Saturday, July 27, 2013

Do the Math

 In this story recent college graduate and mathematical genius Skye McCord is determined that this summer he’s going to do something he’s always wanted to try—living. And, as a scientist, he’s not leaving anything to chance. He’s got a new job in Las Vegas, a signing bonus burning a hole in his pocket, and what else does a brainy geek spend his money on but an education? But this time, it’s one of a carnal variety.

Liam Maddox isn’t your ordinary gay male escort—he’s actually gay, and he really loves his job. Especially when he meets his newest client. Skye’s cute and awkward and sort of odd, and when he informs Liam that he wants to hire him to teach him everything about being gay, well...Liam’s too intrigued to say “no.”

Except what starts as lighthearted lessons in sex and seduction quickly becomes more as Liam taps into a submissive side of Skye the young man never knew he had. Also, Liam’s never been this drawn to anyone before, and he’s beginning to wonder if he can walk away when their time is up. Or does happily-ever-after exist for someone like Liam with someone like Skye?

Author Fae Sutherland believes in true love "Love is a choice, whether conscious or not, to give someone the power to completely and utterly destroy you...and trusting them not to." Sutherland's title Equation for Love highlights her unfailing beliefs in true love, and her not-so-secret fetish for brainy men.

When Sutherland isn't writing she is shooting monsters in video games, "Seriously, I rarely watch TV because I'd just much rather spend my free time playing video games, I don't care for the really popular war-style games like Call of Duty or Halo or anything like that.  I prefer less violent alternatives like The Elder Scrolls games." She is accompanied in life by her one true love and a cat and reflects that "Life is Good."

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  1. Great premise! Yes (and I don't mean this in a zombie way), brains!