Thursday, July 11, 2013

Smile, Laugh, Grumble, Growly-grin... the week in internet "news" (aka - T.C. Blue's random impressions)

So it's been a strange week for me, fraught with personal and not-so-personal craziness (yes, this seems to be a continuing theme in my life... go figure :P).

One thing I do every day, without fail, is spend an hour or so on my home page, reading (or watching) whatever strikes my fancy from the numerous options offered by MSN. Some of it may not technically classify as news, but every item I bother to look at succeeds in eliciting some sort of emotional response. This week -- in order -- I found myself smiling at this:

(Dustin Hoffman speaking on how appearance once limited his willingness to appreciate women).

I laughed at this (although maybe I shouldn't have):

(Sorry, but a guy choking on one and a half inches... *hee* I'm sure it wasn't funny to him, but yeah. Hilarious to ME.)

And THIS made me grumble, even though it's from 1962:

(The comments are hilarious, as well as the fact that way back then, the turn-around between the receipt of a letter by a gov't office and the reply was so quick. I mean, they were still delivering mail by ponies back then, right? :P)

This one makes me angry but also happy, in a really odd way (growly-grin):

(I think you'll all understand the strange combination of emotions after reading it.)

So those are my emotional reactions to the things I've linked. What are yours? *grins*

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