMA was upheld entirely she wouldn't have released the title. Cardeno  C. felt strongly that the title was about celebrating and that there needed to be something to celebrate.  Likewise she was compelled to adhere to the minianthology format to show how this decision impacted a variety of beloved characters from the Home series. Their varied reactions further the stories, but also give loyal readers a glimpse at what life has been like since their favorite character last appeared in text.

Cardeno C. is a self professed hopeless romantic that is very passionate about her writing and volunteer work. Cardeno C. volunteers with numerous gay rights organizations and wants to provide uplifting tales of hope and love for individuals of all sexual preference. We, here at Rainbow eBooks, want to ask all of our readers to celebrate their marriages this weekend. Spend a little extra time with your love, cuddle a little more, grab a sunrise coffee together - read this inspiring title. 

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