Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ex- Librarian Seeks Full Time Writing Gig

Harris is a compulsive tweaker, " I'm extremely anal about getting across my story exactly the way I want, so after the words initially flow out, I tend to go back and change things repeatedly. At times I can feel so bogged down that I go a little nuts. I don't know if I'll ever be able to break that particular habit, but I'm working on it." She has been working on a full length novel for three years and has several male on male romance novels outlined for future projects.

She has always enjoyed reading, was even employed at a library for a brief period of time. She only picked up writing four years ago. Harris laughs, " Even after four years, it still continues to surprise me! My one wish is to make writing my full time gig." Harris is the mother of two teenage twin boys, lives in Canberra, Australia and has an unhealthy addiction to coffee, Facebook, and very bad reality TV.

While Harris was sitting in traffic one day she noticed a man washing windshields for a few dollars. She then also noticed a homeless man who said hi to her every day in the foyer of her office complex. From these real life characters the cast of Heart of Glass sprung to life. Harris reflected, "I wanted to write characters who had endured pain and loss...characters that felt the need to risk everything in order to find true happiness."

This story is the tale of second chances for Heath Connors and Zack Doherty. Connors had a life that from the outside seemed perfect, but one he himself felt suffocated by. This married man with a good job was living a lie. After deciding to walk away from everything he'd known, he hit rock bottom. Destitute, his life is turned around after an elderly woman decides to take him in. It's only then that Heath begins to discover who he really is.

After his lover cheats on him, Doherty decides to leave his life in the US behind and head for Australia to start again. Doherty is blindsided by the connection he instantly feels to Heath Connors, but circumstances don’t work in their favour. Zack is uncharacteristically forward in pushing Heath to accept a date when fate gives him a second opportunity.

Harris hopes she captured "a love interest that not only connected with Heath on a physical level, but on an emotional and intellectual level as well."

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