Thursday, August 22, 2013

Apologies and Pet Peeves :)

Okay, it's no secret that I've been completely MIA for the last however long. I'd love to offer a whole bunch of reasons, but let's face it -- the why doesn't matter. Regardless of my family and personal issues, I should have been here more often and for not being so, I do apologize.

I suck and I'll try to do better. At posting, not sucking, although... *ponders* Well. Let me NOT get all TMI with you today. *grins*

Much as I'm sure many of you find my presumably slackadaisical habits annoying, I'm going to take this opportunity to mention a fairly new pet peeve -- or three -- of mine. (Nice segue, right? Right? Yes!)

So, a little backstory, because it wouldn't be one of my posts without it. Heh-heh.

I don't watch much television. I generally don't have that kind of time and the few shows that generally appeal to me tend to wind up canceled within the first season. (That's actually pet peeve number one, and isn't a new thing.) I also think most "reality" TV is crap and am disgusted that they keep churning out new show after new show, most of which last for years. (Number two, there. In more ways than one. *snerk*)

That said, there are a few things that I try to watch regularly. Some of the USA Network shows are fairly entertaining. I love White Collar, for instance, and find Suits to be a good way to spend 42 minutes once a week. That said, I hate the split-seasons USA started using. Hate them with a fiery passion. (Number three.)

Worse, however, is what SciFi (I categorically refuse to use the SyFy spelling ever again. It's stupid.) is doing with the new season of Face/Off. Don't get me wrong, the show is fascinating, but they've pitted new competitors against people who've already been on the show. This strikes me as a bitch move, so that's pet peeve number four. (I'm hoping things will even out as the season goes on but I somehow doubt they will.)

My BIGGEST pet peeve, though, is something I've seen occasionally on shows in the past, but just this week I saw it TWICE, once each on two different shows, one of which was "the Glades" and the other of which was "Perception." Now, these are two of the better-written shows on TV right now, in my opinion, and this really irks me. It's also perhaps a bit silly, but so is TV in general, so...

Please, please, PLEASE, television writers... STOP WRITING DIALOGUE IN WHICH A CHARACTER WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER (in this case a medical examiner and an FBI agent, respectively) SAY: "Time of death was eleven p.m. at night," or "We need to find out what he was doing at three a.m. in the morning."

In case you missed it, P.M. MEANS AT NIGHT (as far as common usage goes), and A.M. MEANS IN THE MORNING!!! So basically, you've just had your character say "Time of death is eleven at night at night," and "We need to find out where he was at three in the morning in the morning."

Yes, I really am this obsessive, but it's mostly because that sort of thing jars me and shakes me out of the story. Maybe it's just me.

How about it, guys? Do any of these things bother you? If not, then what does? Inquiring minds want to know! *grins*


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